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  1. http://www.ottosrambles.co.uk/krakow.php ​ If it's beer look no further than my mates web site. This is his Krakow page.
  2. My first game was V Arsenal at Burnden 1963 /64 which was our relegation season, my father took me and I became a fan and a regular from that moment. I have been a regular since that game. When in the 70s I met my future missus and missed many social functions so I could attend my beloved BWFC, how the fuck she has put up with me for that long remains a mystery. I was a hooligan getting involved in many scuffles and getting myself banged up because I was BWFC through and through. When I look back I realised how stupid I was and criticise those nowadays with similar tendencies. Although I
  3. I can always remember George Best playing at Burnden for Fulham. At that time they had Rodney Marsh and Bobby Moore. Moore led his players from the field after he thought Fulham were on the wrong side of some strange refereeing decisions. Shortly after they returned a Bolton fan gave Rodney Marsh a handbag.
  4. A very relaxing place full of good beer folk. Visited this place twice both at weekends and during the afternoon. A bit out of town but well worth a bus day saver. After a visit you can jump on the next Horwich bus and try Blackedge Brewery Tap, that's a great beer place as is Vic & Albert. Cheers to beers.
  5. Well I have had to come out of retirement but may well be able to fit a couple in prior my Winters vacation..
  6. Don't look beyond my mates web site. What he doesn't know about bars in NYC it aint worth knowing. please take a look. http://www.ottosrambles.co.uk/new-york-city.php ​
  7. The Plassey a few miles south of Wrexham. www.plassey.com We had a tourer on here for three years. There's a Brewery a pub selling real ale and a golf club. . A pub half mile down the Road again serve real ale and superb meals. Just about a mile away are more pubs.
  8. Not at all Cas. All the ex pats are season ticket holders apart from those who just make up the numbers on the match bus. Most of the Malaga Fans (Hinchas) don't seem to be bothered by their presence and are happy to accept them as their own. Last seasons away game at Seville was attended by a massive majority of Brits, some two thousand fans travelled from the Costa to support the team. It's well worth a trip just for the experience. Malaga are not a massive club but have a similar fan base to Bolton and the Rosaleda is lovely.
  9. Bolty has it spot on. Reg, Dave Redshaw wrote a book on Malaga CF and the man to see.. He can be found on a regular basis in the Lounge bar. Alternately see Bolton Dave, he runs that bar. I intend to visit a few times this season because the entire match day is something else. It's like going back to your youth on away day trips. The entire day is an experience, Lads from Brighton, Bolton, nd all over the country get together and place their full support behind the team. Atmosphere in the Rosaleda is something special that needs to be placed on ones bucket list.
  10. Always recall Byrom turning up at the local in Atherton. The Station Hotel as it was called then contacted the club to ask if John Byrom would come down to push over a pile of pennies. Also in attendance that night was a local beauty queen called Linda Ramsbottom. Byrom mixed with us all and talked openly about the team members and what they got up to. One lad asked Johnny B " do you think you will be going up at the end of the season" Byrom relied, "I'm hoping I'm going to be up tonight, pointing at the beauty queen. Happy birthday John, you were never the quickest but you knew where
  11. Craft Ale is brewed using top ingredients and packed with flavours of different hops and spices. Se7en Brothers are opening a bar in Manchester, they brew some fantastic Cask and Craft but their IPA is a joy to drink. On a recent visit to a Brewdog establishment top prices are paid for craft Ale. This has caught the buds of the younger end who like the flavours but also like to drink their beers cold. Wigan is a superb place to drink Cask and Craft, Wigan Central seem to have got the scene spot on both with selection and prices. I quite like the cosy "Great Ale Year Round" in t
  12. A good day had by all yesterday with a massive thanks to Bolton Wanderers and Atherton Collieries. As a very proud Athertonian and Bolton Wanderers supporter of 55 years It was great to see a Wanderers team at my local teams ground. Despite the side being mainly of younger players I hope this can be a regular fixture before the season begins. Atherton LR was always the team from Atherton who attracted the Wanderers pre season who then always put out a strong side. Atherton Colls have had one fantastic season and to those who thought the Wanderers should have won easily remember! Colls
  13. So Lennon it is then as from Monday, I presume it will be Monday? Good appointment so lets all get used to the idea.
  14. My Daughter also needs a joiner to fit two Oak Engineered external doors. Some of the lads I have worked with over the many years have since retired of out of contact. I would attempt them myself but this is a job for someone who does fit doors.
  15. Bugger, that's got me worried because we actually fly out to the states on Sept 11th. I thought that atrocity was November 9th?
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