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  1. Northender

    Norwich City at home

    Loads of photographers behind goal in north stand first half, presume there for all the expected Norwich goals. Did they move ends for second half?
  2. Northender

    The Elite Posters Music Thread

    Kurt Vile is tremendous. New albums a cracker, not released a bad one yet.
  3. Northender

    Saudi Consulate Disappearance

    Sure I read he had an Apple Watch on recording back to a phone his missus had.
  4. Northender

    Town Centre Latest

    Couple doing stints begging at asda junction in astley bridge daily, never at same time. They don't look homeless but have nice signs made up.
  5. Northender

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    Woeful crossing today, noone, wildschut, and polish lad all not at it even though they got into decent positions at times. No attacking edge at all.
  6. Northender

    M6 users: is 'Caned' the new 'The Pies'?

    Noticed that in summer between Preston and Lancaster. On the side of a trailer in a field as well as multiple bridges.
  7. Northender

    Bolton v Derby

    That back 4 and Lowe looks a very solid base to build from. Great save from remi near the end as well.
  8. Northender

    Official Boxing Thread...

    Just noted it’s groves v Smith tonight, thought it was tomorrow. Can’t pick a winner here if groves shoulder not an issue.
  9. Northender


    Sky sports app stopped working at half time
  10. Northender

    Early Doors

    How long did the show last? There Saturday afternoon, looking forward to it.
  11. Northender

    Sheffield United Home

    We were dreadful but Leon Clarke wearing gloves in August should dock them points.
  12. Northender

    The Elite Posters Music Thread

    I’m a sad git that owns all 10 plus the shine best of release. Had about half and bought the ones I didn’t have for a quid a cd on eBay a few years ago. Shine 3 is the daddy though, everyone owned that one.
  13. Northender

    The Elite Posters Music Thread

    Blur released 2 CD versions of country house with different b sides. Blur fans buy both and double single sales. Record company sales technique meant they won the number 1 race.
  14. Northender

    The Pa System

    Wonder what total fitness pay to have their name read out when anyone makes a sub and how many fat lads have decided to join the gym due to it.
  15. Northender

    Lancashire C C C

    Won 3 on bounce and qualified now. Looked a bowlers match in Durham today for a change.

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