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  1. Boris will have to go then, or will he bow to remainer procedures etc?
  2. What will happen instead, do you think?
  3. boltondiver

    Take Over

    5% How much is that? £15,000?
  4. Sorry, wrong thread! It was about Smith being felled by Archer
  5. I think the Jason Roy experiment is over
  6. boltondiver


    Anderson is overall responsible
  7. How exciting, even though it's a draw
  8. This one? https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2019/08/17/48-35-britons-would-rather-have-no-deal-and-no-cor?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=website_article&utm_campaign=no_deal_no_corbyn
  9. And is he likely to go for a pre-Brexit election? Why on earth would he? Independent my arse
  10. There’s another poll that had No Deal as the favourite option
  11. Has he gone? Difficult to tell
  12. Corbyn’s ideal cabinet: Gerry Adams Gaddafi Saddam Khomeini Diane Abbott Hugo Chávez the nation unified against him
  13. Twitter in meltdown? fancy that
  14. boltondiver

    Take Over

    Slow build! as one wag on here said in our 2nd season in Europe; next time we’re in Europe, I’ll be in a Nursing Home!
  15. I see they took 48 fans to Armenia
  16. boltondiver

    Take Over

    I like Sluff, but I generally have insufficient patience to read his work.
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