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  1. Sluffy, ignore him and do one of your summaries
  2. No one has alleged it. Someone (Sluffy I think) asked Howard a question whether it was it could feasibly of happened
  3. How does this make Ken a bigger cunt than before? He’s on the verge of doing what he said all along - assuming it pulls off.
  4. So Ken’s on the straight an narrow to doing the business here then? Saved the Club from liquidation, steered through a tough couple of seasons, sorted the finances out enough that a decent buyer sees value to purchase and held his nerve to get the best deal available to him and about to pass the Club to someone who can drive it forward?
  5. Gary Rhodes catering contract for the kiosks
  6. So has Ken’s stock fallen or has his resolve strengthened on the back of this? Think it’s the latter going off previous comments?
  7. I don’t think they’re paid to be sentimental
  8. Howard, unless I misunderstood you’re previous posts, you were pretty firm in saying administration wasn’t a possible outcome due to the cost vs penalty. Is that the case or is it just highly unlikely? Multiple media outlets are still presenting it as a likely administration scenario and indeed this effort from LoV gives it as a potential outcome.
  9. Perhaps today is the day our esteemed journalist proves his worth?
  10. I think the message has been loud and clear. Basran ain’t the man.
  11. Isn’t the bottom line lack of funds?
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