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  1. ianofrochdale

    Brizzle AWAY

    I go back to very early 70s (when we were about to be relegated to what's now League 1) and, for me, the slump into League 2 in the late 80s was worse than what we're suffering now. We'd limped through what was a depressing period for football generally without a pot to piss in for years, in a decaying ground we were selling off chunks of, and with a deteriorating squad. The play off loss to Aldershot (where now?) was, for me, the pits. It feels bad now, relatively, I think, because it gets magnified and played out so overtly in social media, sports news channels, forums etc. We are in a bad way for sure. The football is awful, the squad is worse than the one Lennon all-but took down. I've given up on us staying in this league this season and it won't get any better till KA sells up and buggers off or other circumstances such as admin force things to happen. But, as we stand, still not the depths we plumbed in the late 80s for me.
  2. ianofrochdale

    Brizzle AWAY

    Given a change in manager is pretty unlikely till we go down again, any new bloke is better off having a clear run at it in League 1, hopefully with new blood and money above him. The Cowley brothers at Lincoln, Michael Flynn at Newport. I'd also have said Kenny Jacket but he'll take Portsmouth up while we go down. Steve Clarke done a great job at Kilmarnock too, might fancy a go at English league again. If we do get new owners by Summer however, they might have their own ideas, which may be a bit left field
  3. ianofrochdale

    Brizzle AWAY

    Given a change is pretty unlikely till we go down again, any new bloke is better off having a clear run at it in League 1, hopefully with new blood and money above him. A few decent people in Leagues 1 and 2 who can get their teams winning games and actually playing football.
  4. ianofrochdale

    Todays Games

    Live 5 mins away so nipped down to Oldham this aft. Doidge came on for last half hour, did ok but game of few openings, couple of threatening situations but no clear chances. First half FGR looked a good side, played some tidy stuff and should have been at least 2 up, woodwork hit twice and couple of good chances fluffed. Oldham better second half without really looking like scoring. Good well fought game though at Ice Station Zebra, fair standard in difficult conditions. FGR fans I spoke to were decent folk
  5. ianofrochdale

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    Well said. I've done all the dreary 3rd round home ties v Swansea, Grimsby etc over past few years. I'll be giving up a full day tomorrow coaching a group of kids through an athletics comp, have a missus at home who puts up with that and me doing stuff like going to Hull the other day. She deserved a bit of time today. Hope that's ok with you HomerJay, we all have our reasons for going and not going when we do.
  6. ianofrochdale

    Sweaty Ken

    He may be a bit preoccupied on the phone based on latest bit in BN about player registration embargo, yet another sticky situation to sort out by look of it
  7. ianofrochdale

    Todays Games

    Newcastle are like a Premier League version of us
  8. ianofrochdale

    Hull away

    We have a regular goalscorer, who, if you watch his movement game to game, gets in the right positions. What he is not is a target man, who is going to knock centre halves about or hold the ball up and bring players in. Read his interview with Iles. He admits he didn't need to do half the physical graft and running about at Forest Green that Parky's asking of him as team was built to serve him. A lower level Jordan Rhodes if you like. Parky is misusing him and placing unrealistic demands on him. What was being expected of him yesterday was ridiculous. What we need is a good, solid target man. We haven't adequately replaced Madine, simple as. Magennis and Donaldson are nowhere near good enough Chris Martin isn't a world beater, far from it, but on Saturday he did a job for his team, being happy to have balls pinged into him, holding them up and bringing their quite talented three other front players into play. Assuming we could put out a team containing a few who could push a ball into a target man anything lower than head high, if that target man did his job and Doidge played off him, he would score goals. I know it won't happen, but, hypothetically, Madine back for rest of season and Doidge off him and we'd score enough to stay up.
  9. ianofrochdale

    Hull away

    To be fair I was as surprised as anyone to see that change made and so early, very much out of character for PP. If Wilson was feeling a niggle he could have brought Olkowski on and moved Lowe into midfield, more in keeping with his usual plan of staying in it till late on then having a go. As others have said earlier, why so high risk in this game when he hasn't trusted Oz to do similar in home games against weaker opposition. The biggest problem we have is that we're in games but hardly win any because we're bereft of quality all over the pitch
  10. ianofrochdale

    Hull away

    Any likelihood of a note from the Chairman today?
  11. ianofrochdale

    Hull away

    On our turnout, I bought one at about 2.15 and it was £18, and by kick off there were prob about 50-60 empty seats in our bit so reckon about 770ish? Wasn't as toxic at the end as it might have been, not many left by then to make a big noise and maybe folk already too conditioned to the state we're in to be that affronted by it If any game was set up at half time for PP to stick to his usual plan of 'stay in the game till 70-75 mins then have a go' this was it. To chuck Oz on and empty out midfield cover of a labouring defence as early as half time was a real head scratcher. Our lack of ability to do simple basics on the ball was already an embarrassment before that though. Donaldson was horrendous, first touch of a park player, but plenty of others not far behind. Ultimately, about 15 players out and same in during Summer and it's painfully obvious that, whatever the issues with PP's dreary tactics and preferred approach to winning games, our squad hasn't improved one iota. There just isn't the quality or ability and I'm not convinced that a new face would suddenly get us winning and entertaining a bit while we're at it. Our players are of such limited ability that they absolutely need to play through a good strong target man who'll make the ball stick and bring others into the play. Doidge definitely isn't that type and Magennis isn't good enough at it. A really dark day and nothing other than another long, depressing slide to League 1 is inevitable as far as I can see
  12. ianofrochdale

    Hull away

    Two good things about today: A walk round Beverley en route and a good pint in the White Horse (cracking old pub if you've never been) Finding a good parking spot and getting away that easily I was back having my tea in Royton by 6.45 That's it I'm afraid. A humiliating capitulation against a modest team who, while having a handy front four and one top class operator (on his day) in Grosicki, were not, Phil, choc full of world class strikers
  13. ianofrochdale

    Hull away

    Crap defending, Bowen fell over it and still got cross in, Grosicki had about three goes at getting it under control before hitting it. Set piece our only hope, if we can keep it to 0-1 long enough. Doidge in a one up front will never work. Can't make ball stick anywhere near enough but not his fault, not his game. Unless we get someone who can hold it up in this window we are sunk. We aren't good enough to make chances without playing through a target man
  14. ianofrochdale

    Transfer Gossip

    If PP has to return a couple or not extend them, and the terms allow, Wildschut and Dyer would be obvious candidates. Would definitely keep O'Neil, as you say, was big part of some of our better performances early season before he got crocked, positive influence again v Rotherham
  15. ianofrochdale

    Rotherham, Home

    Yep fair play, to be fair they've got themselves away from it recently

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