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  1. That is also true. Realism and understanding needed all round at the moment. Sir Keir’s problem is that Labour only really represent the public sector unions nowadays, that’s all he’s got.
  2. Many in the private sector would be delirious with any pay rise, esp with unemployment probably surging. Politics, again
  3. Excellent bowling effort. Break this stand quickly and have a genuine chance of winning. India get 300 and it’s over.
  4. Think I saw that there were 100 cases of the virus in the last 7 days for those of 70 or over.
  5. Jimmy, legend as usual, still in the game, but Sharma.
  6. The EU and AZ; they don’t want to use it, definitely not for over 65s, but they won’t let AZ export it.
  7. iFollow ticket stubs for away games should have priority
  8. Yes, they remain in the queue until they've had it. They can go online and book at any time.
  9. I don’t have an issue with the emergency spending, it’s the long term, year in year out accumulation of debts and obligations that we don’t seem to want to address.
  10. We need the political will to address it, but we are going the other way.
  11. The extent of public debt and other obligations is worrying. The era of funny money and debasing capital continues. Something might happen to change it, such as inflation.
  12. Absolutely Not relevant to us
  13. Oh dear, Cheese You’ll never get over it, will you?
  14. By eck, you've outdone yourself there
  15. Gotcha I don't think they are replacng it
  16. Thought salary caps were scrapped?
  17. I wish we could cut off their money supply
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