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  1. Boothy

    Taken over?

    The point is if he has been “banned” it isn’t by the forum. Who gives a shit anyway, bloke was full of shit and led a lot of people along with false hope at our lowest point. Grade A wanker.
  2. Boothy

    Taken over?

    Generally, if you get banned, you don’t get the opportunity to keep the posting to tell people you’re banned.
  3. Boothy

    Taken over?

    I really think people should be tempering their expectations for next season.
  4. Boothy

    Taken over?

    Isn’t it already incorrect since Fildraw triggered the admin?
  5. Boothy

    Taken over?

    Ramen is Japanese
  6. Boothy

    Taken over?

    Didn’t Blackpool dodge a points penalty ?
  7. Boothy

    Taken over?

    Wigan nailed on
  8. Defining Bibi. Bebe is a DMB. For posterity:
  9. Boothy

    Taken over?

    Mad how people see it so different with things on here. I’m agreeing with you by the way.
  10. Boothy

    Taken over?

    Benny, Escobarp and Sluffy. The new trifecta
  11. Boothy

    Taken over?

    Fuckin hell this thread won’t be for you then matey, what a crock of shit. Some poor souls build genuine hope from it though, that’s the sAd thing
  12. Boothy

    Taken over?

    Muslims in National dress openly drink alcohol in Bahrain.
  13. Boothy

    Taken over?

    Really is embarrassing.
  14. Boothy

    Taken over?

    Yeah but they didn’t have Mario Jardel make an appearance for them in the cup once did they? Plant pot
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