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  1. He does, and he is, but that was an easy one for him to make. Was a yellow for me but the one for the pen was the issue, never a pen and never a booking.
  2. Another ref who's a big fanny who thinks it's all about him impressing the assessors. Both of the Tranmere players had shaken their heads and were ready to get up while he was still flapping about waving trainers on
  3. Never ever a penalty, took the shot and ran into him on the follow through. Mind boggling decision
  4. Sarcevic is a big plump pillow, made of feathers. Despite his bulk he's as weak as piss. Pulled out of a tackle midway through the half. We are too lightweight throughout, physically out muscled and out tackled in every game. We just don't win duels anywhere on the pitch What that idea was in first 20 mins of Santos and Delaney launching half a dozen long diagonals to that big striker we haven't got?
  5. He'd have had 15 already if he hadn't had to keep on coming too deep to get involved with moving the ball upfield and, half the time, generating his own chances. He hasn't the pace to drop back to half way, get a move going then be on the end of the cross that results, unless it takes us two or three more passes to get there. The support and service to him has been pathetic at times and the team not set up to make the best of his abilities. Let's be clear, he's not a high level operator, his goal ratio when he had a go in Championship, L1, even SPL wasn't great but at L2 level his stats
  6. Where I am really, this season has a sort of whiff of that one with Freedman when we were bumping along in relegation zone at end of Jan, Dawson and Juke sorted two big problem areas and we were in for play offs by May. We could still do that but we definitely do have to get that physical, hold up player to work close to Doyle though. Evatt's wasted half a season thinking he could tiki taka out of this Division, which is just not on
  7. Yes, noticed that, think a lot have suffered though with this weather, Blackburn's looked like a farm field on Soccer Saturday
  8. I didn't see that first half, we got the ball to Doyle more in half an hour than we did in a couple of games combined, had 10 efforts on goal, 4 on target. What was concerning was that we didn't pick the thread up after half time and lost the initiative too easily, just because they tweaked their shape a bit.
  9. I've been as negative as anybody in recent weeks but I didn't think it was so bad today. Half an hour up to half time was really good, should have gone in at least one up. They changed things, stopped us working right side and got on top early second half but we still had to gift them the goal, another mess at a set piece. We huffed and puffed to get back into it, not surprising given they parked the bus, goal came from the thing we're crying out for the most, somebody bothering defenders closer to Doyle. Evatt reckons he knows that's needed and is trying to sort it, if he does I'll
  10. Sarcevic is a fraud, 'finishes strong' and looks handy in last 15 mins, reality is he lumbers around a yard off the pace for 75 mins before that, giving the ball away, getting knocked off it by lads half his size and giving cheap fouls away because he can't tackle. He's the sort of player I can't stand, gives a foul away that could have cost us a goal near half time then waves his armed about as though it's everybody else's fault. Not fit to to be captain and would be better off coming on for last 20-25 mins in games, when opponents are tiring and space opens up. On the game, we were outf
  11. Seen none of this game yet, tried refreshing it umpteen times, pausing and playing, nothing other than a frozen picture. Piss poor, not for the first time
  12. Oh yes, he wasn't wrong with that one. Think the Carlisle one was a bit red rag to a bull and an admission we are a bit soft, which we are, unfortunately
  13. He basically said Cheltenham were long ball merchants whose main weapon was launching long throw bombs at us and that Carlisle would clog us out of it if they could
  14. Agree with this, as I saw it, I thought it was a good goal. Every team who lets one in can pick at the defending, and we didn't make it difficult enough for them but it was well worked all the same. There are plenty of teams in this league who can put together quality bits of play and produce good goals
  15. Isgrove has his moments (two good ones late on at Carlisle) but is another that's lightweight and only delivers in fits and starts. Had contributed nothing till those couple of moments last week and very little again today till a couple of decent deliveries late on. To be fair to him another unsuited by the formation and balance around him, not a wing back by any stretch of the imagination, in a 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 he'd probably be better. Back to the recurring issue really, we have too many in our squad who want the game to be played to suit them, think it's ok to show something once every
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