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  1. He may even need more than one transfer window to get it right, which he should get.
  2. Hats off to every single one of the players and to pp for being brave, pp for playing Wilbraham after what had happened previously and the players for going right to the end when we could have sunk with there second goal. Have to say mark little did more in one match today than Flanagan has in all his 8 appearances for us . What a feeling
  3. Whatever the team I would have them doing nothing in training apart from shooting on sight . We need to get near the 20 attempts on goal against forest, none at burton was a piss take . Oh and I would make them watch the Middlesbrough game when frandsen scored that screamer . What a day that was .
  4. It’s fare to say every one of them was up for it until the first goal went in , even upto the second went in we were still in the game. But as of previous games ( Brum , Millwall, Preston ) heads went down, it’s a lack of confidence obviously, we are in a real trough and some of them don’t look like they can drag themselves out of it .
  5. Pratley ran himself into the ground yesterday, with the exception of Alf the rest looked like they didn’t want to be there
  6. The way we are playing Tuesdays forest /Barnsley game is as massive as our game v burton. 2 draws might be enough
  7. If way stay up then he deserves a crack at it . See what he can do with some cash behind him
  8. The fact that we are still in with a chance of staying up is testament to how well parky has been fighting fires this season .
  9. Spot on Barnsley would swap with us right now , been said many times after our bad start that most would settle for 4th bottom. Many twists to go, and if wolves have secured promotion when they play us then a result against them is not beyond us
  10. As someone has already said, think young hall should be on the bench on Tuesday , full of confidence, scoring for fun, nothing to lose if it’s 0-0 with 20 mins left.
  11. Was thinking about that after the Birmingham game , as to why little had completely disappeared off tha radar having been arguably our player of the season up till then. Maybe he has been tapped up , still think we have a chance of avoiding the drop but we need to score first and we need Pratley and Henry back in that engine room. Play the same team that finished today against the cockneys on Tuesday, think there is a win in us with that team .
  12. Like to know what little and robinson have done wrong, we are missing their pace down the flanks . Back to basics with wheater in the middle . The Pratley / Henry injuries have crippled us of our only 2 leaders, if we get them fit we will be ok.
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