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  1. Another dreadfully cheap goal given away. Footballing defenders who can stride forward and pick a pass is all very nice but no great use if they can't do the basics of defending. Santos just stood ball watching there.
  2. Albert Hall's a sound venue. Saw Johnny Marr there last Sept, brilliant value gig. Slow Readers Club twice last year, once at Bootleg Social in Blackpool, then at Ritz near Xmas, both about £20, top value Foals at Victoria Warehouse, £37, superb. Booked in for them again at Empress Ballroom Blackpool in May £40 or so's about my limit, would break it for Foo Fighters
  3. Donkeys ago I know, but highlight of a trip to Grimsby was a chippy dinner in one of a number of belters on Cleethorpes front. Last time was that day Man U won 8-1 away at Notts Forest (I think ) and Solskjear came on and scored 5
  4. I liked Bryan there, by and large, very good left foot and passed it forward accurately a lot during the game. Got caught wanting a bit too long to do it once or twice as you might expect from a centre back in midfield (theirs sneaking up behind him and nicking it off him) but generally added a bit of composure in front of back four. Matthews never been much of a concern stopping shots for me, particularly ones he gets a decent look at, more his command of six yard box that's the issue. Wasn't put under huge pressure in that regard yesterday.
  5. I like Dodoo and, when he's played where he can run at people from out wide he can be a threat but, for me, he's a bit soft and took a while to get over that knock he got early second half. Avoided physical combat for 20 mins after. Finished game better after being switched
  6. This. Dodoo went out of game badly for 20 mins after that ankle knock, we did same as a team from about 50 mins to that switch then finished stronger apart from that last attack of theirs. Not a bad game to be fair, Accrington were honest and had two or three with a bit of quality. First half from us was good apart from final ball or effort at goal.
  7. Indeed, all this 'former player will know what makes the club tick, what the fans want, galvanize the players blah blah' isn't what it should be about. We need the right person for the task in hand and the situation, regardless of where he's from, who he played for, whether he's a closet Red or whatever. Coyle was a former player who would bring the feel-good factor back.
  8. I had doubts about Hill for same reasons as Okocha 10 around how, although there had been a lot of positives about his two spells at Dale, the last one had gone seriously pear shaped. Having said that, I've some sympathy with FV, highly unusual and difficult circumstances to be having to make the appointment in, would excuse them not, by the looks of it, having got it right this time. I don't think they'll act before end of season because they're under no pressure to. It's not as if we're a club that needs to pull the trigger a dozen games from the end to stave off a plunge into the bott
  9. Could live with some of the losses, such as Pompey (when we had more of the kids in) where we played some football and battled hard against a promotion favourite. We're not worrying teams in the bottom six, can't defend and don't look like scoring either. I didn't ever expect us to stay up, but I did expect us to establish a way of playing and at least win a few games and give some opponents a tough afternoon. None of that's happening, can't see that it will suddenly start happening and, given the quality of players we will be able to attract this Summer won't be much different to this l
  10. Oxford v QPR Milk Cup Final in the mid 80s, got tickets through working at Rochdale FC at the time, when each club in the league got a small allocation. Liverpool v Man U at Anfield, again mid 80s, sat in main stand where you'd imagine those around you being a bit more measured in how they viewed the action. Then Norman Whiteside set the tone after about 5 mins by kicking Craig Johnston up in the air. Measured they were not. Couple of World Cup group games in 1982, Argentina v El Salvador and Belgium v Hungary. Went from Benidorm on a coach full of Belgians who were a jolly bunch an
  11. Notwithstanding Micky D's dilemma I too would greatly welcome Carrs Pasties in North Upper. If decision had been to shut one or two upper tiers and keep one open, and I'd been required to have moved. Happy with the outcome but would understand if FV reviewed it again in future. I saw the comments on FB too and was a bit affronted. Some big assumptions being made, in essence suggesting nobody up top has any passion or opens their lungs at any point in the game. I've sat up there for all bar four of the seasons since it opened and I'm as passionate as anybody I did see somebody doing
  12. The weather had bugger all to do with it, I've been on there on dozens of colder, wetter, windier days than that thanks. It was one of the very worst, in my opinion of course, because of the manner of the goals conceded, the timing of them, and the dismal, witless surrender in the second half. All that, and the fact that it's only February and it feeling like another long, slow death sent me home as fed up as I've been for a long time, and I go back to the last time we tumbled into League 2
  13. Lowe gets a lot of stick but gets on with it and, if he was allowed to do a proper job of shielding the centre backs with more creative sorts (Crawford) to shove it forward to, he'd be solid and reliable at it. Probably doesn't put his hand up to keep being sent to right back in games but it said a lot that yesterday he was a lot better than Emmanuel Bigger problem yesterday was how badly the likes of L Murphy, Hamilton and Politic disappeared from the game and the subs made no impact whatsoever. Dodoo is not a central striker, can be good when out wide and running at people, cluel
  14. Had a moment of weakness near the end and started feeling slightly sorry for Hill in that the bulk of those he's been allowed to bring in on day one or in this window were available for a reason, not catching at other clubs in same division or nowhere near in the one above. Few of them the sorts he'd want to bring in with a free hand and a budget. Can understand, in those circumstances, why some of the likes of O'Grady, Bunney and Buckley were brought in, knew what they offered and trustworthy squad fillers. Unlucky with some of the injuries, especially Crawford, too much chopping and changing
  15. Been some depressing afternoons and evenings at the Unibol in the last few seasons but that was one of the very worst. 1st half wasn't bad, some decent passing and movement, couple of good efforts from Hamilton, and going in 0-0 would have set 2nd half up in a much different way. Second half, they hadn't threatened, we were just starting to look promising then shot ourselves in the foot again. That was in the 62nd minute, over 30 from the end, our clueless, shapeless, half arsed efforts from then on at getting back into were a disgrace. Not a single chance created or any concerning moment
  16. Both goals were really cheap, again. Their winner, we fall asleep at a throw, let them get the cross in far too easy. Opener, bad lay off puts Fleming out of position then lad who scores unmarked Hill won't convince me he's what we need, even back in League , till he shows over a run of games he can organise and drill a team to not give shit goals away week after week Not convinced about Matthews all season, for all the same reasons as an earlier poster. Can understand why the gamble was taken not to bring in an experienced no2, and it probably won't matter much, but if we did have c
  17. We played some great stuff at times against Pompey, with Darcy flitting around finding pockets of space to make a lot of things happen. Dodo not being 100% was obviously an issue but Darcy out there wasn't the answer to it. Even then, when he decided to bring Dodo on he did it at Emmanuels expense and stuck him down the middle, where the game was already congested. Emmanuel and Dodo have done well and been productive down the right most weeks, we created nothing at all down that side 2nd half. While he might have wanted to bring Murphy back in it surely didn't need Hill to depart so mu
  18. As grim a spectacle as I can remember for many a year, even with all the dark days we've had in the past few years KH doesn't need any more than a 23 man squad, he'd no idea what to do with the 18 he had at his disposal last night, which were a pretty strong lot compared to recent weeks Why tear up the formation from Portsmouth game, where we played some good stuff at times against a far better side? Darcy completely wasted out on right, not his fault he ended up being anonymous. Three in middle were too similar, Hamilton could have been hooked at half time to get Dodo on in his norm
  19. There's more to it than just the two dozen players we need for whatever league we're in. They may want to restructure the whole footballing side, from manager (or head coach if a director of football brought in) through specialist coaches down to Academy and all the ancillary staff.
  20. I didn't enjoy their 90 mins worth of shithousery or how it was allowed by another set of piss weak officials. I did enjoy though the 90 minutes of courageous, spirited effort I saw from all of those in a white shirt. Impressed that a side with so many young uns in it weren't bullied out of it and kept on showing, taking people on and getting stuck in. All three new signings did well. A lot been said about the rights and wrongs of who was let go, who was signed and why, some of which by KH that seemed confusing and contradictory, all I saw was they looked like good solid additions.
  21. This. Made me a bit sad when I read it, not through being misty eyed about Madine himself but for it being another reminder of the state we are in. He'll do well by the way, nailed on regular scorer at this level.
  22. Problem with Hill is it's all about him. Thinks he's a low grade Mourinho. Particularly arrogant to come across that he's some kind of Bielsa type big timer parachuted in to rebuild us from the ashes when in reality he was binned off by today's opponents when he was taking them down in a rush last season. Worst bit for me is the inference that he's got Auntie Sharon and the other owners in his pocket He might have got away with that sort of thing at Rochdale when he was giving three old moaners behind the dug out at Spotland a flea in their ear but he's taking a lot more on here
  23. In one. Overused phrase, but we are where we are. We've no right to turn up and beat anybody in this league, when we're on our second go at cobbling together a team since August 31st. Those of us with long enough memories will recall us being lower than this before
  24. Plenty of time between now and Dale game for some ins (and back ins) as well as outs to be sorted
  25. On the game itself, two great early goals, but note of caution was how close they'd come to scoring seconds before the first. Same problems unfolded then without the ball that have been evident in previous home games. No obvious screen in front of centre backs, back four lined up too deep, midfield all in a line with too much distance between them and back four, one pass or a dribble beating them all. Whenever we lose possession it's far too easy to get it through to their front men. Today, it was a doddle for Akins, get backed up against Wright, get it knocked into him, roll his man and
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