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  1. we'd be 2 nil up if maddison hadn't started 🤪
  2. some people seem to enjoy the drama
  3. come on lads. he's been a fan for 60 years you know and moaned about everything for 59
  4. be fun on here toneet
  5. out of order that Rudy totally unfair on toddlers
  6. if you hover over a user name there is the option to ignore user 🤔
  7. their defenders are fucked, we'll win it late
  8. we're gonna win the league
  9. looks like 4 dislocated fingers, SKD would've just pushed them back in
  10. Fuck me, a player comes in on loan, doesn't get much playing time and obvs is trying a bit too hard to pull things off and gets called a cunt, same people where probably taking the piss out of Santos at the start of the season and saying he should be subbed even if it took us down to 10 men. Bet you were all chanting for Riga to come on a few years ago like he was the 2nd coming of pele 🤥
  11. we will score at least 2 in 2nd half
  12. yep, pissing me off, seems to have settled for now *touch wood*
  13. fuck me, witch hunt going on for MM tonight, HE GOT SENT OFF WRONGLY AND THE RED CARD WAS RESCINDED, how is that costing us 2 points, that was the ref
  14. how can anyone blame maddison for that?
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