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  1. Gaz Nt

    Take Over

    I hope your culinary skills are better than your spelling. 🙄
  2. Gaz Nt

    Take Over

    This on scrambled eggs 👌
  3. Gaz Nt

    Take Over

    Fcuk sake. When is this ever going to end?!
  4. Gaz Nt

    Take Over

    Now Admin looks likely, will your lot be back in @Howardroark? Or hjave you hunch another party look first choice?
  5. Gaz Nt

    Take Over

    Are FV Howard's lot or the local company from Bolton with no history?
  6. Gaz Nt

    Take Over

    I've been away for a week and not been on so sorry if this has already been mentioned but has @Howardroark been on here in the last week regards his investors possibly raising their head again now Bassini's ruled out?
  7. Gaz Nt

    Take Over

    Looking at it from Bassini's perspective, why would you take over a club riddled with debt, rotten to the core and with a full re-build required from top to bottom if you didn't have the money to do it? He must surely have these fund's/resources, to like he said, 'get us to the Prem in 3 seasons' otherwise it doesn't make financial/business sense for him to take on this huge challenge ahead unless he think his targets are realistic?
  8. Gaz Nt

    Take Over

    So in a nutshell. We're fucked. RIP BWFC
  9. Incorrect. It would have said 'sent from Web App' That tweet has been sent from a desktop computer. Anyway, it was just an observation, Ken probably sent it from his bedroom.
  10. You'd assume being a 'critical' IT failure, the network itself would be pretty key to that.
  11. The tweet was sent via a computer at the stadium... on the broken network 👀
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