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  1. clown

    Sweaty Ken

    I’ve reached the really can’t be arsed with the whole shooting match stage. What a farce our club is now. Defended it to the hilt but got far more important things to do that give two shits about Ken, his idiot son and the Bolton News. Would rather just be in admin, see Ken fuck off and see what happens. Better than this shitshow.
  2. clown

    Sheff Wed, Wed

    It’s broken me now. cant be arsed going to away games now the red button available. Not going to next two home games because I’ve got far better things to do. shite.
  3. clown

    Immigration Rules. Any ideas?

    Have DMd you Thorpey, might help.
  4. clown

    Pne Away

    I’m absolutely loving this season so far. Looking at the fixtures like the old, old days and plotting days and nights out around them. Got a great squad together of lads who give a shit for a variety of reasons. Buzzing.
  5. clown

    Bolton V Qpr

    Apart from a couple on here who moan like fuck when we go 1-0 down.
  6. clown

    The Clock In The Corner.

    It’s mental. The only bit of the game when the clock matters at all and it’s stuck at 90. Is there anything to prevent us keeping it running? Or is it just what everyone does?
  7. clown


    The milk-nicking break was the highlight. Excellent stuff thanks Gonzo. Nice one.
  8. clown


    Charlton got drawn twice!
  9. clown


    Just got back a few weeks ago from a Friday to Sunday stay. Great Airbnb. Train into centre takes no time at all from airport. We had breakfast from the corner shops selling fresh pastries and coffee and sat in the squares. You really do need to keep your money in your pocket when you can, then when you’re getting bent over for a beer later in the day you don’t feel as shafted. The Tap House was a great placed with 61 beers but it was 6 quid a half. Look at lunch at Restaurant Schonnemann for traditional Danish open sandwich with schnapps. We were blown away by Tivoli Gardens, wish we’d spent the day there instead of a few hours. Some great rides, good places to eat/drink. Little Mermaid a good walk from centre, but you need to see it. Hot dogs a plenty for snacks. We ate at Heering in Nyhavn, was good. Also recommend the Garden Restaurant next to park. 40 quid for set menu. Need to review it still, will give it 5 stars. No uber over there remember. But it’s small. Rick Stein long weekends worth a watch before you go. I’ll go again, adored the place.
  10. clown


    Put me down for another one if needed.
  11. clown


    I’ll take one cheers
  12. clown

    Bolton Wanderers 3-2 Nottingham Forest

    It’s like all the good stuff was saved up for the last match. Bonkers stuff. That was a legendary day. Will be a pretty awesome WC summer now.
  13. clown

    Wembely Stadium

    Get shut. Build another one if we need one down the line.
  14. clown

    Burton Albion 2-0 Wanderers

    Irony being that Parky might be best placed to get us out of div 1, and without a payoff when we need every penny. If we stay up, he needs firing immediately after the final whistle.
  15. clown

    Burton Albion 2-0 Wanderers

    Is that you shouting Parky out enzo? Coming from where you were stood....

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