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  1. Aye, He was at yours wasn’t he? James Kettleborough I think will be the one for us this season
  2. Yip Daisy is a mess, had a long chat regarding the situation, we’ve got Faisal Iqbal as pro this year and we were talking about Daisy at weekend because his uncle is Javed Mianded who pro’d there in the 70’s. Its a shame the club I grew up and loved and still do is in the state it’s in. Hoping everyone has a good season in the Bolton league.
  3. It’s a mystery https://youtu.be/ae_z580HyEI
  4. Well that’s a nice feeling. Forgot what that was like. Well done lads today.
  5. I can always through some together for you, trancey pants and old skool
  6. Change of username needed?
  7. Just seen this on news, it’s awful truly awful. The poor girl. Utterly heartbreaking.
  8. Another shout for The Brewery Tap
  9. well that is a lovely thing
  10. Not a pleasant watch that.
  11. I am in, gym joined. Reckon I’ll last a week before I get bored.
  12. I’m at the stadium now, we got moved from the west to east for our course, that’s never happened before, there’s changes a foot I tell thee....
  13. 2-0 loss, takeover in pieces, pitchforks out, bedsheets out, frothing fans, no hot dogs left, steady rain, trains not running etc etc SJM ever the optimist *this post may be edited as the week develops
  14. Just read that. A bidding war!
  15. Just like Spider mentioned, fear it’s just been sold to be rid, i really hope it’s the green shoots of a new dawn.
  16. Blimey. There is nothing being done. No recruitment no initiatives to try to bring anyone into the club. It sure they even have clubmark. Its sad to see the demise of the place,
  17. Daisy is in a shocking state
  18. Chap who sits next to me whistles, And he doesn’t know he’s doing it. It’s bizarre.
  19. Fulham away when it was on a Sunday, travelled down on a the Saturday it was when it was the foot in mouth crisis. Managed to blag into this club saying we were farmers down for a protest. I couldnt move on that terrace it was cold I couldnt open my eyes without wanting to throw up
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