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  1. Maddison looks like sumert a kid would create on FIFA. He'll cut in from the right and wallop one into the top corner on Saturday, it's a matter of time.
  2. Enjoyed that last night. The improvement in fitness and endeavour compared to earlier on in the season is almost unbelievable. Completely dominated the first half but that 1st 20 in particular was like when you watch somebody else playing good stuff and think, "Why can't we keep the ball as well as that". Yeah we didn't create loads for all the possession but that will come. Can't argue with any of the suggestions for motm on here. It was good to get a few softer looking decisions go in our favour for a change too.
  3. They're all must wins now. That's what it feels like anyway.
  4. Melancholy harmonica bit in this beauty
  5. Ivan Campo is my favourite footballer of all time. Loved him then and I love him now. Stuff like this just reaffirms it.
  6. Pure class. Effortlessness. Absolutely natural.
  7. People see what they want to see and some people are twisted. My girlfriend is a City season ticket holder and she says that some of the stuff she hears from folk at the match is unbelievable. Some football fans are fucking mad.
  8. Yeah Thomason sprinting to close them down in injury time summed him up. Full of energy and enthusiasm and deffo got talent. Enjoyed that interview when he'd signed the new deal, just a kid living the dream and relishing it.
  9. Poor second half but got the win when we could have completely lost our heads after another injustice. Feel like there's a lot more to come from us an attacking unit when Maddison gets settled in. I'm counting John's goal as a long range cracker.
  10. Hated this cunt since he sent two off at Charlton away. He's fucking inept.
  11. It was yeah, great strike. Around the time he was tipped for an England call up I think.
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