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  1. leighwhites

    Brentford away

  2. leighwhites

    Brentford away

    We are not that bad. Leigh whites. Mmm casino. Millwall.
  3. Hi Taff 5 of us on coach d from Wigan 9.10. If you want to join us.

    1. Traf


      Cheers, mate.

  4. leighwhites

    Brentford away

    Yes I no that .
  5. leighwhites

    Brentford away

    5 Leigh whites on the 9.10 from Wigan.
  6. leighwhites

    Millwall train ticket

    Do you still have the train ticket casino. Is it a travelcard. I can get a lift of Jason.
  7. leighwhites

    Wolves 5-1 Wanderers

    a few of us on the 11.28 from wigan.
  8. leighwhites

    Virgin Trains Sale

    leigh white,s on it about 14 of us to millwall, and 10 for villa, saved a furtune. happy days
  9. leighwhites

    Millwall V Wanderers

    cheapest travel card is 65.00 .from wigan with all zones in London, or get zone 2 at 4.80 and find cheaper trains, help.
  10. leighwhites

    Fixtures Out Wednesday

    sent virgin a email, see wot they say cheers.
  11. leighwhites

    Fixtures Out Wednesday

    there,s about 14 of us going trying to sort transport , coach or train. to millwall.
  12. leighwhites

    Fixtures Out Wednesday

    just looked at trains to London for millwall , and travel cards gone up to 65.00.
  13. leighwhites

    Spare Train Tickets For Sat

    got them advance got to be the times on tickets
  14. leighwhites

    Spare Train Tickets For Sat

    got two train tickets for Saturday, man picc at 10.15 to Milton keys. rtn 18.50 bac to man. 32.00 each.
  15. leighwhites

    Dons 1 Wanderers 2

    8 of leighwhites on the 08.09 from wigan , got sale tickets 20 pound rtn an tube 12.50 bargin.

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