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  1. superjohnmcginlay

    King Ken

    Iles reporting Parky not had his bonus for keeping us up https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17273460.bolton-boss-phil-parkinson-still-waiting-for-safety-bonus/
  2. superjohnmcginlay

    Millwall away.

    All guns blazing 2-0 win
  3. superjohnmcginlay

    Tv Shows

    Finished season 2 of making a murderer, superb, Kathleen the clever mare. followed that with The Staircase equally as good, Started Evil Genius last night was surprised at seeing a head blow up early in.
  4. superjohnmcginlay


    Was a member at North Manchester only playing off 20 but the arrival of the two kids and cricket limited time to play these past few years, looking to have a knock knock over the winter.
  5. superjohnmcginlay

    Allardyce Investigation

  6. superjohnmcginlay

    Local Delicacies

    My grandma always treats me to chips and oxtail soup whenever I’m there, even. If I pop for a brew this concoction appears with a few rounds of warbies. Lovely.
  7. superjohnmcginlay

    Help With Mental Health Problems

    Thanks for posting the site, Having very recently lost my uncle to suicide, I havnt really been fully aware iof issues mental health and depression can cause. It’s a great ieebsite and one I’ll check in on frequently. Think the difficulty we have is trying to understand reasons when you can’t ever find out answers it’s such a difficult thing to deal with. More awareness the better,
  8. superjohnmcginlay


    Sorry it’s in the transfer thread.
  9. superjohnmcginlay


    Has left and Going to Sydney Good luck and thanks Ole Ole
  10. superjohnmcginlay

    Henley Regatta

    Very much so!
  11. superjohnmcginlay

    Henley Regatta

    It’s ace, lived in Henley for a couple of years, Highly recommend it
  12. superjohnmcginlay


    Any room? In if so
  13. superjohnmcginlay

    Firestick/ Kodi

    Cheers mate
  14. superjohnmcginlay

    Wanderers 0-1 Birmingham

    Must win Nothing less Must win Will win 2-0
  15. superjohnmcginlay

    Wanderers 1-0 Aston Villa

    Thats was a fantastic team display Every fucking one of them, Alf was immense Alnwick save, Henry had Grealish in his pocket Fucking ace that

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