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    I enjoyed that. A lot. Remembered what it was like to clap, shout and get up off my seat rather than look at my phone for most of the 90 mins. Some of that football was top drawer. Bridcutt and Lowe a really solid midfield pairing at this level. Crawford very good and drove us forward with some snappy, clever passing 2nd half. Verlinden a proper talent. Should have been 2 up after that first half hour but that the only minor gripe of the night. There's a team there, with a few of the injured ones back in the mix, that will win some games soon enough
  2. Anybody who got giddy and thought we'd start winning from today was deluded. If we win one this month I'll be pleasantly surprised. Going to be another difficult season to watch but we need to stick together, be patient and keep getting behind the team. Even 9/10 signings still leaves us with a threadbare squad, and a lot of those signing were available for a reason
  3. Lived in Rochdale for yonks and saw a lot of Dale over the years, especially in that spell that led to first promotion from L2, as has been said, never had any money but oversaw great work in the academy with abysmal facilities and brought through some really good young players. Also spotted and developed a string of players who ended up being golden nuggets financially and going on to do well at higher level, Rickie Lambert, Grant Holt, Scott Hogan a few examples. Dale played some brilliant football then and in the more recent seasons when they went back up and held their own massively against the odds. Can be a bit prickly when he gets a bit of stick. Sat in main stand once at Spotland and his ongoing dialogue with a couple of moaners in block behind dugout was more entertaining than the game. As a pair though, him and Flitcroft know what they are doing, will relish the chance they're being given and, with our quality academy / development coaches supporting them, could do well for us if everyone is patient, especially through the rest of this season. Good luck to them, I hope it works out for them and us
  4. Another great effort from those young lads, shame score ended up being a bit harsh on them but nothing for them to be down about, expressed themselves, showed some real quality at times and never stopped trying. As has been said though, this cant stretch on over a few more weeks or their welfare will be compromised and we will eventually run out of fit players to name a team and bench from. Was great though to enjoy and appreciate what they were doing, the brand of football they were trying to play and their sheer joy at taking the lead twice. They deserved every bit of that backing and the applause at the end. Great that so many stayed to the end to do that and show them we're all with them. A number of them showed that, even if and when we get a body of senior players, they can, and should, be in and around the team during the rest of the season. A far more enjoyable experience, watching a 2-5 defeat, than anything over the previous two seasons, maybe with the sole exception of final day of season before last
  5. Just a query about how I can change my profile name as I haven't been 'of Rochdale' for a few months now, am living over in Cleveleys
  6. Couldn't have put it better. Missed a few over last month with moving house and went back today thinking maybe, with a win giving them an outside chance, they'd put the circumstances to one side and have a good go even if the quality would be poor. How wrong I was. Truly dismal from start to finish
  7. I'm not the slightest bit surprised that the due diligence took a bit longer than the consortium anticipated. No doubt more than a few things they needed clarification on. Just because of that, no reason to suspect it's off. In the meantime, I feel really sorry for the rank and file staff, no doubt many of whom on minimum wage, and/or zero hours, and possibly with minimal if any Union support to call upon. Yes, it's not right the players aren't getting paid, they've bills to pay just like anyone else, but those ordinary folk who keep the place running day to day deserve our sympathy and support
  8. Not proud to say I didn't show today, watched us through plenty of grim times over nearly five decades but just could not be arsed today. I cleared the garage and went to the top instead. Hate feeling like that, Saturday's are about football, always have been and have always put it first but won't be doing till KA is gone, we are taken over and Parkinson is potted.
  9. Given state we're in, it'd be an upgrade. 89p Shop Stadium would be about right for us at minute
  10. I'll have the stuff about the budget up to a point, and the constant issues about paying wages have hardly helped us attract players in the window. Ken's 'they chose to stay and fight for their places' was code for 'they stayed where they knew they'd get paid every month even if they weren't playing much'. BUT, even if Parky had been given a reasonable budget we'd still have set up the same, played the same and we'd all be moaning about being bored shitless but just from a few places higher up the table
  11. On 6th Feb in the last relegation season we beat Rotherham 2-1. We'd beaten MK Don's 3-1 in previous home game and had scored 9 goals in four games. Yes, we were shite, skint and, soon after, on the way down, but at least we scored now and then. The side that played that day was poor by anybody's standards but I'm pretty sure it'd have beaten the current lot in a game. Young Connell reminds me of Holding that season, bright young talent learning his way in a terrible team. Hope it does him good and he goes on to big things
  12. Another season where there ought to have been a half season ticket offer just for the first half, so we didn't have to bother when it was a write off from Jan to the end.
  13. Shut your eyes and ears, he's back https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2019/february/a-note-from-the-chairman/
  14. I'll be consulting the admins to ask how it's done. Maybe chance to think of something snappier!
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