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  1. Going to try and get down, i will sort something. Cheers.
  2. Anyone got a spare for Saturday, no pay on the day.
  3. Pay on the day. No increase.
  4. Thanks. Carnt give it away.
  5. I've got a spare train ticket from Wigan 10.29 and 6.15 rtn .if any one wants it.
  6. In plus 15 Leigh whites fun bus .
  7. Thanks to your Mrs, to much drink happy days. Cheers.
  8. leighwhites


    How many are on the 8.40 flybe from Manchester.
  9. leighwhites


    I'm on the 8.40 to Southampton. Then trains to fratton.
  10. One was working. Off now . 14 off us on the fun bus.
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