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  1. Im loving Ozark. This is the best series yet, for me. Fantastic story line re regarding Ben and brilliant acting all round, supurb!
  2. I'm convinced I'm getting over it. Symptoms since sunday. All classic symptoms except sore throat. Anyone else volunteered for NHS support?
  3. Haha. Travelling now very much on hold. What am I to do?
  4. Homeland has had some low points over the years but its tense, compelling viewing atm. Max!!!
  5. I have one booked to Palma next month. Anyone know how I cancel it. Nothing obvious on their website? Thanks
  6. En route to tenerife. Wish me luck!
  7. Sorry for your loss. Mourn in your own way and in time get strength and pride from what your dad was to you and how he would want you to live a happy life. It worked for me.
  8. For betting abroad on android, please?
  9. Just back from south africa. Cape town, durban and joberg. Fantastic trip, great food and drink, so cheap. Lovely people. Will defo go back
  10. I saw you on the group photo of wanderers fans after the match
  11. worthy10

    Vela back

    Saw josh vela in Edinburgh. He says he's back on loan in jan?
  12. I do. A week on Tuesday 😎👍
  13. I'm not sure when will get our other point deduction for not playing games. But this will ensure our relegation, if we are not there already. I really looked forward to today's game and expected a win. The reality is that it is technically a poor standard of football that we deliver. So many underhit/overhit passes, poor ball control and losing possession.
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