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  1. Bolton funs video in belgrade
  2. Half time rabotnicki - Bolton
  3. Pelister fan "Ckembari" destroy wall and enter in the field with long slat, and start the fight with police. Descriptive report 3.46 sec.
  4. No problem my friend is been my pleasure. And now i have said it before and I will say it again, i am fan on F.C. Vardar who have real firm - Komiti. This video prove that ve are potentate to parry for any english firm. This is from 1993 against second best firm in macedonia Ckembari from cityi Bitola. 1 part http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5057916355560685884 2 part http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5748209443182705211 3 part http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5710985763159342466 4 part http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-161612970462004152 Komiti is the red-black, Ckembari is the green-white.
  5. Here is update from 17.30 local Skopje time. Video from one man show http://video.tinypic.com/player.php?v=4qfwdwh Who is this song http://video.tinypic.com/player.php?v=63h4v84
  6. No problem, quality of the vids is my mobile phone is Sony Ericsson K 700i
  7. Jes, but others fans have fun from one bolton fans. One man show http://video.tinypic.com/player.php?v=6hgxm2s
  8. Here is the ambience in 13.45 local time in Skopje Macedonia. This is the local pub London in Skopje square Many english fans is already drunk
  9. Thursday afternoon in Skopje Club - Colosseum Italian Dj 20.09. - Cricco Castelli
  10. To know if you somebody abuse Entries d da svrsi (duh svrshee) to have an orgazam, to cum da te ebam (duh tee aebam) ? may I fcuk you note UNISEX-everybody can say this to anybody. da te ebam u gz (duh tee aebam ou g'z) ? let me fcuk you in your ass note nly a man to man can say this. However, don't say it! da te mocam od keramidi (duh tee mo-tsam odca-ra-mee-dee) ? may I pee on you from the roof note Very strong, don't use it unless you are really pissed off (even then watch whom you are telling this to). da te seram (duh tee sae-ram) ? may I poop on you note It is used when a person is pissed off because the one to whom those words were intented to screwed up something reeaaly bad. da ti go fukne konj (duh tee go fouck-neah koyn) ? may a horse stick his dick well into you note If you don't want your fascial description to be changed, DON'T USE IT! g gomno (gom-no) shit,poop note It is not used like Americans use Shit!, ,but it is used to people (as a "compliment") k kur (cour) dick KUR SE TRESE VO LADNA VODA ? THE DICK IS SHAKING IN THE COOL WATER note NEVER EVER SAY THIS WORD TO YOUR CLOSE FRIEND. l lizipicka (leew-zee pitch-kuh) ? pussysucker, suck up m me pali (mae pa-lee) he, she, it turns me on mrsulko (mr-soul-ko) snotty person, crybaby, coward note It means that the person to whom it is intented is veeery immature in his actions. p picka ti mater (pitch-kuh tee mater) ? let me fcuk your mother note This is the most common swear in Macedonia pusi mi go (push-ee mee go) ? suck my dick pusi mi ja (push-ee mee ya) ? suck my pussy z пичка ~ pička (pee-tchkuh) ? pussy цицки ~ cicki (tsi-tskeeh) tits http://www.notam02.no/~hcholm/altlang/ht/Macedonian.1.html Salute from Skopje Macedonia
  11. it seems like only yesterday Artim Sakiri goal from corner
  12. Just now talk with my friend igor, and he tel me that hotel leonardo is full. Do you have reservation? He tel that no English come in leonardo hotel. You lie to me?
  13. My frend work in this hotel like desk clerk So, when you come in Skopje in hotel leonardo, if my frend is on spell, say hail him from zote. He is name is Igor, or nicname Mandja. This is your desk clerk P.S. My frend not interest to soccer, he like cars and speed, anything about moto sport Salute from Skopje Macedonia.
  14. 1. The best bars Kartel The best disco - Colosseum Taxis - Bel Mercedes The taxi service has been regulated by the City to provide fair service and equal fares. Be extra careful when hailing a taxi - there are many "taxis" that may charge you a lot more for your ride. You are advised to always phone for taxi, especially if you are in the Skopje airport or at the international bus station. All taxis must charge you no more than 20 denars per km with 50 denars minimum. Typical fare from the airport to the City centre is between 600 and 1000 denars. Typical fare from the city centre to a more distant urban district (Novo Lisice, Gorce Petrov, Radisani) is about 200 denars. The table at right shows the phone numbers of some of the more popular taxi stations in Skopje. From mobile phones dial +389 2 before the taxi number (e.g. for Bel Mercedes dial +38929183).
  15. zote


    Haha, with who? football fan on Rabotncki is the 20 or 30 people Rabotnicki is the unnatural club who have rich master who pay to the some boys to wind up for him. This is the that group And this ist the real firm - Komiti You'we have luck because Vardar is not have money to place the match in Macedonian league.
  16. South stand is the better view. And what is the interestly about south stand, coincidence or not i not know but is the same architecture like Reebok stadium. And north stand it had planed to build like south in '80 but some people in communism steal the money. I want to say that we goona have modern stadium before you build this reebok stadium.
  17. zote


    Jes this is the good hotel, and some time macedonian senior representation use this hotel before the game. Salute from Skopje MACEDONIA P.S. to explain, i am not fan on Rabotnicki, in Skopje the bigest and renowned tim is the F.C. Vardar
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