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  1. Could be right mate. One of my finest moments.
  2. Things the Grandchildren Should Know by Mark Oliver Everett from Eels is the best rock autobiography I've ever read. It's a special book.
  3. Got back from Rome last night, should have been yesterday morning but missed the pissing flight back to Manchester so had to fly back to Newcastle and get back from there. Only dampener on a brilliant 4 days. Quickly falling in love with Italy.
  4. Sarcevic looks well off it.
  5. It's not a million miles off. Slightly stronger and a good pint at £2.65 but lacks the depth of flavour for that Guinness has for me.
  6. Another massive Rudy's fan here too. Lost count of the number of times I've been to em. Consistently tasty as fuck pizza. Tried Noi Quattro during the offer, that was really good n'all. Spoilt for choice for pizza now in Manchester.
  7. I agree with that and yeah Reading were embarrassing to watch at ours in recent years. I was on about the fans that have no patience whatsoever and would be on players backs in the first game regardless of how we tried to play. They exist. Plenty seem to sit around us anyway
  8. My mate said exactly that about crowds not being there initially could be a good thing. You can imagine some of the reactions from idiots if we went a goal down against Forest Green and the keeper is giving it to the centre back on the edge of box.
  9. Them bits with Krasner are like a comedy sketch. "Known as Kenneth" hahah
  10. Be DJ Campbell next week.
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