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  1. Any particular one in mind?!
  2. Important to battle for places? That said, Aussies are in a game today
  3. There are some strange folks around; Still fighting for Europe for the many - join us for this mass demo against the right wing fascist coup that is Brexit
  4. Perhaps lay off posting when you’ve been drinking? Come to think of it; are you drinking all of the time?
  5. Which is why the EU want to sink us; we are a vibrant, go-ahead nation. they aren’t and they resent us. C’est la guerre
  6. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-holds-more-foreign-investment-than-germany-and-france-combined
  7. BBC reporting we are in OK shape for "no deal", not that many are talking "no deal" now; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48631741
  8. no, no deal https://brexitcentral.com/its-time-it-was-acknowledged-that-a-no-deal-brexit-is-a-complete-misnomer/
  9. It’s been a hard road, but the battle hasn’t really begun, gonna get even more dirty
  10. Paid £9 for about a half pint in Copenhagen Was nice, though only had one
  11. I generally disagree about this "they're only in it for themselves" I think most go into poltics for the right reasons (albeit warped for plenty) If Grieving, Letwin etc cared about their careers, they'd be voting differently now!
  12. Way too early for scoffing. We got within 2 days last time and didn't make it. The forces of conservatism are strong
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