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  1. get the fuck innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn eat your dog eat your dog he's eaten youuuuuuuuur dog!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. what you going to do if we get relegated, have a sponsered silence?
  3. bromilow's reet good beer in there, but avoid barnstormers like the plague. full of skip rats last home game and no draught beer on sale, just supermarket multi packs of cheap bottles being flogged at 3notes a go.
  4. proper gutting news to hear of his death R.I.P. Sir Bobby
  5. i did the IKEA thing last weekend, almost 3 hours. I renewed my season ticket on Monday along with the lad's. Maybe the club should be sending out IKEA vouchers along with the renewal packs.
  6. my first one that fa cup game. got the football special train at about 10 in the morning from town when the station was on the proper side of the road. train stopped right behind the away end and straight in took about 3 hours or seemed to. about 200 on the train on the way out there and about 20 on the way back due to major shenanigans outside. george o'ghani got off a train on the opposite platform while we were waiting and ran off up the platform with a sports bag, to shouts of 'ooh george o'ghani' (you future ironing board thief) i thought it was the 1st round of the cup and i think we
  7. i'll say it then you think that 3 cheshires are a bunch of fat TA nuggets who couldnt defend a corner?
  8. i seriously wouldnt have him definitely more trouble than its worth if it looks like it was described on the radio, it was a shocker
  9. best wishes and thoughts with his family rest in peace young un
  10. it's okay i found one at the back of the fridge
  11. playing at his old club he'll do okay point to prove and all that
  12. basham looked fit when he came on, straight into the pace of the match. the taylor pass is the pass of the season so far from a white shirt. it made for a cracking goal. looking forward to watching it on motd
  13. i dont think it was about the kit wearing thing. the bloke looked proper annoyed and threatened the lad who was sat down with his mates. the bloke's not normally stood up giving people shit and sits near we do but i dont know him from adam. he starts the occasional chant about our support being fecking shit, normally as people leave with 5 to go. he sits with a group of about 5 or 6 who laugh heartily at everything the others say like on a normal beer filled footie day with your mates. i've only noticed him previously because of his large beak like nose. one of the lads i sit with remarke
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