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  1. Was the tour organised by Hayward School? if so, I was on it. The match with George Best was at San Jose Earthquakes, got to meet him on the pitch, he smelt of ale. The picnics were ace btw, more of a bbq than anything else, even had butter on their hotdog rolls.
  2. One thing’s for sure, you’re not taking us up Canal Street again
  3. When this whole shitshow is a distant memory I can't wait to show our bunch of reprobates the delights of the NQ alehouses
  4. Thank you very much kind sir, I'll ask the Mrs and daughter as it was them that did it.
  5. Thanks for raising it Mr C, I"ll even let the reference to my double crown slide by 😉 They're well on the way to £250 now.
  6. I had this bewdy cos Frankie played for them
  7. 41 years ago? Christ indeed. I was on th' Embankment myself.
  8. Was lucky enough to tour South Africa a couple of years ago, a fantastic place. Wouldn't hurry going back to Albania or Bulgaria tbh.
  9. Tbf that's better than the shite that's on these days
  10. Think you might be right there. As an aside I got my picture in the Sunday Mirror sat on the advertising hoardings of the Manny Rd North at that game.
  11. I know he's already been mentioned but Alan Ball playing for Southampton in the late 70s got the worst abuse I've ever heard. The Paddock at full voice - 'Alan Ball you're a wanker.'
  12. Not for me thanks, saving up for Sri Lanka now 😎
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