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  1. Boothy

    Sweaty Ken

    What's the latest with the cauliflower bummer anyway now the hysteria has died down?
  2. Boothy

    Sweaty Ken

    In summary, football is fucked. Which we already knew. I like to think the more pragmatic people are at least trying to understand the challenges and constraints of ownership in this and lower leagues before jumping to conclusions.
  3. Boothy

    Sweaty Ken

    Holdsworth involved in Palermo take over!?!
  4. Boothy


  5. Boothy

    Counter resistance to the protest march.

    Sold hundreds according to their chairman. Seems like they all like to tell porkies to some degree or another.
  6. Boothy

    Todays Games

    Fuck FGR, I'll root for their misery week in week out now, ploy tactic attention seeking carrot chomping thunder cunts
  7. Boothy

    Sweaty Ken

    Do we know he still hasn't?
  8. Boothy

    Sweaty Ken

    Not just you. The antika brigade are in full swing wanking eachother into a frenzy over it.
  9. Boothy

    Sweaty Ken

    What do you want him to do get a fucking delorean? They are different seasons
  10. Boothy

    Sweaty Ken

    This FGR has made an absolute mug out of BWFC with this blatant PR stunt and the embarrassing thing is the amount of idiots who are lapping it up. Jesus Christ buying t shirts and going to another match? What the actual fuck are these people thinking.
  11. Boothy

    Sweaty Ken

    You'd have to be the Pope to have the restraint not to react to some of the shit being posted he's had to put up with (own making or otherwise). Ken obviously thinks that he has a solid hand, firstly with his comment that veggimite leaked and secondly in his column, i.e. see you in court if it gets there.
  12. Boothy

    Sweaty Ken

    If he sells the Club in the next month, has he done a good job or not?
  13. Boothy

    Baronesses coments

    Quite right chap. People from Burnley and especially those under the employ of McDonald's are prohibited from opining.
  14. Boothy

    Sweaty Ken

    I think the snowflakes of today would call it being an underhand scheming cunt or something to that effect?
  15. Boothy

    Sweaty Ken

    I thought the story goes that we didn't actually sign the player but took a fee anyway?

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