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  1. Supposed to be at Lords on Friday the weather doesn’t look great!
  2. For 60 mins a great effort then tired, what stood out for me was the togetherness and sheer delight when we scored, it meant something. I know all goals do but they way they were celebrating was just different. And also just the feeling of the fans galvanising together. Get this take over sorted soon and I tell you what it’ll be a season to remember. What ever comes of it.
  3. Mad as fuck, this is whole thing is proper twilight zone
  4. Iamin Round the corner for me, medicine tap is a good pub. Cemetery Pub & Bamford Arms decent pre match and the Ratcliffe which is the one on the ground is also ok depending on how many we take then they have a one out one in queue.
  5. Having every man on the boundary to Smith just felt like accepting defeat, why didn’t Woakes bowl on the the Thursday morning at Edgbaston where he has been successful? Just niggly things like that suggest he’s not the best, Anderson being out takes a bit of the slack off him
  6. Bairstow and Moeen to drop out Roots captaincy is poor.
  7. That’s was a splendid innings from Smith.
  8. England team for first Ashes Test: Rory Burns, Jason Roy, Joe Root (c), Joe Denly, Jos Buttler, Ben Stokes, Jonny Bairstow, Moeen Ali, Chris Woakes, Stuart Broad, James Anderson.
  9. Hope Horwich beat Darwen on Sunday and are in the final at our place come September, warm welcome at the Crimble.
  10. 2007 I stumbled across the place as I was on the lookout for the old roadrunner videos to buy. Fell into the Burger King trap more than once early days of my tenure, Plenty of Fish Tales was a highlight, with them drawings of women especially the one with the drill 😂 There’s been some tremendous threads which have been mentioned which have just made me laugh at work and knowing of you tried explaining it to someone who doesn’t post on here they just wouldn’t get it. I rember going through a stage of being the first post a celebrity death and being the grim reaper for some reason. Think the first WWer I met or already knew was Satan as he sat in front of me where I used to sit and he ended bringing me a Nagra Chilli to one game, Met a lot of you through the years this place has brought me many laughs and also support when I’ve had a few bad times particularly when I lost me gramps, so a thanks to one and all and here to another 20 👍🏻
  11. Cheers Miami, Gonzo and Leyther. Is Mitte where it’s at then? looking for decent bars food etc and that for a couple of nights,
  12. Berlin.... best areas to stay please
  13. Aye, He was at yours wasn’t he? James Kettleborough I think will be the one for us this season
  14. Yip Daisy is a mess, had a long chat regarding the situation, we’ve got Faisal Iqbal as pro this year and we were talking about Daisy at weekend because his uncle is Javed Mianded who pro’d there in the 70’s. Its a shame the club I grew up and loved and still do is in the state it’s in. Hoping everyone has a good season in the Bolton league.
  15. It’s a mystery https://youtu.be/ae_z580HyEI
  16. Well that’s a nice feeling. Forgot what that was like. Well done lads today.
  17. I can always through some together for you, trancey pants and old skool
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