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  1. Works toile - Will the person with his arsehole in his back sit differently please.
  2. Awful thought but what would happen if we went into admin and still no one bought us ? End of bwfc ??
  3. I might start a rumour that moriniho is taking the job for free to prove what a good manager he is.
  4. The railway isn't a normal pub. It specialises in live music and is on "the circuit". People will have travelled for miles and kept the place going. I believe him - shutting the train line will have killed it - target audience means hardly anyone's going to drive and drink Coke. Shame - filled a niche and I hope they can sort something out.
  5. fatty


    Have I missed the thread ???? If not - tax avoiding, smelly, bone shaker driving ignorant twats or hard done by servants to society ? Discuss !
  6. Seabrook are fantastic - the beefy ones are my favourite and the salt & vinegar are so strong they make you sweat. I love the shit crisps like tangy toms, space raiders etc. Monster munch are great despite them being smaller than they used to be. But what about Pringles ????? Texas bbq or whatever they're called - I could eat a full tube in one sitting. And you can stick Doritos up you're arse - bloody awful.
  7. Those pics remind me of fiesta readers wives and one for the ladies.
  8. Driving down Blackburn road following an enforcement officer on his L plated scooter. Drove right past the line of jap crap parked outside the mosque and he did fuck all. I'm sure the sign said no parking at anytime ????
  9. There seem to be far too many beer festivals these days. Used to be 1 a year that I remember in town and there are now 3 within walking distance of my house each year. I'm a miserable cunt though and not a great fan of bank top brewery ales
  10. I've been told the same about the tips. Ive always found Ciao baby mediocre and kept finding it cold so stopped going. pizzas aren't as good as Angelos.
  11. The one near the cricket club is jj's. Angelos is next door to the Masons Arms in the bottom half of Egerton. Great pizzas and very kid friendly if you go early doors but worth booking.
  12. Tory boy here. Slight ukip but rest are negative.
  13. It was a while ago and don't think that was there then. Even so, bit harsh and yes, there were signs but it was at last orders on a Saturday night so not exactly busy tile trading hours.
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