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  1. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/18343401.coronavirus-number-confirmed-cases-rises-sharply-bolton-rises/
  2. Not sure why the copper thought it right to question him, people paint on footpaths all the time to mark cables , services etc for H&S reasons, this could/ would be deemed the same, avoidance of hazard. At the most, council permit issue, not a crime enforcement one, and as Traff says, plenty of other shit the police should be dealing with, like twatting scroates coughing on old ladies etc was this in Bolton?
  3. Today I had to give all of my gangs details in, details being names &employee numbers of gangs who would be out and about, apparently, we are getting permits to be out, and I quote “ to show the police next week so they don’t can’t send them home. “ Take from that what you will, but sounds like further restrictions on the way and certain people already aware so they can plan, didn’t ask, just did the exercise and sent in.
  4. Prince Charles is isolating in Blamoral with Covid -19 Prince Andrew is in the Balmoral with Jennifer -14
  5. Think so, but don’t think it’d be an issue with petrol stations . did think the amount on contactless was abolished but there is a limit if a shop wants I think
  6. Seen that, Iceland are advertising the same too. petrol stations should bring back pump attendants, save everybody handling pumps , one person, say how much you want go in and pay contactless and get filled up by someone in gloves who’s the only person to touch that pump handle all day/ shift wouldn’t take much to maintain the 2 m distance and save 100 of different hands touching the pumps daily
  7. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/have-many-coronavirus-patients-died-italy/ I’m in the ‘‘this is serious” camp, worried sick it will turn out like Italy and Spain and have had rows with the usual “ flu kills more every year “ type folk for weeks, agree with the predictions this is going to get a lot worse , so, the above is posted more in hope and clutching at straws hoping it’s a true perspective , but this would lend a bit of weight to mounts side of the argument
  8. On an even weirder note, if Boris ever needed something to back track on Brexit , it’s this virus ...
  9. Fair enough , but we won’t be expecting many days over 28 in the near future either tbf and the nicer weather that’s coming here that is giving people hope of slowing it will be the same (ish ) as Spain now I’d imagine , so it probably won’t have any effect be hotter than that in some places it’s spreading though heres hoping those drugs do work and the antibody test kit they were also on about
  10. Heard the bit about malaria drugs and some other drugs, sounded positive, at least as a treatment stop gap until vaccine could be developed. but, genuine question on the weather issue that people bring up, if the nicer / warmer weather affected it, why would it be spreading so fast in countries that are having the type of weather we can expect, ie Italy and Spain are probably already having the temps now we will have on a nice period of weather and why is it spreading in Australia, South America etc ? just can’t get why it would be and always thought that it wasn’t the weather per se that caused colds and flu to spread but more that people were inside in closer proximity to each other in the cold weather ?
  11. Was thinking that myself on a serious note, though probably clutching at straws for any hope, but, the countries with the biggest number have a tradition of greeting each other with kisses , whereby we shake hands at the most and are more likely to just say “all reet dick head “ wonder if a lot of it transmitted this way
  12. Thornleigh 6th form, well year 12 at any rate, closed this morning. Got a text at about 7:30 saying not to come in
  13. Torn between the need to support the local, which I do every weekend and social responsibility not to be part of a gathering as “ advised” Last weekend I was in the “ it’ll be reet “ camp, even though it’s only Tuesday the events and escalation this week is edging me to think no stay in, as it’s the correct action That maybe because it’s freaking me out at the moment and by the weekend I’ll be gagging and think fuck it, but also, if we can’t follow advice then we can’t complain when they enforce it with draconian measures.
  14. Head mistress I know also said ready to close this Friday , a week before they would close anyway and stay closed a week after Easter , giving them 4 weeks off without 4 weeks worth of disruption she said this late last week mind before the new announcement last night
  15. Daughters club itself has made this decision to suspend all training and matches, league ok to play I think lads play in CPL , Bbdfl and Lancs Sunday which are all still on up to now, but can see tomorrow/ Sunday being last tbh as more things change
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