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  1. I dont think Allardyce, or his bank balance, have ever looked back.
  2. https://london-post.co.uk/wigan-athletic-takeover-in-chaos-as-former-charlton-athletic-director-looks-to-gain-control/
  3. I see the Bahrain group is now being spoke about on the Wiggin forum 😄 should get their hopes up for a week or so
  4. Surely the EFL must intervene at this stage
  5. At what point do HMRC issue a winding up petition?
  6. Always a Kenneth doing the dodgy dealings
  7. Wonder when the King of Bahrain will have a sniff
  8. Hopefully someone at the Club stops this theft of their assets. Ps. It looks shit anyway
  9. One of my staffs Mums funeral is tomorrow. Theyve been capped to 10 people. Been told no flowers and no donation box. Sorry to heap on more potentially bad news. Shit times indeed.
  10. Because statistics can be used to tell any story you want it to
  11. The announcement was ambiguous but to infer from it that you should close shop for the best part of a month without waiting for clarity is ridiculous.
  12. Burnham's tweeted hes spoke to No 10 now and everyone can go to work afterall.
  13. It means essential to travel to work. Can you work from home? If the answer is yes, it isnt absolutely necessary or essential to travel to work. If you cant work from home, it will be necessary to travel to work. It isnt anything to do with "essential" jobs that were referenced for childcare and schooling but as someone as already alluded to, the ambiguity is purposeful I think.
  14. China already accounts for 1/3 of global manufacturing.
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