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  1. boltondiver

    Todays Games

    Patrice Evra was on the next table to us for lunch today; cunt
  2. boltondiver

    Todays Games

    Amateur bastards
  3. boltondiver

    In Or Out Again

    I hope not, truly hope not.
  4. boltondiver

    Saudi Consulate Disappearance

    Would there be such a furore if our favourite journo went missing after a meeting at the Reebok? Aren’t journalists just despised anyway, so not really a great loss?
  5. boltondiver

    Todays Games

    I think that their average place is 6th
  6. boltondiver

    In Or Out Again

    I think you and I got to an agreement that we will know whether Brexit was a success for the country by about 10 years, 2029. My question was; could we have a more of a sense of it by 2022, the last time for the next election? If so, and more people feel it has been a success, and Labour still have fruitcakes leading the line, then we could have another Conservative government?
  7. boltondiver

    In Or Out Again

    But that contradicts what you said previously!
  8. boltondiver

    In Or Out Again

    You could at least have a go at answering my question!
  9. boltondiver

    In Or Out Again

    So, despite your view of a flawed process, you clearly feel that there is the possibility that enough people could judge it to be a success. What about by 2022?
  10. boltondiver

    In Or Out Again

    Sure But, I think it’s best to judge it once it’s over, rather than a running commentary; which I think would be more prudent. Don’t you agree?
  11. boltondiver

    In Or Out Again

    I didn’t expect that you would! did you ever?
  12. boltondiver

    In Or Out Again

    OK "Perceived as a success by enough people"
  13. boltondiver

    In Or Out Again

    I did say "big ifs". By brexit coup, I mean they pull off a success.
  14. boltondiver

    In Or Out Again

    I think that the Tories will win if they pull off a Brexit coup and Corbyn, or similar loony, is in charge Big ifs

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