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  1. Momentum can be a factor in last dozen or so games, as can squad size and quality, we've both of those to call upon. Cheltenham and Morecambe both maintaining consistent progress, as are Exeter, most of the rest throwing an off one in now and then. I didn't particularly rate Cambridge last time, if Crellin hadn't chucked one in we'd have beaten them on their own patch even with the half a team we had then. Was frustrating today only because it was another nearly-but-not-quite day, great defensive structure and workrate, collective commitment, plenty of possession, stylish play up t
  2. Maddison and how it's going is a bit like a L2 version of (at least till last week) Bale at Spurs. Big name, big reputation, obvious talent but something to prove. Everyone wanting him to do well and hoping it happens when he gets the ball but, sadly, it doesn't Couple of times he got the ball in areas where I was 'go on, now, go past him and fire it in the top corner' only for him to stumble straight into the defender and fall on his arse
  3. Fine with us managing the minutes for those that went off, schedule is relentless and Sat will be tough, but we weren't under any pressure to just maintain and there were easy opportunities to be a bit more ruthless and pick off that third and even fourth goal. All three who went off did play well, for sure, Lee's best game so far, Doyle looked fresh and at it again and Dapo a real thorn in their side
  4. In a situation tailor made for Maddison to improve his touch, output and confidence he was abysmal. No chance of him starting a game in near future unless we have a raft of injuries. Thought the whole last half hour was wasteful and sloppy, golden opportunity wasted to improve our GD, which we could do with doing. That gripe aside after a tricky first 15 mins rest of first half was great, couple of good goals, back four solid and assured again, Dapo a handful, Doyle back at it after a few flat games. MJ strolling to good effect, Sarcevic a lot better and lasted 90 mins well. Sa
  5. Just going like for like with the subs was a wasted opportunity from Evatt, we were crying out for quicker, more direct passing and people being prepared to run at opponents, if for nothing other than to lure them into fouls and get free kicks. Bringing Arthur on was fine but why at Dapo's expense? The only times they'd looked unsettled were when he was on the ball. The triumvirate of Lee, MJ and Sarce didn't work and Thomason was a big miss, he can play it quicker, longer and more forward. Sarcevic had a couple of good moments first half but was non existent second half, should have been
  6. Back four and two holding, with the injection of quality, has been the making of Baptiste and Santos, and Jones too, who's been really solid and tidy last few games. John obviously at least next level up and has added reassurance on that side. I wouldn't mind seeing Thomason's stats for tonight, a couple of ragged, tired passes late on, but for 80 minutes his pass percentages must have been off the scale. Many of those were in tight, pressurised areas but he never stops wanting it and shows no fear. Having a little rest last week maybe did him some good, his energy levels were great tonig
  7. Top drawer performance from 1-11 plus subs from start to finish. Williams and Thomason half a bottle of champagne each, both tremendous. Big plus is being able to make multiple subs and not see any drop off in how we play, Miller, Arthur, Sarce all got straight into flow of game and contributed More solid defending again, only couple of sniffs they had were from bits of errors from us, great foundations being laid for winning games and building runs. Enjoyable night.
  8. Great time to score and a great goal. Sarcevic doing what he's ideally suited to doing at minute, coming on into that no10 role late in game when spaces appear. Two good parts in a superbly executed goal
  9. Outstanding half, best I can remember for control, passing and domination for a long time. Maybe not a lot created first half hour but moving them around really well. Some very good quality from out wide from John, Isgrove, Jones. Cohesion and patterns between Williams, Thomason and the rest absolutely top drawer. 72% possession that half, like watching City
  10. Somebody on here said Thomason should be loaned back out to non league as he wouldn't be likely to get any game time in foreseeable future...
  11. Bang on, the lad's shown enough already in the games he's had to show he's at least capable of playing regularly in L2, possibly higher. He's had a good run of games, a lot of them back to back, and in those seen off the likes of White, Comley and Tutte. We have now got sorts like Lee and Williams that ought to be better than him and are, no slight on the lad though and Evatt clearly knows his value and potential. He'll still be in the mix for rest of this season and into next
  12. He put a couple of great balls across the six yard line at Mansfield that were crying out to be knocked in but Doyle was in his heels both times and today produced at least a couple more. He gave it away a few times but no more than anyone else, the touch and passing accuracy throughout was terrible, bobbly pitch or not. He's slowly getting there I think. We won, got three points, jump on the coach and get out of town, wins like Mansfield and today make promotion pushes. But, we have to start finding a way of making it easier to win games on bad pitches against alehouse teams, we'll get
  13. Positioning a big part of his improvement, must have headed or cleared half a dozen crosses in that last ten minutes
  14. That stat about Santos isn't surprising, his game management has improved hugely over last half dozen games, the formation suiting him a lot more I reckon. Baptiste also a big help, rock steady over same period, didn't put a foot wrong tonight. Santos just doing the stuff defenders should do really well, picking his times better to play out or go long, and throwing in an occasional Yaya Toure-style charge for good measure. Whole back four looked a solid, competent unit tonight
  15. Great that! Made up for Arthur, he's a good lad. Head could have dropped being back on bench after new arrivals but comes on, does his thing, grafts hard, scores a worldie. Arise King Arthur of Horwich!!
  16. I was a bit like that with Williams, solid first half, had a bad 10 minutes, got caught too far forward (as well as Lee) for first goal, two weak efforts at tacking for 2nd, would have booked him but them dropping deep after that goal helped him and could see why he was left on, was allowed to stroll forward and pick some good passes, especially that one to Doyle, seemed to get a second wind then and did well towards the end. We have some real quality in our squad now, half a dozen at least a division better than where we are though a few not quite at full revs yet, when they are the eng
  17. I'll go back to what I said earlier, Evatt knew Doyle's qualities and the type of striker he was, how he scores his goals, but still hasn't got the shape, system and personnel set up to make the most of those qualities. He needs more support closer to him, more service more quickly from wide areas and not to spend so much time isolated too distant from those supposed to feed him. He certainly shouldn't spend as much time as he does coming back into our half to get involved, get things moving and then be on the end of those moves he's started off. As for the comment that if he scores
  18. I think that was Evatt's view, the red was questionable but it shouldn't have had so much impact if we'd kept our foot on the pedal more after such a good start. Last thing I expected after 10 mins was to be talking about Santos or Baptiste as MoM
  19. Evatt's had half a season of us not making the most of Doyle's abilities, had a transfer window but still not really addressed it for me. Although we've brought in a couple of marquee signings that could be anything neither are the more physical, robust partner that would really help him. We also still don't get enough crosses in from high enough wide positions for him to attack with head or feet I still think Evatt's too stubbornly trying to fit Doyle into a shape and way he wants to play rather than making the shape and way suit him. A simpler, more direct 4-4-2 would give him more of w
  20. Where I'm at, a bit of a Tom Thorpe, loping around looking tidy enough but slowing the tempo down too much and lacks pace over short distances to get about. Handy that he's tall and wins a few headers but otherwise not as good as Tutte, whose handling by Evatt I can't fathom
  21. Just because Sarcevic happens to be captain, doesn't mean he's a cert to be back in. He hasn't made himself indispensable by any means. Another of our collection of 'quality players' that Evatt needs to work out how to get the best from. If Fonz not fit and he is, maybe the 10 role might be the answer, affecting the game in forward areas without too much responsibility for tackling back
  22. Not sure if he does, especially if Evatt wants Maddison and Afolayan in at same time, only place would possibly be in Delf's no 10 sort of role (he looked to have another niggle when he went off), wouldn't mind seeing him given a go there
  23. Painful watch that. That Baptiste and Santos were vying for MoM against them says everything about it. Scoring too early seemed to cause us to get a bit too arrogant and think we could toy with them, as a consequence we got casual and sloppy and let a poor side back into it. All a bit too disjointed and shapeless, the expensive new parts weren't making the engine run any better and we were nowhere near as good as we were for an hour on Tues against a far better side Thomason, bless him, the only one in front of back four who covered himself in any glory, struggled a bit last 15
  24. With Desperado there, frustrating that a win that could really have got us rolling didn't end up happening but a lot of good signs to take a bit of the sting out of that frustration. With 10 men, near the end, we carved them open and made a better chance than they'd made by chucking it in the mixer for 10 minutes before that. More positives than negatives for sure, the set of players we had out there last night, plus a couple that weren't, genuinely ought to be capable of putting an 8-10 game run together to keep us enthused till May. I'd still like to see a bit more nastiness and e
  25. Was how I saw it with Maddison, had a bad feeling something like the red was going to happen, too wired when Evatt would have been hoping for him to show his quality with a bit of control. We'd have won 2 or 3 nil if he'd stayed on. Anyhow, he's fessed up, said sorry, move on. As Mounts said, we were getting on top of them when he made the changes, I was slightly surprised he made them so soon, maybe a bit of grandstanding to their boss who was getting under his skin. Although frustrating result a lot to like over the 90 mins, Thomason tremendous, improving loads week by week. MJ s
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