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  1. I know why you may say that from the mannerisms you may have encountered in each , but Dublin and it’s inhabitants are called “ west Brits” and “ Jack eens” by people outside of Dublin ,and Corks nickname , which it is proud of , is the “Rebel county”but in reality both are the same as anywhere else, mix of idiots and decent folk . Cork says it’s the real capital and Murphy’s is better than Guinness
  2. I’ve seen horses getting cleaned in the garage jet wash in Dublin , and tied up outside pubs like some Wild West saloon. there was a horse and trap race down the Naas Rd , which is similar to the East lancs rd . most of this will be travellers and horses are a big part of their way of life, hence the nick name “ knackers “ they are known by over there
  3. Fair enough, but I don’t think mounts did cite them for all the trouble, he said they’d caused too much , which is a fair assessment, from a perspectives of why the people wouldn’t want to re join the uk. there is a reason , in fact many different and complex reasons too why people wanted Ireland to be independent ( long before the IRA even was a thing) and it wasn’t because they felt they were being treated too well .
  4. Indeed , intrinsically linked for millennia , issues of politics, religion and subjugation only a relatively recent issue in the grand scheme of things.
  5. Lop sided? How come? I think it was a good reason as to why what he was saying was right , too much history, and very complex history and relationship, but would be genuinely interested in why you don’t think that ?
  6. Wouldn’t need change, Ireland is already represented on that flag by virtue of the St Patrick’s cross and on the Royal standard by the harp . not that I see re joining the uk as a possibility in a million years like , more likely the north leaving than that I’d say , but, who knows how the demographics will change over the years , but, there’s ready made flags for both eventualities in any case and there are some who would want closer ties to uk as an equal rather than to the Eu, that’s true , but re joining the uk won’t happen
  7. That’s brilliant. one thing though, the commentary is using metres per second and KM as measurements, even though America uses feet and miles. is that some international agreement/ standard so all use the same?
  8. Is that at the bottom of Bury Rd going into Bury ? Or maybe a different branch of the same outfit?
  9. If you like that, try this too https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/the-irishman/the-irishman-single-malt-irish-whiskey/
  10. Daughters graduation ceremony in July cancelled. bit of a pisser as thought it’d be going ahead with the progress made with vaccines etc and it was one thing I was looking forward to this year but got official notification tonight. not been in the uni for a year and doing everything on line in a rented house . Could’ve saved a fortune and done the last year at home , but realise it’s not just her so it is what it is
  11. Did dry January so there’s no way doing it for lent Will give up crisps, which I eat far too much of anyway .
  12. BBC stations are all on there , when you hover over a city , it gives the number of radio stations and a selection of all the names so you can click on any .
  13. Saw this earlier on Twitter Spent the last hour going around the world seeing what people are listening to in far off strange places
  14. Not decimalisation, but similar, some “interesting “views on the metric changeover from the time , including some that are still being heard today... Some people weren’t as clued up as they’d have you believe in the 70s
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