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  1. I know the chairman, spoke to him last night, putting same on for Newcastle in FA Cup next weekend 👍
  2. Rochdale Cricket Club open and welcome to away fans beforehand, 10 min walk to ground, beers at £2.50 a pint, pie and peas, parking.
  3. The Baum top other pub in Rochdale town centre, last one before the walk along Spotland Rd to ground. Rochdale Cricket Club is close to ground and is usually away friendly. I know their people, if opening up to away fans that day will put something on here
  4. Indeed, the good thing is he has the knack of finding pockets of space and anticipating where the ball's going to drop. Hopefully he'll notch one soon and a few more will follow
  5. One goal conceded in two away games, good progress, effective way of playing away seeming to be developed Safe journey home to all who've made the journey
  6. Bridcutt thing like Man C's issue with Fernandinho playing there, doesn't add anything because of his lack of height and it takes him out of an area he's more effective in, screening the centre backs. Matthews frustrates me, rooted to his line far too often and, although bad marking doesn't help, we let too many headed goals in from areas within his range to go and claim or punch. Earl got better as game went on but not convincing me as a left back, positionally looked uncomfortable, especially defending far post on crosses. No better than Chicken at LB for me We have got prog
  7. Honourable 0-1 defeat against their attacking force an outcome most would have taken when they woke up this morning, me for certain. Set us out to be level or one behind for as long as poss, gave us a chance of nicking something. Learning taken from Accrington debacle, fair enough.
  8. Verlinden on meant their right wing back was fully occupied defending and hardly got in our half. Before half time he could have played with a dinner suit on and was charging up the wing putting crosses in without a care. Last couple of games have been similar, first halves out of Parky's book, second halves far more entertaining. Time Verlinden is on the pitch is the difference. An odd rash decision or loose ball now and then yes, but that's why he's not playing in the Championship (yet)
  9. A few gripes after today, though few of them about individual players or the team generally. Unless Verlinden wasn't fit to do more than half a game why leave him on bench? As last time at home when O'Grady started as left side of a three we were too narrow and lacked pace. Not O'Grady's fault, far better as one of a two up front. When Verlinden's on Chicksen plays better, has space to get forward and put crosses in. Keith Hill is not as good a tactician as he thinks he is, especially defensively. A honeymoon period of a few clean sheets early doors is a distant memory unfortunately
  10. Just watched it and said same on Twitter. How ours could have been red and that yellow is beyond belief
  11. Exactly as I saw it, was crying out at time for width on both wings, Dodoo should have been given another 15 - 20 mins, if one of O'Grady or Murphy had to be sacrificed it would have been Murphy as things were at that time. In the end good for Murphy that he scored but he wasn't offering much in that first hour
  12. Bridcutt entitled to be a bit rusty today, will probably be better for the game. Murphy suddenly tried to become Crawford and had a great game, was just a bit odd how, with what you'd class as three holding players in the middle we were poor without the ball at times and let a poor side in far too often. Anyhow, after a Titanic Iceberg Pale, moving onto an Ilkley Brewery Mary Jane session pale from Booths brilliant selection
  13. Messy, disjointed game but great to get the points in the way we did at the end Both full backs outstanding today, Verlinden tore them apart when he came on, though surprised it was at Dodoo's expense. He hadn't ripped any trees up but width on both sides would have opened them up more and sooner. As pleased for L Murphy as D Murphy, great piece of work for the goal, two cracking efforts earlier in the game, all round good performance. Only thing was he didn't seem to have told Lowe and Bridcutt he was going to become an attacking midfielder today and there were too many occasions wh
  14. Spot on. They did their homework, had a plan and executed it well. We struggled as a result. Hope no reps from our upcoming League 1 opponents were watching
  15. They were a bit better than ordinary, good, well organized and energetic side. Did their homework and a job on us. Wide players pressed and worked hard, cut off our supply lines from wings, especially left, Chicksen hardly got in their half. Got into enough good situations to have scored but keeper saved a couple and we didn't get bounce of ball a couple of times Otherwise they managed us well last 20 mins, forced us to go long or through middle and we got more shapeless and frustrated as game wandered to conclusion. Their game management was aided and abetted by another terrible re
  16. Luke Murphy never been one of my favourites but starting to show something and had a good, solid game today. Worked hard alongside Lowe, took a bad whack 2nd half but got back up and stuck in again, played a couple of good forward balls that showed he does actually have an eye for a pass. Him and Lowe are looking better because they're being actively encouraged to play it forward, quickly, rather than sideways or backwards all afternoon
  17. I thought he got caught under the flight of the ball and his iffy header led to the opportunity for their lad, which he took well to be fair. Otherwise though, he came through another tough test pretty well. As you say Mounts, if he can gradually iron out those odd little issues, he could be a real player, good if not better than his brother, who hasn't done bad for himself O'Grady has been one of the best in the lower leagues for years at holding the ball up and bringing others into play, as well as being a tidy finished with either foot. Trusted by Hill to do the job he was given today
  18. I watched more than enough mind numbing and ineffective hoof ball over the past two seasons and am quite happy with what Hill and Flitcroft are trying to do with resources that seem to change and diminish every week. Those two lads at the back were comfortable and confident on the ball, passed it out well under pressure and did their defending well, at least until Wilbraham was sent on to bully them. They'll make an odd mistake but, knowing Hill and Flitcroft of old, they'll not be discouraged from playing as they did. I enjoyed again how we tried to play and will be fine if it's persis
  19. Where I'm pretty much at. We aren't able to put more than half of the assortment signed on D-Day out on the pitch anywhere near often enough. The back four and two in front that didn't let Oxford anywhere near a few weeks back wouldn't have let Rochdale in as easily as happened today. Was only a matter of time till them bringing Wilbraham on would turn the game their way. Literally man against boys. Real judgment of Hill and Flitcroft should be made this time next year, 12/13 games into next season, when they'll have had a full pre season with whatever squad of players they've put togeth
  20. Where I'm at. No great expectations of survival for all those reasons and happy enough to be back watching some decent games and getting behind a team that's trying hard and playing something I recognise as football. Because of that I'm not in the 'we really really need to start winning soon' camp. We will, soon enough
  21. We are having unbelievably bad luck with injuries. Just as we're getting to the stage of having a good solid side that can go on and win some games we're losing senior players by the hour. On the game, outstanding from all the back four, plenty of other good performances too. Politic and Verlinden didn't get into it much, but credit to their set up and how well they defended too, a decent, solid team who with somebody better than that stump up front could threaten the promotion places. Our young lads are going to have to keep stepping up but the two who did tonight were brilliant, s
  22. Not keen on it from those pics though might look better in the shop. Fair play on the pricing though. No surprise at all about sponsor, fully expected it. Hope the training wear is a bit better, usually go for that anyway
  23. I enjoyed that. A lot. Remembered what it was like to clap, shout and get up off my seat rather than look at my phone for most of the 90 mins. Some of that football was top drawer. Bridcutt and Lowe a really solid midfield pairing at this level. Crawford very good and drove us forward with some snappy, clever passing 2nd half. Verlinden a proper talent. Should have been 2 up after that first half hour but that the only minor gripe of the night. There's a team there, with a few of the injured ones back in the mix, that will win some games soon enough
  24. Anybody who got giddy and thought we'd start winning from today was deluded. If we win one this month I'll be pleasantly surprised. Going to be another difficult season to watch but we need to stick together, be patient and keep getting behind the team. Even 9/10 signings still leaves us with a threadbare squad, and a lot of those signing were available for a reason
  25. Lived in Rochdale for yonks and saw a lot of Dale over the years, especially in that spell that led to first promotion from L2, as has been said, never had any money but oversaw great work in the academy with abysmal facilities and brought through some really good young players. Also spotted and developed a string of players who ended up being golden nuggets financially and going on to do well at higher level, Rickie Lambert, Grant Holt, Scott Hogan a few examples. Dale played some brilliant football then and in the more recent seasons when they went back up and held their own massively agai
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