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  1. On the plus 500 app why does it suspend trading after a few days
  2. Just opened up a account. Registered for my free £20 if this then goes into profit can I cash it or do I have to invest too
  3. How degale can say he thought he won tonight is beyond me. I thought he got outclassed from the 5th round on
  4. Eubank Jr looked good tonight hopefully groves wins next Saturday and sets up the semis nicely. Think eubank will beat groves with ease
  5. Just started power can't believe I've not started this earlier great up to now
  6. Kevin bridges Micky Flanagan Jason manford Kevin hart
  7. Money matters.... shite don't bother
  8. aidybwfc


    Usual advice please looking at going in march and maybe watching a inter game while there. Grazie
  9. Just watched war dogs well worth a watch great film
  10. Kovalev for me on points. Be a good close fight someone's undefeated record going
  11. In number 18 there lives a big butch queen He's bigger than Tyson And he's twice as mean In 666 there lives a Mr Miller He's our local vicar And a serial killer
  12. Frankie gavin and Sam Eggington one of the best fights I've seen for a long time
  13. Some kid opening and building packs of lego in my house Evan I think he's called. Same as above many a time pulled the plug when he's on
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