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  1. Used to spend dinner times in the cattle market when I was an apprentice fitter, 2-3 pints, sausage egg and chips and back to fixing and operating plant machinery for the afternoon then back in at half 5 for another few. Was just the done thing and the cattle market was packed most dinner times with people from the surrounding workshops all doing the same . incredible really , this was in the mid 80s to early 90s , considering we now breathalyse people on random Monday mornings to make sure they’re not still under the influence from weekends, no one would dream of a pint at dinner or
  2. May have misunderstood your point but do you think the brexit reason given for the riots is about shortage of products? It’s nothing to do with products it’s the very check coming into NI from Britain, the so called sea border ,even if there was plenty of products coming in these riots would be going on because of these checks. there have been warnings of them for a while, workers threatened and everything for carrying out their work of checking lorries there will be loads of bored scallies joining in and loving it but it’s not boredom that caused it or spring , or a lack of products
  3. Along with the fact the police are actually using water cannons as often advised as a solution
  4. Had one recently, ordered something , got a genuine message/ notification saying Royal Mail will deliver it between 9. &. 2 track it here etc day before that date I got a text saying my Royal Mail delivery was £2 short of shipping and I’d have to pay or it would be returned and to click on this link to pay. didn’t click it but could see how someone panicking for a birthday present etc may do
  5. It is the perception or fear that that is happening due to the sea border that is a cause of these riots , along with the fact people didn’t get prosecuted under Covid laws for attending a funeral People riot there when they’re told to. they’ll stop when they’re told to too, but they won’t be told while Arlene seems to be intent on claiming the real criminals are Sinn Fein people who attended a funeral
  6. Tested 3 times in 12 years but tests are regular for some in more direct safety critical and on demand if any suspicion or if there is an accident. piss is temperature tested to stop people using “ before a session” samples or someone else’s ! refusing a test at our place is considered a positive result and dismissal will follow.
  7. Mentioned it before but my lads played Charnock in the LSL before at u18 and it’s a great set up, was really impressed and been to a few good ones in that league but they were stand out in my opinion
  8. Getting caught short with bad guts when working in Ainsdale an upside down road cone pushed into the sand between two dunes made for the most scenic and draughty bathroom I’ve ever been in
  9. It’s a more extreme version of the same differences that exist in the various Christian denominations . Religious imagery / statues more prevalent in a Catholic Church than in a Protestant church for example , but, there wouldn’t be uproar or protests outside a Protestant school in England if a teacher showed a statue of the Virgin Mary or a picture of the sacred heart to describe catholic practices. The protesters want fucking off and the school seemingly chucking their teacher under the bus through fear of upsetting them further are a disgrace
  10. My 8 yr old son asked me once:if the Big Bang created everything, what made the stuff that went bang. There must have been something created to create an explosion . Told him to go to bed
  11. Was one of the 660k today. Cap doffed to the staff and organisation at Breightmet fold medical centre, as it seems with other places, absolute clockwork
  12. The cow was actually further away
  13. Never sure if your posts are serious but know you’re intelligent enough to know most of that is both irrelevant and bollocks
  14. I understand why people don’t want to celebrate, but don’t understand the sheer anger towards it either ( by some) . I get the bemusement around people with no connections wearing Guinness hats and then not doing anything on St George’s day. theres a reason it’s a day at all and the fact landmarks around the world turn green I’m Irish, wouldn’t wear a Guinness hat for love or money, but do like the day ( in normal circumstances) but that’s for more the cultural and in particular sporting events that take place , though I have been known to get pissed while doing these too, but not f
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000t6ql Listened to this on R4 this morning. it’s very interesting on the governments thought process leading up to the outbreak. worth a listen if you’ve got time to kill, some good insights.
  16. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/petrineministry/acdc/brian-johnson/
  17. Thornleigh have a good test and trace system from what I’m seeing. tested before being allowed into class ( with negative) allocated a bar code specific to the pupil this must be scanned on entry on to the school bus and into class rooms anyone then testing positive in subsequent tests, their bar code becomes positive and any bar code that was on the same bus or class at the same time will need to isolate also . not sure if it’s just that school doing that or across the board but it’s certainly an effective system and better than last time they were all in.
  18. I know why you may say that from the mannerisms you may have encountered in each , but Dublin and it’s inhabitants are called “ west Brits” and “ Jack eens” by people outside of Dublin ,and Corks nickname , which it is proud of , is the “Rebel county”but in reality both are the same as anywhere else, mix of idiots and decent folk . Cork says it’s the real capital and Murphy’s is better than Guinness
  19. I’ve seen horses getting cleaned in the garage jet wash in Dublin , and tied up outside pubs like some Wild West saloon. there was a horse and trap race down the Naas Rd , which is similar to the East lancs rd . most of this will be travellers and horses are a big part of their way of life, hence the nick name “ knackers “ they are known by over there
  20. Fair enough, but I don’t think mounts did cite them for all the trouble, he said they’d caused too much , which is a fair assessment, from a perspectives of why the people wouldn’t want to re join the uk. there is a reason , in fact many different and complex reasons too why people wanted Ireland to be independent ( long before the IRA even was a thing) and it wasn’t because they felt they were being treated too well .
  21. Indeed , intrinsically linked for millennia , issues of politics, religion and subjugation only a relatively recent issue in the grand scheme of things.
  22. Lop sided? How come? I think it was a good reason as to why what he was saying was right , too much history, and very complex history and relationship, but would be genuinely interested in why you don’t think that ?
  23. Wouldn’t need change, Ireland is already represented on that flag by virtue of the St Patrick’s cross and on the Royal standard by the harp . not that I see re joining the uk as a possibility in a million years like , more likely the north leaving than that I’d say , but, who knows how the demographics will change over the years , but, there’s ready made flags for both eventualities in any case and there are some who would want closer ties to uk as an equal rather than to the Eu, that’s true , but re joining the uk won’t happen
  24. That’s brilliant. one thing though, the commentary is using metres per second and KM as measurements, even though America uses feet and miles. is that some international agreement/ standard so all use the same?
  25. Is that at the bottom of Bury Rd going into Bury ? Or maybe a different branch of the same outfit?
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