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  1. tshape


    Don't know why I listen to Jim White anyway, he does my head in. Reckoned his interview with Ryan Mason last year "brought the country to a standstill"
  2. tshape


    Jim White has got that Dale and Stephen Dawson on now. It's like Jeremy fecking Kyle is back.
  3. tshape


    Bollocks to him. He was a complete waste of a shirt at Wycombe.
  4. That should be on them signs on motorways, without doubt. "FEELING TIRED? LOB YOUR CHOPPER OUT".
  5. The use of the word 'liquefied' shook me to the core. Sounds so much more serious than liquidated.
  6. That was magic today. Energy, passion, rain, noise, spirit, fight, hunger. Up there with the best. Buzzing.
  7. tshape

    Take Over

    Stephen King couldn't write this shit.
  8. tshape

    Take Over

    I can't fucking believe this now.
  9. I love I Am Kloot too and have seen em loads of times but the best one was definitely as a 3 piece at Night and Day about 10 years ago. I get what you mean about them mellowing, that rawness has been replaced by additional musicians. Bramwell acoustic gigs are still great though.
  10. tshape

    Take Over

    Why did I press play on that?
  11. You on it now mate?
  12. tshape

    Take Over

    Spot on with that last bit. I'm still convinced there'll be cretins booing and slagging players off at Wycombe though.
  13. I know, it'll be a bloodbath. None of our group got anywhere near the booking page last October so a lot of em planned other things. My girlfriend got through for us two in the resale at the last minute, she was shaking like mad putting the details in.
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