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  1. Don't think it's as bad as some make out. Yes we weren't great and it was a frustrating afternoon but their keeper made a couple of top saves and their two goals were totally avoidable. Don't get the Parkinson football thing. Murphy won every header/flick on so why wouldn't we keep doing that. Thought Darcy was tidy and Lowe was his usual steady self. I've got a funny feeling we'll nick sumert at Peterborough.
  2. tshape


    He's a lost cause that fucker
  3. Looks soft on the tele but seeing it live yesterday there were no arguments from me
  4. I should have said the red card rather than the penalty.
  5. Just seen the penalty decision again. Nothing changes the fact that we were shite but I'm fucking speechless.
  6. Rank. The officials were an absolute disgrace... I don't really know what to say after that.
  7. Great gig. Piss easy getting served too compared to the last gig i went to there.
  8. Terrace tickets bought. Ratwhite better not duck this one.
  9. I don't care what Zouma does or doesn't do long term, the mistakes he might or might not make. I can't help but love him. Chanting his name at Wycombe, we were desperate for a hero and he was it. His smile will do for me.
  10. I'm with you. It was a tactical change and nothing more. More legs in Graham for closing the ball down in midfield, keep the big lads on for defending set pieces. Politic gave a pissed off smirk infront of us when his number went up but I'm sure he'll know it was nowt personal.
  11. Beautiful relief.
  12. Got Nick Cave tickets yesterday.
  13. tshape

    Lincoln away

    Leaving Sheffield Tap shortly for a few round here then heading back to Manchester. Gutted it's off but felt there was a chance last neet.
  14. tshape

    Lincoln away

    What a fucking downer.
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