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  1. Phillidelphia Fury from 1979 when Frankie played for them. Still fits like a glove 😌
  2. My first away was going with Tatlocks from the Black Horse in Farnworth to Blackburn 75/76 ish. Think we won 1-0. Back on the coach coming home I saw a half-house brick coming straight for my window, luckily it bounced right off the frame.
  3. The 'somebody else' being me? Can I not ask a question now? Incidentally I've been a member of this forum since it started, not posted much but that's irrelevant. For what it's worth I echo Silent Bob's earlier post. I am not trying to discredit you and have welcomed your comments.
  4. Quite right, I'm establishing the facts, the fact that you Howard have to question everyone who questions you leaves me with questions.
  5. That seems a very strange decision by the Judge not to allow reporting in this age of court openess for a 'run of the mill' request by Ken for an adjournment. Under the FOI there's nothing to stop you from telling us which court it took place in?
  6. What do you mean by 'recorded by the chamber?' That does not make any sense and would not stop reporting the outcome by the media. Did you reps attend the hearing? If so which court was it heard in?
  7. Nah, the ones we spoke to were ok once we had patronised them 😎
  8. Beltin day out. The result was the cherry, which has just now been iced with Cloudwater mild on at Howfen Beerschool.
  9. Folk who say Math instead of Maths and skedule instead of schedule
  10. Used to live in Stunky, or Prestolee to be more precise - an even stranger place
  11. Whichever way you want to look at it she got 265m
  12. The train home from Sheffield was something else ???? If only we had won....
  13. Have we sold out yet, if not it's a poor do
  14. Booked my 4 on Tuesday, 8 arrived this morning ???? shyte website to blame, so 4 going back. Don't normally check the ticket envelope before match day as well - #luckyomen
  15. Used to go to Blackpool with a mate back in the late 70s on the train quite a lot during the school holidays. On a bridge just outside Blackpool in 6 foot letters was 'BOLTON DIE, PRESTON WANKERS.' Always raised a smirk as we ambled along.
  16. Can remember my mum queuing up past Southern Brothers to get me and my dad a ticket for the Manny Road South.Had to send her as I was still at Primary School We set off from Kearsley and caught a 12 o'clock bus. Through Farnworth I could see that almost every pub was packed with Geordies. Got on the ground really early and managed to get a vantage point on the camera scaffold that had been put up at the top of the player's tunnel,the best 'seat' in the house. Managed to get a few autographs, Paul Jones, Alan Gowling and Geoff McNulty spring to mind. The goal from MacDonald was special but for me the atmosphere and the fact that I' d never seen so many people before was something I'll never forget.
  17. Whatever the figure is, 2k or 1.7k, add 9 AHM made up of youth and the usual ne'er do wells.
  18. Spotted last Saturday on Victoria Station in Manchester. I looked straight at him and he at me for a good 10-15 seconds, as we passed each other on the concourse, he was getting a tram.
  19. Yep, and I read this morning that we're going to get an influx of migrants prior to Article 50 being invoked. You couldn't make this shit up.
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