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  1. Boothy

    Taken over

    Middlebrook would be spot on for a Nandos. Should get rid of that Burger King and stick one round that end.
  2. Boothy

    Taken over

    Fair play for reading all that from what I said. Quite an imagination you've got there.
  3. Boothy

    Taken over

    Fair play to Mark, was thinking along his lines anyway. I cant see any reason why any of the staff players would still be here, perhaps they forego their dues if they terminate? I wouldn't have thought so.
  4. Boothy

    Taken over

    Not now his stickers gone. Game over.
  5. Diddles fingering his cousin for a Twix. Kermit bothering. SEBnando. Took me a few years to suss JCL and indeed I am a JCL having joined this site in 2007.
  6. Was the a 1958 bwfc top spotted on this Westboro Baptist church programme?
  7. Cheers for the good dose of optimism. Come on England!
  8. Nailed on loss now. Can't chase.
  9. I don't think the milkman with glass bottles are quite extinct. Anyway, video man (Ritz video on wheels)
  10. Boothy

    Taken over

    Hopefully that's enlightened you a little then? Or do you still think Ken masterminded a secured loan against the Club without putting anything in? It would have been easier to call you a thick cunt and leave it at that.
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