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  1. Play your best players (Tutte) and deal with the issues swiftly (Crellin) and results will follow. If IE stops being a pig headed smart arse banging on about his philosophy and just gets us winning football matches regularly we'd all get to like him However grumpy Wellens was after game, he was on same page as us, tip tapping about for 40 passes with no purpose and at no pace gets you nowhere. Our three best performances this season (Cambridge, Bradford and tonight) have come when we've had the least possession of the ball
  2. Santos was brilliant tonight, one dodgy back header early second half but otherwise immense. Henderson is a good operator at this level but never got a sniff
  3. Shows what happens when you've an experienced head in goal, organising and encouraging, back three looked superb, Tutte in front of them great second half, constant harrying, blocking and ball winning There's more than one way to win a football match and, when we've been serially losing for years I'm quite happy to watch that 👍
  4. Decision making wise he's Jordan Pickford on speed, too many rash charges out to balls that aren't his to get. First half, Santos had to take it away from him and clear it as he wasn't going to get there. Dropped a fairly simple high ball at their lad's feet early on. Pen save on Tues was good but two other aberrations could have cost goals. It's not all about him having said that, just a relationship that isn't working for all concerned, back five could do without him behind them, he could do with more solid, reliable customers in front of him.
  5. Not sure Santos trusts him, turned away in tight areas twice rather than go back to him. Either way, a horror show from the first 10 seconds, Tutte and Darby possibly only two who can come out of it with a grain of credit
  6. Him and Sarcevic staggering about, neither anywhere near their man or even looking like they knew who they should be tracking
  7. We've had a fair bit of bad injury luck with that left back position over the years, Gardner had his share, Elliott as mentioned then the lad Tierney who ought to have been a good signing but we never got to know
  8. Enjoyed it tonight, if Barrow was the watershed moment that's been talked about, can certainly see it from Saturday's and tonight's performances. Miles better off the ball, more determination not to concede chances and goals, more purpose and positivity when we have the ball Should have put game to bed first 15 mins second half, could have paid for it but made up we didn't. Loads of good performers tonight but Tutte and Delaney probably the pick of the bunch. Tutte, Sarcevic, Crawford machine really started to click into gear at times. Kioso a real asset. iFollow is rubbish, o
  9. Both great bottles of red those 👍. Jam Shed marginally the winner
  10. Sarcevic could have ended with an assist if Doyle had hit target 2nd half but otherwise looked like a player whose stats were good in a team that suited him. Here and there a few decent contributions but not enough and faded as badly as half a dozen others last 20 mins. For a big lad gets knocked off ball too easily My issue here is the supposed focus on stats, can be misleading if they were produced in teams that were set up to suit their best attributes. We look to have a few too many of that ilk and not enough with a big enough pair of bollocks to direct, organise and take a bit of per
  11. Whatever football 'philosophy' you want to put out there on a match day it has to be effective. We are nowhere near being that. Too many risky balls in our own half, too many lapses in concentration, too many in our team who want too long on the ball and are too easily knocked off it. Too many touches, too many ineffective passes, too little penetration from the wing backs, too easily ripped through when we lose it, too many fade out of game in last quarter. The only decent chance we made second half was from the simplest thing we did all afternoon. We are fannying around trying to turn n
  12. On the point earlier about whether you can coach lads in their 20s to pass it to each other, if they haven't got the ability to do it and have had little experience of doing it previously, it'll be hard work. I'm involved in coaching (not football) and all my long term athlete development education has told me that teaching new skills and movements requiring co-ordination and spacial awareness will be very difficult after the age of 15. So, where I'm a bit unsure where we're at, having listened to all the comments from IE about each of our new players (particularly the defenders) as they
  13. What concerns me a bit after these three games is, despite the glowing sales pitches from Evatt when each of them signed, we have little in the way of proven quality in the squad, even at L2 levels. Doyle and Delfouneso yes, not much else in my view. What we do have is a lot of cast offs (some from this league), non league lads and other wild cards like Greenidge that Evatt evidently thinks he's capable of polishing up into effective individuals and an effective unit. Even if that happens it's going to take time and pressure will grow if defeat follows defeat and confidence is eroded. Th
  14. As is often the case, having loads of possession isn't a guarantee of winning football matches. They had far less than us and made more of it, aided and abetted by some rank defending from us
  15. Slightly concerning thing for me was, in the first game, opponents sussed our system out and largely nullified it. Once that happened we were too easily played through. Wing backs rarely got into advanced enough positions so we ended up doing loads of playing around and across the middle in front of them. Delfouneso did well coming a bit deeper and linking things up but otherwise we didn't often look threatening. Holes behind the wing backs (mostly Gordon's side to be fair to Jones) were alarming and none of the back three had the pace to quickly get across and cover them. All three were
  16. No idea what's been being worked on defensively in training and the pre season games but some really basic issues evident throughout today, communication and positioning - wise. Hopefully a few more games will sort them. Bradford haven't had to do anything of any great quality to win today
  17. Another dreadfully cheap goal given away. Footballing defenders who can stride forward and pick a pass is all very nice but no great use if they can't do the basics of defending. Santos just stood ball watching there.
  18. Albert Hall's a sound venue. Saw Johnny Marr there last Sept, brilliant value gig. Slow Readers Club twice last year, once at Bootleg Social in Blackpool, then at Ritz near Xmas, both about £20, top value Foals at Victoria Warehouse, £37, superb. Booked in for them again at Empress Ballroom Blackpool in May £40 or so's about my limit, would break it for Foo Fighters
  19. Donkeys ago I know, but highlight of a trip to Grimsby was a chippy dinner in one of a number of belters on Cleethorpes front. Last time was that day Man U won 8-1 away at Notts Forest (I think ) and Solskjear came on and scored 5
  20. I liked Bryan there, by and large, very good left foot and passed it forward accurately a lot during the game. Got caught wanting a bit too long to do it once or twice as you might expect from a centre back in midfield (theirs sneaking up behind him and nicking it off him) but generally added a bit of composure in front of back four. Matthews never been much of a concern stopping shots for me, particularly ones he gets a decent look at, more his command of six yard box that's the issue. Wasn't put under huge pressure in that regard yesterday.
  21. I like Dodoo and, when he's played where he can run at people from out wide he can be a threat but, for me, he's a bit soft and took a while to get over that knock he got early second half. Avoided physical combat for 20 mins after. Finished game better after being switched
  22. This. Dodoo went out of game badly for 20 mins after that ankle knock, we did same as a team from about 50 mins to that switch then finished stronger apart from that last attack of theirs. Not a bad game to be fair, Accrington were honest and had two or three with a bit of quality. First half from us was good apart from final ball or effort at goal.
  23. Indeed, all this 'former player will know what makes the club tick, what the fans want, galvanize the players blah blah' isn't what it should be about. We need the right person for the task in hand and the situation, regardless of where he's from, who he played for, whether he's a closet Red or whatever. Coyle was a former player who would bring the feel-good factor back.
  24. I had doubts about Hill for same reasons as Okocha 10 around how, although there had been a lot of positives about his two spells at Dale, the last one had gone seriously pear shaped. Having said that, I've some sympathy with FV, highly unusual and difficult circumstances to be having to make the appointment in, would excuse them not, by the looks of it, having got it right this time. I don't think they'll act before end of season because they're under no pressure to. It's not as if we're a club that needs to pull the trigger a dozen games from the end to stave off a plunge into the bott
  25. Could live with some of the losses, such as Pompey (when we had more of the kids in) where we played some football and battled hard against a promotion favourite. We're not worrying teams in the bottom six, can't defend and don't look like scoring either. I didn't ever expect us to stay up, but I did expect us to establish a way of playing and at least win a few games and give some opponents a tough afternoon. None of that's happening, can't see that it will suddenly start happening and, given the quality of players we will be able to attract this Summer won't be much different to this l
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