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  2. congratulations Rudy, sleep when you can 🥱
  3. wife (38C look better in a bra) has hers next tuesday, I'll ask when I'm there, they might find me a spare
  4. yep, saw that bit but underneath it say: You’ll be offered the vaccination at a later date if you provide home help, such as shopping or cleaning, or are an unpaid carer. Guessing the social care bit is for the 'nurses' who are employed go to peoples houses for caring reasons
  5. Not letting me book, daughter gets high rate DLA so am technically an unpaid carer but just says will be contacted in the future
  6. and just saw the wiggin score! good times
  7. Need to stop the playing out from the back nonsense, all too often it's a pass to Baptiste or Santos who then get closed down quickly leading to a rushed hoof towards the half way line which invariably ends up with the opposition getting the ball back. Let Gilks kick it for fooks sake
  8. idiots blaming Maddison for this need to wind their necks in
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