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  1. I'm not coming to Bolton because of Bolton's nightlife
  2. I just got the visa!!! See you soon
  3. The cheapest room that I found is at Pack Horse Hotel - Nelson Square, Bradshawgate, BL1 1DP Bolton for ?35 Anyone with better (read cheaper) suggestion? Also I read that I need to check-out until 11:00 and my coach leaves from Manchester at 21:55. Any suggestion about what should I do with my bags that day?
  4. OK then, I'll have the tour on empty Reebok
  5. Hey Zozzy nice to see you. Looking forward to meet you again and have a few beers like in Skopje and Belgrade Unfortunately, I'm not so flexible with the dates. My free time between London and Glasgow is from the night on Sep 1st until the morning on Sep 4th. I checked the fixtures and I saw that I'm not that lucky to see you on a Premier league match in London while I'm there. But where can I find the Cup fixtures? What are my chances to see some FA Cup or League Cup match in Bolton on Wednesday, Sep 2nd?
  6. OK guys it's time for some more serious organization and I need your help with advices I'll stay in London from 25th Aug until Sep 1st. I plan to arrive in Bolton on Wednesday 2nd. What I need from you is to find me some cheap hotel where I can stay for one night. And also I will need volunteers who will show me your city and your pubs. There's a coach from Manchester to Glasgow at 21:55 on Thursday, so I will need someone to help me get from my hotel to some metro/bus station from where I can go to Manchester on Thursday in the evening. Thank you
  7. He's not my mate but I'll try to contact him
  8. Yes, I know the story about Lee's trip in Japan and I am afraid. Just check that trainline link and you already know that there's something wrong with his advices
  9. I'm the one who gave you directions when you were lost in Belgrade Filip (Alexander The Great or something like that on this message board) was the guy with the big hair
  10. the one that HAD the goatee beard
  11. I'll be fine with just a donkey
  12. Hello guys and girls! Remember me? Macedonia plays away to Scotland in September, so I'll be in UK from Aug 25th until Sep 7th. Last time I missed my chance to come to Bolton for the match against Rabotnicki, but this time I will not. I'll be in London until Sep 1st and before going to Glasgow I would like to come for a day in Bolton. Anyone for a beer? When are fixtures for the new season released? What are my chances to see a match in that period, lets say Wednesday, September 2nd (league, cup, friendly...)? Can I make a tour on Reebok if there's no match? Can you also help me out with prices and suggestions about trains or buses from London to Bolton and Bolton to Glasgow.
  13. You're going to my neighborhood and you'll skip Macedonia? C'mon guys, don't forget the fun from Skopje Seriously, Skopje is on some 3 hours drive from Thessaloniki so you should definitely visit us again Cheers
  14. He was good. At 20 he was captain and best player of Zurich and the main reason they got the title. But he got injured after Bolton bought him and probably he needs a lot time to be back (if he is able to be back in form)
  15. I went to Kumanovo to watch the MacedoniaU21 - SwitzerlandU21 and I was finally able to see Dzemaili play. He played for the whole 90 minutes and he didn't show something special that a English Premiership player should have. He had some unsuccessful attempts for long balls and I was only able to notice that he is fast. Nothing special.
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