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  1. Delfouneso holds on to the ball far too long. We are going long far too much. This last 15 minutes has been poor.
  2. Should be 3 nil up. Lack of concentration letting them back in. Might have been a foul but still poor defending. Hopefully get hold of the ball again as we were too deep last 15 mins.
  3. Greenidge. Behave. He was Marking him. If crellin stays on his line it's an easy catch. Greenidge did fuck all wrong there.
  4. That striker for them who's scored two, we should be looking to loan him in January.
  5. It's not that he's nowhere near, he's just not good enough.
  6. I think Santos should of MOTM. What a fucking player he is. But having a proper goalkeeper in net made a big difference. We never looked like we were going to lose.
  7. I think our defensive shape has been been much better today. We don't look wide open.
  8. We need to keep the intensity up now. Don't drop off. Don't sit back. Keep going. Defend properly , get the 2nd goal. Overall a very good half. Looked good with the ball and good defensively.
  9. Sarcevic is head and shoulders above every player on this pitch
  10. Glad Crellin taken out of the firing line. Solid team. Obviously no idea what sort of condition Gilks is in but Evatt must be convinced of his fitness
  11. Why would Comley be on a decent wage ? He was released by Colchester.
  12. That's why Crawford is so frustrating. He's got the ability to pull out passes like the one for the goal. Yet he blazes a free kick 15 yards over the bar, his corners are shite and he gives the ball away with flicky passes.
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