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  1. I said exactly that to my mates tonight. When he goes past a couple of players he's just like him. Same gait.
  2. Tutte was ball watching n'all.
  3. Just checked again and I got the same email on Wednesday and ignored it so it's my own fault anyway.
  4. Came yesterday. Probably my own fault for having my season ticket stuff registered to one email address and my ifollow account set up with another. Had my season ticket since before ifollow started so i can't be the only one.
  5. Watched Manchester By The Sea last night. Brilliant.
  6. Got my email from bwfc at 12.03 saying I had until 1700 to change my ifollow account in order to get the Mansfield game. I was at work and haven't got any data so haven't seen it til this morn. Bit tight that. Just emailed em. Hopefully won't have to pay a tenner for a home game that I've already paid for.
  7. Going down on Saturday aren't I. On call next week.
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