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  1. Park your car right up behind it and fuck off abroad for a fortnight
  2. Spunky

    The Oc

    Sky Job Centre
  3. Another reason not to eat horsemeat!
  4. Fat bird who sneered at me, wife and kids in M&S when we were following woman who tickets almost out of date food.
  5. Mentioned OUR long ball tactics twice in his post match interview
  6. In this country theyre retailing at about ?220 for certain styles, went to New York, Ugg shop, same boots ?100. Still feckin expensive but how do they live with a hundred plus mark up??
  7. Pot Noodle- (chicken and mushroom) and a tin of diet Dr Pepper.
  8. What if you are a fat fudgepacker? Are you buggered?
  9. Ive seen thee, no fecker would chance touchin your miffy
  10. My Nan's cousin was called Pearl Button "cousin" fnarr
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