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  1. fatolive

    In Or Out Again

    The DUP, being the twats they are, have said there is no problem with a border, they’d quite happily go back to check points if truth be known. thankfully, they don’t even represent all unionists, nevermind all NI i still think that shower are going to get thrown under the bus by May and NI having some sort of special economic status as originally planned will be the end outcome. no real reason or facts for that, just my musings and it would remove the border issue whilst keeping NI part of the UK
  2. fatolive

    In Or Out Again

    Border poll will have to happen both sides of the border, but can’t see that anytime soon as the possibility of unified Ireland would cause murder, literally, even before the results of any vote came in I think. It will happen in future though. ironic that a border put there against the wishes of a majority is now proving an obstacle to the wishes of a majority.
  3. fatolive

    Town Centre Latest

    This looks good, but, lost count of the number of “ artist impressions” I’ve seen over the years. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/17427510.revealed-45m-plans-for-20-storey-tower-to-transform-boltons-skyline/
  4. fatolive

    In Or Out Again

    You’ve spelt it out on here? I remember asking you when you said it wasn’t an issue what your solution was but don’t think it got spelt out. apologies if I misssed it, but, how is a secure border between the eu and uk possible without a hard border of sorts? thats not been answered apart form the words “ technology” , “ they won’t come that way anyway” and “ they’ll have to show their passport to get to England” think the border issue will be resolved for what it’s worth, but can’t see how one of the reasons for leaving, ie “securing our borders” can be reconciled with having an open border with the EU, the hard border won’t happen so there’s no control over it surley?
  5. fatolive

    In Or Out Again

    Fascinating stuff and crammed a fair old amount of stuff into his life. Certainly experienced a lot and contributed a lot, fair play to him.
  6. fatolive

    In Or Out Again

    Aye, possibly but, by the time theres a transition period we’d probably be ready for a GE anyway, not sure how they pass owt in the mean time like so a possible flaw if she does worry about them, or maybe this “ I’m a unionist” speech today was aimed at pacifying them, who knows As with everything, there’s obviously loads of issues and counter arguments, but it’s a way of removing the border issue and may be confident of support from elsewhere over it.
  7. fatolive

    In Or Out Again

    This backstop issue, no one wants but the deal can’t be done without it which will lead to a hard border anyway. May says she’s going to get some amendments to it, the EU says it’s non negotiable. seems to be potential stalemate but she’s in Belfast today preaching her unionism political heritage, as if onthe charm offensive. wouldnt she be very clever if the amendment she has in mind is the back stop doesn’t exist/ no time limit, however, if no border solution, technology or whatever is found after the transition, then NI reverts to the EU original plan of special economic area and the rest of the UK leaves. EU can hardly refuse as it was their plan initially, the DUP will go apeshit but they don’t even represent all unionists never mind all NI so may be on the charm today to get others on side and fuck them off. Border issue solved, leave solved for the majority of the Uk everyone happy apart from Arlenes mob. May be far fetched, just a thought on a possibility,not a prediction or even think it will happen, just think it could.
  8. fatolive

    Mini Road Roundabouts.

    The 4th exit from any starting point is closer than a normal roundabout as you don’t have to go all the way around, but the 3 rd exit from any starting point is no adavantage apart from splitting the traffic flow but there’d be an awful lot of stop go as you say
  9. fatolive

    Transfer Gossip

    Not sure if posted elsewhere but, best photo of deadline day
  10. fatolive

    In Or Out Again

    Like everything else in this debate, it depends where you read and who writes it, but there’s as many ‘experts’ saying why current technology won’t work as those that say it could work. even those that say technology and point of loading away from border checks can solve it, struggle with the question of how that will solve the more simple issues like local supermarket beer run that comes back over the border, cattle and livestock movement etc and the fact in order to have this technology there would need to be some monitoring and of course the physical presence of cameras and staff should an unregistered/un checked vehicle goes through. not saying there isn’t a solution in there, but each throws up its own problems and people keep saying “ technology” as if that should just be accepted without any exact details of how it will solve all the issues, not just scheduled import/ exports
  11. fatolive

    In Or Out Again

    It’s about uk borders not England’s, but, that aside, it’s about an hour I’d say from Ireland’s closest port for passenger ships to the border, that’s a guess, fishing ports are about 10 mins walk. Not saying for a minute that people will or won’t come that way, but, It isn’t a big schlep accross bog land if they do and to be met with absolutely no check to enter the uk isn’t what people said they voted for.
  12. fatolive

    In Or Out Again

    That’s the issue: the backstop ensures that there won’t be a hard border , the border is easily solvable apparently but people who say this don’t want a backstop in case it isn’t the eu want a backstop to ensure no border and say the backstop is not negotiable to prevent a hard border ,but will need to implement one if no deal is made anyway.
  13. fatolive

    In Or Out Again

    NI citizens will be represented, they are entitled to and afforded the same rights as Irish citizens under the GFA, whilst living under a different jurisdiction, therefore they are entitled and have an inherent right to EU citizenship, and so, will have representation. Not NI itself Referendum has to be passed both sides of the border, but could bring a poll closer I’ll agree. not sure it’s worth remembering that to be honest mate, loads of people have said that over the years and loads of people have said it will not be
  14. fatolive

    In Or Out Again

    But that’s not what you or seeked an explanation for nor what is happening. whatever the number, Ireland is getting extra due to the Re distribution its these that will represent citizens in NI , they won’t be NI or uk MEPs obviously, they will be Irish MEPs who will represent people in NI
  15. fatolive


    I realise I’m not with it and considered ancient at 48 by the people he’s targeting I suppose, but what is the attraction of watching someone’s face while they watch a match? Or filming crowds? apologies if there’s more to it than that, but all the clips I’ve seen of these people is just their face in the crowns describing what’s happening. cant see the fascination myself

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