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  1. For me, this is going to be a test of nerve till maybe end of Feb, by when, hopefully, Evatt has got in the two of three more he wants, they've bedded in and are making a difference, along with Lee and John. 

    We need to set up solid during Feb and grind out four or five results, ideally including clean sheets, so we go into March stabilised a bit and with a bit of confidence from getting those results. We could still have a decent finish to the season then. 

    In the meantime it could get twitchy as we don't look much like getting a result against anybody.

    To be honest, I'd sacrifice a couple of players in the squad at minute to bolster the coaching ranks, preferably with some nouse and experience. Appreciate it might be about different budgets and it might not be straightforward, but just now we need coaching support and expertise more than squad fillers who are nowhere near playing.

  2. We are a soft outfit, mentally and physically. Week after week we are physically bullied and mentally had over by whoever we play. 

    Physically, we were second to every ball first half and didn't win a meaningful tackle. Every piece of work on the ball by one of our players, every bit of theirs under no pressure. When we had a huff and puff at 0-2 we got about them a bit more but the pattern that's emerging is we've far too many who only look had decent in last 20 mins when opponents tire a bit, drop their levels 10% and let us play under less duress. Sarcevic is the biggest culprit but he's not alone.

    Every addition to this squad from Evatt in this window needed to add physicality and bollocks. Up to now seen no evidence of that, Jackson is a decent player but a young lad and a bit lightweight, the lad from Lincoln even more so I'm afraid. We need at least three or four by the end of this month who are a bit streetwise, want to clatter people in tackles and are prepared to get hurt. If that doesn't happen we are in grave danger as we don't look like we can beat anybody who grafts hard and runs long, whatever their ability level 

  3. Just now, Ruba Mustafa said:

    This ref thinks he is more important than the players, he’s wrong, it’s not about him, what a knob 

    He does, and he is, but that was an easy one for him to make. Was a yellow for me but the one for the pen was the issue, never a pen and never a booking. 

  4. Another ref who's a big fanny who thinks it's all about him impressing the assessors. Both of the Tranmere players had shaken their heads and were ready to get up while he was still flapping about waving trainers on

  5. Sarcevic is a big plump pillow, made of feathers. Despite his bulk he's as weak as piss. Pulled out of a tackle midway through the half.

    We are too lightweight throughout, physically out muscled and out tackled in every game. We just don't win duels anywhere on the pitch

    What that idea was in first 20 mins of Santos and Delaney launching half a dozen long diagonals to that big striker we haven't got?

  6. 13 minutes ago, Casino said:

    Doyle will end the season with 20 goals

    Thats his job done

    He'd have had 15 already if he hadn't had to keep on coming too deep to get involved with moving the ball upfield and, half the time, generating his own chances. He hasn't the pace to drop back to half way, get a move going then be on the end of the cross that results, unless it takes us two or three  more passes to get there.

    The support and service to him has been pathetic at times and the team not set up to make the best of his abilities. Let's be clear, he's not a high level operator, his goal ratio when he had a go in Championship, L1, even SPL wasn't great  but at L2 level his stats are plenty good enough. 

    If he was a 'one in every four' sort of striker Swindon must have made over 100 chances for him last season

  7. 1 minute ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    I just think we’ve been unbalanced virtually all season, add to that bad keeper and no one holding the ball up top and a formation that doesn’t suit the players and that’s why we are where we are, couple of decent signings and tweeks here and there and it won’t take much to shoot into the play offs. The next 2 signings are massive for us. 

    Where I am really, this season has a sort of whiff of that one with Freedman when we were bumping along in relegation zone at end of Jan, Dawson and Juke sorted two big problem areas and we were in for play offs by May. We could still do that but we definitely do have to get that physical, hold up player to work close to Doyle though. Evatt's wasted half a season thinking he could tiki taka out of this Division, which is just not on

  8. 35 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    Anyone else think the pitch was a bit threadbare in places?

    Plenty of players slipping too, seemed very wet.

    Yes, noticed that, think a lot have suffered though with this weather, Blackburn's looked like a farm field on Soccer Saturday

  9. 1 minute ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    I believe he’s worse, Parky was playing against better teams week in week out and at a higher level so I can understand why he was negative, Evatt not got that excuse, the standard at this level is woeful, set your team up to play at high tempo and on the front foot and you beat most teams in this league, seems Evatts bottles gone to me, sets up not to lose and it shows. 

    I didn't see that first half, we got the ball to Doyle more in half an hour than we did in a couple of games combined, had 10 efforts on goal, 4 on target. What was concerning was that we didn't pick the thread up after half time and lost the initiative too easily, just because they tweaked their shape a bit. 

  10. I've been as negative as anybody in recent weeks but I didn't think it was so bad today. Half an hour up to half time was really good, should have gone in at least one up.

    They changed things, stopped us working right side and got on top early second half but we still had to gift them the goal, another mess at a set piece. 

    We huffed and puffed to get back into it, not surprising given they parked the bus, goal came from the thing we're crying out for the most, somebody bothering defenders closer to Doyle. Evatt reckons he knows that's needed and is trying to sort it, if he does I'll reserve further judgement on him till he's tried it for a run of games. 

    Haven't been much of a fan of Isgrove but he was all right today. Not that easy to judge the two new lads on one outing but they were ok by and large. 

    Santos played a fair bit better today.

  11. 1 hour ago, Mounts Kipper said:

    The ball does not stick up front, thought we were poor tonight especially 2nd half and we were lucky to get a point, sarce was dreadful. 

    Sarcevic is a fraud, 'finishes strong' and looks handy in last 15 mins, reality is he lumbers around a yard off the pace for 75 mins before that, giving the ball away, getting knocked off it by lads half his size and giving cheap fouls away because he can't tackle. He's the sort of player I can't stand, gives a foul away that could have cost us a goal near half time then waves his armed about as though it's everybody else's fault. Not fit to to be captain and would be better off coming on for last 20-25 mins in games, when opponents are tiring and space opens up.

    On the game, we were outfought, out run and outplayed for 65 minutes, subs made a difference as they made a few tired mistakes later on, Arthur did really well. Delaney in particular but Brockbank also were awful for their goal, done for pace and Delaney brushed aside by a lad a stone lighter. Lee looked ok, games under his belt and he'll be a good addition. 

    Whatever dealings Evatt can do in this window they badly need to increase our pace and physicality, every team we play at the minute is quicker and stronger than us



  12. 24 minutes ago, tkonion said:

    I had a frozen picture but the commentary was playing. Tried pausing and then playing again but now not got either just the swirling wheel of death. Any Ody else got the same problem?

    Seen none of this game yet, tried refreshing it umpteen times, pausing and playing, nothing other than a frozen picture. Piss poor, not for the first time

  13. 1 minute ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    The Cheltenham bit seemed to be valid in fairness. 


    Oh yes, he wasn't wrong with that one. Think the Carlisle one was a bit red rag to a bull and an admission we are a bit soft, which we are, unfortunately

  14. 6 hours ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    I've not heard him criticise an opponent for their style, the odd word about being prepared to battle.

    There was certainly a expectation from him at the season's start though.

    He basically said Cheltenham were long ball merchants whose main weapon was launching long throw bombs at us and that Carlisle would clog us out of it if they could

  15. 8 hours ago, superkev said:

    If we would have scored the goal Crawley scored yesterday people would have said brilliant goal. Instead it was shit defending

    Agree with this, as I saw it, I thought it was a good goal. Every team who lets one in can pick at the defending, and we didn't make it difficult enough for them but it was well worked all the same. There are plenty of teams in this league who can put together quality bits of play and produce good goals

  16. Isgrove has his moments (two good ones late on at Carlisle) but is another that's lightweight and only delivers in fits and starts. Had contributed nothing till those couple of moments last week and very little again today till a couple of decent deliveries late on. To be fair to him another unsuited by the formation and balance around him, not a wing back by any stretch of the imagination, in a 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1 he'd probably be better.

    Back to the recurring issue really, we have too many in our squad who want the game to be played to suit them, think it's ok to show something once every 15 or 20 minutes and want somebody else to do the dirty work for them. Sarcevic is another, I wasn't for joining in the pile on to him after the first five or six games as it was far too early and a bit unfair at that point but 20+ games in he's of the same ilk, would be good just flitting around near Doyle and Delf with no other responsibilities but as we're set up now offers nowhere near enough over 90 minutes. Steve Eyre going on about him getting his second wind and coming into the game today in last 15 minutes was laughable, he'd been missing for an hour, lumbering around watching the game go by and waving his arms about. A nice little ball or a bit of combination play now and again isn't enough from a team captain

  17. I've no big issue with a young manager having an ideal about how he wants the game played, and at times, in flashes, I've liked some of it. We've scored two or three goals this season that have been superbly put together and finished. 

    But, one of my bugbears with the current vogue of managers arriving at levels right down to National League with an unshakable belief in a style or philosophy, whether it be Bielsa, Pep or some hybrid of one or more of them, is them trying to embed it with seasoned lower level operators who aren't capable of it and beyond being coached it. Some of the goals conceded by teams in L1 and 2 trying to play around like City have been laughable. 

    My other bugbear is them not being prepared to admit it's not working and try something different to win football matches in whatever Division they are in. Top managers are prepared to be a bit more horses for courses, within games and game by game, depending on what they're up against. Evatt went at it from the off so wedded to one way of playing his options to flex and adapt are seriously limited. He's hinted that he can see where some adaptation needs to be made (e.g physical front man to support Doyle), hence me being prepared to give him a bit of time to show he can learn and adapt as a manager. It might be too late for a play off charge this season though. 

    For what it's worth, he needs to admit that being harder to get crosses in against, run through the middle at and generally score through, and go with a 4 at back, with two holding players that would be harder to get through and give a platform for the likes of Sarcevic, Thomason, to do what they do best with less responsibility and get closer to Doyle in the right areas, so he doesn't have to keep on coming too deep to try and make things happen. The only time that should be happening is if we have players with real pace and energy to regularly get beyond him into scoring positions.

    I hope he gets it right as I want him to do well and am not looking to chop and change again unless things get really uncomfortable near the bottom


  18. I'm as prepared as many others on here evidently are to give Evatt this window and enough games after for whoever he signs to bed in and take effect. I think he knows what needs to change to make us more effective in this Division.  In the short term though, during Jan, he's going to have to find a different way of getting the best out of what he's got, stop us being a soft touch and get some points on the board, just to steady the nerves a bit.

    We did play well for 20 mins once we'd gone behind, as we upped the intensity and workrate 20% from the previous hour. We have too many in our team who only seem capable of producing in little 10-15 minute bursts, when the opponents sit back and let them play. Yet again they went through us far too easily and got at the back three, with Tutte being over run while none of the rest of our midfield could lay a glove on them.

    There wasn't much between the teams, and over the 90 minutes, on chances and situations created, we didn't deserve to lose, but yet again we had long periods of the game where we lost the initiative and let them impose themselves on us, rather than us on them.  21 games in, plus cup ties, the penny ought to have dropped as to the levels that are consistently required in this Division, over the course of a game and a run of games. Not enough of our squad appear up for that challenge and it needs reshaping significantly. I'm not in the 'just a couple short of being contenders' camp I'm afraid.

    Next two games are tough to say the least and by the time Evatt has got a few of those new bodies in they could be coming into a pretty sticky situation where big characters will be required

  19. On 31/12/2020 at 12:43, Biggish Dave said:

    Assuming it is Lee & John, it gives me greater belief Evatt does know where we are short. He sees it. 
    I keep saying it, give him time, he’ll get it right

    If our signings are Lee, John I'd expect a bit more Imagination going forward (sorry, one for those of a certain age...)

  20. As has been said earlier, we'll never know which of this squad are solely Evatt's picks and which were Phoenix's, maybe it doesn't matter much now, what does is that he gets to sort out the coaching / scouting structure and to move out / bring in what he reckons he needs to make us consistently competitive enough to haul ourselves up the league.

    I'm getting a sense that there's becoming a bit less of the stubborn idealist about him, he's fed up with our inability to impose ourselves against more robust teams and wants to do something about it. However much he is a disciple of particular styles of play, he no doubt hates not winning and knows it's a results business in the end.

    Nobody will remember all the nice goals we've crafted if they don't lead to enough points in the final reckoning

  21. It's easy to keep saying 'its a shit league and we can easily put a few results together and be up there' but we're not looking any more likely to do that in the near future. The only run of results we've put together was against the rags of the division. 

    There's obviously still time, the season under Freedman when we were 3rd bottom at end of Jan window and should have got in play offs on last day gives us that sort of hope. It can be done for sure, with a change in approach, attitude and personnel in Jan

  22. Gilks won't be the slightest bit bothered about whether it costs him the shirt, he had to be persuaded to take over from Crellin. He is a professional and a member of the coaching staff so he'll no doubt be annoyed about the goal and the tone it set in the first five minutes.

    My takeaway from Evatt's post match comments is he's softening on his philosophy and seeing that if he doesn't be a bit more pragmatic short term he won't be around to see his way bear fruit. I can't see that folk like him and Atherton like seeing their team being bullied and shipping pathetic goals in the manner they have so often this season. Jan window needs to come quick, be productive and have an impact on our ability to win matches when it's not a nice day and the opponents don't stand back and let us be Barca

  23. It was like a classic park pitch Sunday morning game, stay in it first half against the gale and win it second half. Problem for us is we just haven't got the tools to handle games like that, or indeed any where the opponents or the conditions are to our liking.

    We were pathetic first 35 mins, improved a midge's last 10 of first half and got the goal, showed in doing that Carlisle weren't that solid at back, even with the huge advantage. 

    Second half our efforts to get back into it were dreadful for half an hour, we didn't make a single clear chance or work the keeper once and if they hadn't been wasteful and Gilks saved a couple they'd have been out of sight.

    There was always that feeling though that it wouldn't take much to get them wobbling and our one decent bit of play got the second and did just that. Isgrove had been dreadful up to then but played a good ball in for that one and his deft ball back across for the third was also good.

    Thomason - that lad, with good scrappers behind him, will do good things at this level. Kevin Nolan never had much pace but an engine and an eye for getting into dangerous positions. Thomason did that today, had the desire to be there to score the first and almost get the winner at the end. 

    Kioso was unlucky, that ref was dying to send one of ours off, we'd spoilt his afternoon getting back level. 

    We need a big shake up of personnel in Jan and IE to get off his moral high ground, admit there are more than one way to win football matches and get in the bodies that will give us that adaptability so we can be a lot more horses for courses and a lot less one trick ponies that are easily rumbled. We have far far too many in our squad who are looking for someone else to do the dirty work for them. 

    Let's not be fooled, that wasn't a rousing second half where we bombarded them and eventually got our just desserts, it was more about how easily Carlisle folded under a modicum of late pressure in the conditions. 

    In the end, a point we'd have happily taken beforehand but a lot still to sort out, probably more than is possible in a Jan window in these current circumstances



  24. 10 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

    I'd say he was very very pissed off, but it's becoming an all to familiar post-match interview.

    He's still the right man, he just hasn't got the right players in.... yet. 

    Gotta be quality over quantity in January.

    I reckon we'll know if he's the right man if he does get the right types of players into the right positions,and moulds what he's got by the end of Jan into a unit that climbs the table through the Spring, in the manner of that season under Freedman.

    Square pegs in square holes and a big injection of bollocks required sharpish, and some evidence Evatt is prepared to compromise and find different ways to win a game of football



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