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  1. Good half. Bring Thomason on and just keep the ball and be patient. Defend properly and there shouldn't be any problems
  2. I'd rather the Lincoln guy play centre half than Delaney.
  3. Don't think it's that Nathan ferguson. The palace one isn't out on loan.
  4. Santos deserves player of the season. He's been immense. Thought that was probably the most comfortable win of the season. This league really is shite if they have won 4 on the spin. We just looked comfortable. Much better in possession. Switching from a 3 to a 4 at the back has been the most important thing we've done .
  5. We are playing with more confidence but we have been fortunate in the last two games. We have deserved the luck but we need to create more chances at home. We've beaten Scunthorpe already. These are nothing special. George Taft is their best defender FFS. Get at them and defend properly and it's another 3 points.
  6. Didn't see this coming at all.
  7. It's just powder puff shite. Doyle isolated, wouldn't score if we played all night. There aren't any positives from this. We look like a crap mid table team.
  8. Williams is absolutely fucking garbage
  9. We don't look like scoring. It's the same away performance we put in most games . Play reasonable , don't look like scoring, give away shit goals.
  10. Sarcevic might not have been as good as maybe we were expecting, but he's one of the only central midfielders we have that actually gets in the box and make runs beyond the Striker. We need that in this team.
  11. That second half was shite. A win is win but there is no way this team is winning three or four on the bounce. Zero chance. They are too content to pass the ball around the back four instead of getting the second goal. No urgency, no movement, no nothing going forward. Play like that again in midweek and we will get beat . Fucking shite.
  12. Not a big fan of Williams . Too slow. Shows for the ball which is a positive but he's not great.
  13. Because he's shite and weighs 7 stone.
  14. No excuses today. Has to be three points. Defend properly and we will win comfortably.
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