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  1. Reading that the Shadow Cabinet are 100% remainers?
  2. I’m sure it wasn’t a political point
  3. Eh? he was captain of the school chess team!
  4. As my learned friend, F5, posted this morning, without any comments from anyone What the hell are we locking down for?’” https://www.bmj.com/content/369/bmj.m1375
  5. Have we got the UK figures or just England?
  6. Let’s just celebrate that Labour seem to be back on a mainstream track. Plenty of time later for dissecting his iffy past.
  7. It’s not a political point, though
  8. We’ll see; of course I get all that, but bear in mind, the strategy is to be able to manage numbers through the NHS, not necessarily saving lives in the short term.
  9. I reckon we’ll be out of lockdown sooner than many currently are expecting. I think the government might find ways of releasing some of the restrictions, in the knowledge that this can’t end until we have a cure or a vaccine. I expect a trade off between trusting the population to socially distance and getting back to work. To some extent.
  10. All pets to be put down with immediate effect?
  11. Labour Left @labourleft · 5h An error that the first act of the new Labour Leadership has been to sack the 3 MPs who did more than any to respect the EU Referendum Result. The wrong message to send to the Labour Heartlands we lost in December. Solidarity to... • Barry Gardiner • Ian Lavery • Jon Trickett
  12. A swan flew over today, don’t think I’ve ever seen one flying before. Makes a humming sound.
  13. Sorry, I was being flippant of course I will play by the rules, whatever they are
  14. We need a simple online facility to grass folks up anonymously
  15. Defending sunbathers? Poor. Unfit for office? That she’s better than us?
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