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  1. Spot on! It's pretty mind blowing when you see the sheer speed like you said, and how they control the cars - takes some doing does that.
  2. Me & Smiffs are off there this year. It's a proper good weekend and even if you're not an F1 lover, you can't help but be impressed at the skill of flinging those cars round Copse corner. The noise, atmosphere - it's ace. Been a few times plus done the Belgium GP at Spa which is sommat else too!
  3. What if I promise not to touch him.............. well not that much anyway
  4. I need in on this - how did you get an invite?
  5. That would be me love ????
  6. Yes you do have a fill a form in - lead by example and all that
  7. Well she is his weekend girlfriend after all ????
  8. JD74


    Bite the ends off a Cadburys chocolate finger, suck a bit of your brew through it and then eat it - heaven!!
  9. I'm quite partial to the pear drop flavoured vodka when it's on
  10. http://www.nrlsupercoachtalk.com/wp-content/uploads/057252-corey-parker2.jpg Moist
  11. I'm exhausted after watching that today, absolutely brilliant match!!
  12. Went last night, proper funny and yes they did the Ricky Hatton bit which was hilarious. I particularly liked the drummer from Los Alamos - really made me chuckle when the camera was on him
  13. Leigh v Bradford next Sunday will be a belter!
  14. No Balls and I are partial to the Very Berry Cheesecake cocktail pre match. Very pleasant.
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