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  1. I watched a lot of Rochdale when he was there, put together a good squad on no money, they played brilliant football the season they went up and overachieved against all odds in League 1. The thing about unfairness of football finances is his pet subject, used to go on about how unfair being allowed to go into administration whenever Rochdale lost to such a club because they ran a tight ship on a tiny budget
  2. 3-1 to them, we score first, they level just before half time, take the lead in first 5 mins of 2nd half, we huff and puff for a bit then they put us out our misery with about 10 mins left. Usual script. Coyle summoned to IOM Sunday for talks with Eddie and Phil
  3. That's what Collymore gets paid for, throwing grenades out to wind people's clocks up. Only bothers to look at facts when it suits him. One fact for starters, as per The Sun today, one clean sheet in the last 46 away games.
  4. Suffered the full 90 mins today, total shambles, shocking mix of soft arses, big-time charlies, lazy twats and stumps not good enough even for this level, all put together by a manager who is tactically inept, has lost confidence in making decisions during a game and has clearly lost the dressing room, judging by the total absence of anyone taking responsibility for their own jobs, mucking in for their team mates and being prepared to give a shit about the outcome. Honourable exception was Jay Spearing, who was head and shoulders above the dross and must wonder what a nightmare he's walked int
  5. Coyle signed him presumably because he thought he'd be better than Zat Knight. One off day (when one of many who had one) and he now isn't.
  6. Wonder if one of them's Knight? No probably not, seeing as he saw fit to offer him a new contract.
  7. Probably about the 24th then
  8. Considering it's all supposed to be about Bastard Rovers with them, amazing how mithered they still are about us, couldn't believe the number of threads / posts. Funny how they're still so jaundiced about us when we did them such a favour by taking him off their hands at such great cost, when he'd have taken them down anyway
  9. Not much chance of Coyle learning from his mistakes, judging by his comments on the BBC website, he doesn't think he's made any. All down to bad refereeing decisions, injuries and 'a slow start'. Only acknowledgment of any sort of failing is that we 'maybe could have defended some situations better'. Very perceptive.
  10. No chance, get him out, tactically inept, devoid of ideas, no clue how to set up a team to keep clean sheets and grind out results. More likey to take us down than back up
  11. Wembley. Arrogantly and naively assumed Stoke would enter into a nice tippy tappy football match because it was there, so picked completely the wrong team and totally ill prepared them for Stoke turning up and being themselves. Newcastle home was this season's day of confirmation, tactical naivety in the extreme, causing us to snatch defeat from the jaws of a likely 1-0 victory
  12. Would only offer Ricketts and Steinsson deals out of the out-of-contracts, maybe a one-year for Petrov but he'll prob get a better offer abroad anyway. Mark Davies should (and prob will) be flogged to clear debts, CYL and Holden will prob also go if proven fit. Alonso should be shipped back to Spain or similar for any reasonable fee as he's utter cack Doesn't leave us much to work with as has been said, esp with the two latest long-term crocks being in key positions, certainly not the look of a team to get up after a 46 game season in the Championship, miles too lightweight
  13. I wouldn't trust Coyle to bring us back up, full stop, whatever the situation with money. Might have done it with the dingles but this is a different situation. Until he can show that he's got the ability to grind out results at any level, rather than win by a panful or lose by a panful week in,week out, then it's a no for me
  14. Walked round on his tod and clapped all the fans, even when they were coming on to the pitch, though to be fair none of them were going to give him a hard time
  15. Some of the players are 'not that bad' but the majority are not fit to be in the Prem. Week after week, even as Coyle admits, we give the ball away too cheap and do nowhere near enough to defend as a team when we lose it. Any team that concedes one short of 40 goals at home in a season deserves nothing else other than relegation. Too many flaky, airy-fairy individuals with no bottle and no stomach for pressing and defending as a team once the ball has, (usually) been cheaply given away. The teams Coyle's turned out throughout this season are without doubt the worst since we've been back in the
  16. We were down by Christmas this year, was plain to see.
  17. BWFC in the blood, grandad a supporter going back to the 30s, dad played for the club in the late 50s /early 60s though,as it was before the days of the minimum wage,when realised he wasn't going to be a first team regular moved on and went part time to focus on a solid job working for the Council. First game for me was in 1971, we played Sheff Utd in a Div 2 game and won, Paul Fletcher score the winner I think. We were poor that season though and an early memory was a very young Trevor Francis ripping us apart in a game v Birmingham. Stood on Embankment through the 70s, with the odd trea
  18. being able to turn up on the day of a game, home or away without the rigmarole of buying tickets in advance walking down manny rd rather than round a retail park tea bars that sold wagon wheels and bovril rather than chicken wraps and rose wine pitch raised up on a banking not a flat part-synthetic carpet toilet roll on the pitch, now it's in the toilet wading in piss at half time in the Lever End bogs The Buff (a paper, not the nuddy)
  19. Took his goal really well,Tuncay played a good part as you say, but it all started from Muamba pressuring the defender into giving the ball away. He plays, we win. Again.
  20. Can't agree that he's been one of our best, though he had been better in the last couple of weeks in a system that accommodated him better. Same goes for Petrov, playing 451 made the most of their strengths while covering their weaknesses.Then Coyle ditches it......
  21. Agreed, 100% Big Sam knew we didnt have good enough defenders home or away to play without a screening player in front of the back four. He also knew when to stay in a game till the last minute and if a goal didnt come take a point rather than toss one away every week. Coyle's problem is that he's no patience and no respect for the opposition outside the top six, and he inherently thinks 451 is a negative formation. As Sam showed, with wide players whio aren't fairies and who are prepared to work, it can be just as attacking. We made chances and caused problems to Liverpool and Arsenal playin
  22. I wouldn't have cared if Muamba had turned up with his boots at quarter to three. In fact he could have wandered on about 20 past and still improved that shambles 100%
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