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  1. Not a big fan of it myself, love GAA sports though and particularly hurling think it has its routes in Gaelic football and rugby , from colony days, I know that in very olden days Gaelic football scoring was with the same 4 posts arrangements as in Aussie before the adoption of the H frame goals not even a fan of the compromise rules when a selection of GAA footballers play Australia in a mix match of the two sports to be honest , find it dull and forced . compromised rules of hurling and shinty, where Ireland play Scotland a little better but still no real interest
  2. That’s the same as the All Ireland then, So the delay in it starting this year probably allowed him to come home, still a nice gesture from his club to allow him to go and compete in another sport
  3. A Tyrone man, they are a very strong Gaelic football county. another recent was Colm O’Riordan, he got the approval from Sydney Swans to return to play For Tipperary in their Munster final. Their was a lot of historical significance around the match and they’ve received a lot of plaudits for their understanding. the all Ireland championships is running late this year ( Covid) so not sure if he would have been allowed if it was asked in the summer when it’s normally played, I’m not even sure when the AFL season is ?
  4. You play for your local club and if good enough play for the county . there are a few examples of people playing for counties they are not from, due to their work taking them to those counties , but no transfers between counties. It is very much local pride, from parish teams to the county. chris Kamara and Jeff Stelling did a good series on the GAA and how it works , worth checking out managers are slightly different, they can get contracts and managers have moved around but on the whole every fan and player at a match is from the same county, when a county is going well there
  5. I used to play hurling and Gaelic football. All the players you saw today are amateur, and all are from the county they represent. if anyone is over In Ireland and wants to attend a game, give me a shout on here , but also, if anyone’s in Manchester and wants to watch a game, Lancashire has a couple of good clubs competing v teams from all over and the county team do quite well against the lower ranked Irish counties , you can watch a decent standard match here without the need to go to Ireland
  6. Not disagreeing, but people ( not on here) are treating this as if it’s some brand new bypass of the UK It’s not, the option has always been there and depending on where your going / coming from depends the best route, but I agree that any delays they would encounter may sway more to go direct , however , if they were only going to Ireland anyway it doesn’t make much difference surely ?
  7. There have been direct routes between Europe and Ireland since time began. this one probably been added to allow another choice for those wanting to avoid any potential customs delays and costs etc the choice to go direct or via Britain will still be based on cost effectiveness as it is now and what happens in Britain’s ports to European traffic will determine that in part
  8. Halloween no worries as it was a festival here of old, it’s more revived than imported in one sense Baby showers absolute shite hate the way that’s become a thing . find people claiming to support American football teams a bit strange but each to their own thanksgiving is good solely for the fact it’s the basis of planes trains automobiles calling the Arndale or Trafford centre a “ mall” is another and probably comes from all the American kids tv shows in truth it’s been creeping in for ages, burger and fries for example. I worked with a bloke who would
  9. £26.50 on the YTS to their credit , I was also paid £18 directly by the company for working on Saturday mornings which felt like I was loaded on pay days the weeks I’d done a Saturday worked on Orlando bridge and the yard backed on to the footbridge over the lines , some good secure vantage points watching the going’s on on there as a young lad
  10. Saw someone in a wheelchair get stopped by security just outside Aldi yesterday, not sure how I felt about it, the bloke was outside the shop , the security guard came out and called him back , the bloke in the chair shouted” fuck off you I’ve not nicked owt “ now ordinarily I suppose there’d be a scuffle or an attempted detainment, I’m not sure even what powers store security have outside a shop to stop and search? But anyway, the security guard just grabbed the wheelchair handles , turned him around and pushed him back in the shop and started searching his bags, while another member of sta
  11. Cousin had it, 43 and hospital required due to trouble breathing and really weak but thankfully full recovery although still lethargic and a little run down. loads at work tested positive and know one ganger in the midlands in an induced coma daughter tested positive in a trial she’s doing for uni for a different type of test ( spit in a tube and get notified) , re tested the swab way and positive , she’s no symptoms, feels fine and is actually happy the spit test seemingly picked up the virus and gave the correct result
  12. Had them a couple of years ago. it amazed me where they got in , weak spot on a widow sil and into the cavity . the whole street in my side had them, probably due some old garages nearby getting knocked and cleared. once in they were fucking everywhere, Including neighbours houses , via wall cavity, kids coming screaming as they were in the wallnext to the bed scratching then under the bath via the gap in the floor board for the drain , stuff of nightmares basically if they can feel air on their whiskers they will gnaw through to the other side or try at least and whateve
  13. I was speaking to someone today, they are a project manager , her current project is ensuring logistics so majority of groups are vaccinated by end of Feb. “the next time you are in a football ground will be to get a jab from an army medic and there’ll be more people there than your used to being a Bolton fan “ was a response to my question of how are you going to manage that . just what I was told , I have no idea, be some operation that but seemingly large scale plans according to her.
  14. The van full of budgies is a nicer image ...
  15. Because it’s spread over a wider area ? God knows , theres aircraft mechanics on here who'd explain lift but don’t think their upward movement is by pressing air on the ground
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