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  1. Defend like a fucking Sunday league team.
  2. Miles better so far. We look decent when we play football. Why can't we do this every week. ?
  3. Why not just bring faal on for the last ten minutes and go 3 at the back. Have a fucking go. If your gonna go long to Ogrady and the ball keeps going out of play, fucking move him central. We were gifted a goal but apart from that we created nowt and didn't test their keeper. Just hoofball. I've no issue with hoofball if you can get players around the target man and build but we did fuck all and deserved nowt.
  4. No chance. He kicked the ball, then their player fouled him. Ref got it right. Unfortunate for their player but it was our free kick.
  5. Don't know what Marc iles and dearden are watching but they thought Emmanuel fouled their player. idiots.
  6. Awful defending. But the midfield were non existent. Guy just ran through three players. Piss poor
  7. Much better today. More offensive. Had a go. Great first goal and were on top all game. Anyone who thinks we aren't better when O'Grady plays is having a laugh. We are a million times better when he's up top with Murphy. New lad at the back was decent. Thought all the back 4 were excellent. All in all a good day. Fuck the plastic Scouse cunts.
  8. The idea of getting players here now who will be here next season is sensible. Hopefully we can implement a system that is more than hoofball to a lone striker.
  9. We need a tall centre half. None of this playing midget central midfielders there.
  10. Both centre halfs were at fault. Nsialas tackle on the edge of the box was awful.
  11. Very poor game. Ethan Hamilton is fucking shit. Awful player. Slows the game down, can't run can't pass. Shite. Jason Lowe and Brandon Fleming were ok and we looked better with O'Grady on. They were they for the taking and we created fuck all.
  12. We create absolutely nothing and we aren't stopping them. We need to go two up top and have a go.
  13. Stronger than I expected that. We have a chance tonight.
  14. Thought we were unlucky overall. Politic does too much at times but he had a good game today and was unlucky not to score. Definately missed Murphy. New lad looked ok
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