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  1. I do. A week on Tuesday 😎👍
  2. I'm not sure when will get our other point deduction for not playing games. But this will ensure our relegation, if we are not there already. I really looked forward to today's game and expected a win. The reality is that it is technically a poor standard of football that we deliver. So many underhit/overhit passes, poor ball control and losing possession.
  3. Thanks. I really appreciate the input.
  4. Best bars, restaurants and sightseeing when not suffering from jet lag. cue the abuse and hopefully some good tips. ( see what i did)
  5. If you upgrade to a corporate box, is your ST still valid?
  6. Surprised at the numbers in agreement. I thought it wan mine and Karen's secret?
  7. Bangkok, phi phi island and Phuket at the end of the month.
  8. Read that in a bill bryson book.
  9. Tablets or creams that work please?
  10. New balance sponsored by Mercedes Benz.
  11. worthy10

    Sky Q

    Yes. 1 other room
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