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  1. Dapo and isgrove swapping sides was strange
  2. He's just told people how to switch over from the away commentary....on the home commentary.
  3. It flicked over to BBC Cumbria for some reason.
  4. Can't believe what I've been watching at points today. All over the place.
  5. It's a brilliant festival. Good line-ups, not too far away, bargain ticket prices, very few dickheads and it's got a Thornbridge Bar.
  6. Bearded Theory Festival cancelled this year. Gutted about that but saw it coming. Placebo, Patti Smith and Flaming Lips headlining next May. Fat White Family tickets at YES next month sorted.
  7. That's where I'm at.
  8. Had tickets for the Friday and Saturday night gigs in May. They're now on the Wednesday and Thursday. Gna have to book them off.
  9. I'll have to listen to the full album. I was obsessed with Drifters and Trawlers for months after seeing them play it on tele.
  10. tshape


    Them clips just make you smile.
  11. tshape


    He's been outstanding. Rolls Royce centre half.
  12. Maddison looks like sumert a kid would create on FIFA. He'll cut in from the right and wallop one into the top corner on Saturday, it's a matter of time.
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