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  1. fatty


    I think it’s about right where it is otherwise the difference between those at the lower end and semi-skilled/skilled will be too close leading to pay demands for the bigger earners ultimately leading to higher prices and so on. However, I believe in the nmw as no one should be made to work for next to fuck all unless they’re an apprentice.
  2. fatty


    Very positive in the circumstances.
  3. Bum hole distracted me but pleased to be close.
  4. 23 28 Somewhere to put your kitchen tea towel
  5. So you look old then 😂😂
  6. Take it as a positive as hopefully in the genes !
  7. 59 ???? but would have to be a tidy one to be a lucky lady.
  8. Always preferred milfs. Still do.
  9. Last thing I’d want is a 19 year old bird. Obviously there’s one huge benefit but would have fuck all in common.
  10. About 92. Did you enjoy the trip ?
  11. Had my AZ on a Thursday evening. Felt great until Saturday - bit woosie but nothing proper. Only thing was couldn’t shoot my load then went soft on the job. Never happened before and been fine since. Weird. edited to say ... no it wasn’t, it was the other one. Not the az
  12. So ..... 19 and very little money. Me, my girlfriend and a couple we were friends with wanted a holiday so off they went to look at the fluorescent signs in the town centre travel agent windows on a Saturday morning (I was working). The budget was around £100 each. Met them at the pub in the afternoon and they were pissing their sides... Pick up from the hen and chickens in a coach to a 2 star in loret de mar. Just being away with friends at 19 was brilliant and had a great time but that fucking coach journey .... hell
  13. Well I just say that I thought they would be bigger on tattoo girl 44 48
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