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  1. Where do we go from here? Its tragic
  2. briannz

    Taken over?

    Mr/Mrs/Miss/Master Howard, Looks like you’ve gone from hero to zero in a matter of a few pages on here,I think that may be a record..........well done.
  3. No bad feelings it’s very tolerant with all races really it’s a very big shock that it has happened.
  4. I wouldn’t really know about that really not looked into it,but there are areas where hunting is popular and guns are bought for that,but it’s nothing like the US
  5. Won’t watch it either but I believe it’s horrific
  6. 4 have been arrested 3 men 1 woman.Went into 2 mosques and opened fire on women kids and anyone else who was .there,they say they were right wing white supremacy. Their cars also had IED`s attatched to they managed to de arm them. Never thought out like this would happen here it’s tragic.
  7. 40 dead over 40 seriously injured its horrible
  8. Just saw something I've never seen before .........Germany losing on penalty`s
  9. briannz

    New Zealand

    If your coming out in Dec or Jan try and avoid the xmas, new year times as it gets very busy on the flights and they are hard to get plus its more expensive at that time with all the kiwis coming home for xmas and new year. I have only flew with either Emirates or Singapore Airlines,they both fly into Manchester, and are excellent airlines. There are lots of places for stopovers anywhere in Asia,take your pick. Hope you make it over its a great country,lots to see and do,and at the time you are coming it will be middle of summer so should get some good weather. Btw Bolty is in Perth i believe about 5-6 hours flight away.
  10. briannz

    Roy Hartle

    Another of my heroes gone. He was a man mountain if you got passed him once you'd done well,if you tried it again you ended up in the running track. Seen many a left winger shaking at the thought of Roy coming in to tackle em. R.I.P. Roy and thanks.
  11. Business class of course
  12. Maybe its this telephone interview thing.
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