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  1. I'd like to compliment your grammar Daz, and a very acceptable proposition indeed
  2. The opinion of a pedant who spells Stoke with a lower case "s" is to be disregarded - the abuse though, will be remembered
  3. Cheers Gonzo...I've inboxed him
  4. Just need one - any help much appreciated
  5. Empty I think - online ticketing facility shows limted availability all sections except south lower and upper; I'm assuming south upper wouldn't totally sell out before all other sections - so probably reserved for corporate red shit
  6. I hear we are close to a sell out despite the scum having a reduced allocation. And despite the doom mongers predicting a thrashing - I think that this is a good reflection of the progress made since we jettisonned Megson. I like the 5.30pm kick off as this gives plenty of time for a good pre-match sup. It will be interesting to see how many mancs are in home seats and silly enough to blow their cover (should they manage to sneak one). Win or lose I'm really looking forward to this one.
  7. There's a lot to be said for the Flying Flute experience (cheap ale, good atmosphere, nice and warm, conveniently located) - but yesterday at Molineux was a day to cherish (cheap ale in Wolverhampton town centre and good banter before the game, fantastic atmosphere, sheer joy). I think yesterday the real value for money was being there and from what I hear there were a few in the Flute yesterday who'll be swopping over to the Reebok next saturday.
  8. 13 of us going - drank in town centre before and after match with no hassle last year
  9. Funnily enough I was at both of those, so stand corrected on that line of thought. I particularly remember being on the south stand lower in OUR section with a Villa fan who came as the guest of a white who lives in brum - oh the joy of it all! Recently we dont seem to generate sufficient demand to need any of the south lower for home fans - never the less I remain optimistic; The full force of financial disaster may yet be visited on MUFC, I will see another European tour, I will stand in another full house at the Reebok, Another centre forward will emerge from somewhere in the tradition of Lofthouse, Byrom and McGinley - now there's a thought could it be this thats needed to fill the place?
  10. I enjoy seeing the whites at the Bok with 20,000 on but enjoy it better when the place is full because the atmosphere goes up a gear or two. At Burnden in the 70's / 80's many more people walked to the ground and all tickets games were rare. Agreed; gates over the mid 20,000's were most unusual, but I'll never forget the feeling on the day of Jan 6th 1974 the first ever Sunday game against Stoke, walking under the Weston Street railway bridge towards Manchester Road and just sensing that there were more people about than I was used to, then turning onto Manchester Road and being awestruck by the solid masses descending on the ground. It didn't feel like BWFC was a small club that day when I was 14 in a crowd of 39,000 and I've never thought of Bolton as a small club since. The main reason in my opinion why dont see many gates above 20 - 22k is a lack of success in cup competition. The town has always responded to cup success and even at the Reebok a little bit of success in cup competition has generated massive excitement - witness the queues for league cup final tickets and the superb away followings on the European tours (more Bolton fans at Marseille and Athletico than Liverpool could muster). Also our record of winning games in the prem' at home is insufficient to pull in the floaters. But for those who think its difficult to get to the ground I advise a few beers in town before the match, then jump on a train at around twenty to kick off (only ?2.60 return) - in Scotts for one or two straight after the game before your ten minute train ride back into town. Am I the only one on here that thinks an FA cup quarter final at the Reebok against any premiership opposition would be a lock out?
  11. They've c ome in the post this morning BRING IT ON Can't wait
  12. http://www.bwfc.co.uk/page/General/0,,1004~1784618,00.html I wish GM would take alead from his assistant; in this article Evans sets the right mood for the next match, taking the positives from the L'pool game, encouraging our support, giving a rallying call for Pompey and NOT a mention of our "disadvantages" or of the mightyness of some other team - particularly a detested neighbour. Well done Chris Evans
  13. I think he's worth a punt. Bet he'd be strongly motivated by a return to the NW and makes more sense than waiting for cash on the never never from Pompey. Its the sort of deal Allardyce would have gone for and had a good chance of making work - if Megson aspires to make headway with us he's got to be able to do the same in one out of two similar transactions. Get Nugent and Blackford and lets see if he can get one of them, even both to bang a few in.
  14. This web site invites reviews of the item so gave em this One line summary; Totally inappropriate and offensive to any true Boltonian My review; You wouldn't sell many of these in Bolton. The correct and only acceptable referance is BOLTON, LANCASHIRE. Wanderers supporters almost to a man abhor Manchester United and wouldn't dream of wearing anything with the word Manchester on it.
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