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  1. I think there are only 6 matches per group. 3 match days with 2 games per match day. That nearly halves the number of spectators.
  2. Recently went to Paris with the missus. Stayed in a place called the Hotel Secret De Paris. A bit expensive but a decent hotel, there are good reviews on trip advisor. Booked via expedia. If you do go there the musee d'orsay room is good. It is near the Moulin Rouge and close to a couple of metro stations. Not the most celubrious of areas but seemed OK. The metro is excellent for getting around. If you go try a restaurant called La Relais de Venise (There is a website). No menu, just does steak with sauce and french fries. When we went we had to queue for 20 mins (no reservations) but it wa
  3. I thought Eden Lake was a bit poor. Might have been better if Shane Meadows had done it. Seemed to be set in the same area as where his films are set, but not a patch on Dead Mans Shoes. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a good one. Swedish with subtitles. There have been one or two good films from that part of the world recently. Another couple of recommendations: The Road (Read the book first though) Book of Eli Fifty Dead Men Walking A Prophet
  4. The problem is that United Utilities have spent bugger all on reservoir maintenance and clearing out the silt, hence less capacity. United utilities have 2 budgets, a "Q" budget which stands for quality works. They get recompensed from OFWAT if they spend money on this. The second budget is an "X" budget, which stands for maintenance works. They are expected to pay for this themselves. Guess which one they spend more on seeing as they are a private company that makes ?600 million profit. They should be put back under public control.
  5. I don't know whether there is something wrong with the online thing. I had a look at the price using the email address and password, intending to buy in the future as there are a few of us together. Didn't type in any card details, but got an email from them confirming the booking. Don't know whether I have bought them yet, but will have to check my credit card as that is what I used last year. When I bought them last year they charged me twice, sent a letter of apology and gave me a ?20.00 voucher.
  6. Amazing Grace or Abide With Me by Royal Dragoon Guards - something about the sound of bagpipes. Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd - Live version from Earls Court. Hurt, Bridge Over Troubled Water, or In My Life - Johnny Cash. Good Riddance - Green Day Hard Life - Bonnie Prince Billy. Into My Arms or The Weeping Song. - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. And for some reason the music on Transformers when the robots crash to earth.
  7. Just got back. Was sat in the City posh section. Hats off to the Wanderers fans, kept singing for 95mins. City fans, shite. I was impressed with Wilshere after the first few minutes, seemed to have a touch of class. The only problem was that some of the others weren't on the same wavelength as him. Will be interesting to see what he does with Weiss, Wilshere, M Davies and Lee. Maybe Weiss or Wilshere in a free role. From my view we seemed to set up as 3-5-2 at the start, but maybe mistaken, Robinson seemed to start further forward. And Robinson was poor, Coyle mustn't be impressed w
  8. Gartside said in the BEN tonight that we had played some great football recently. Bit of spin there methinks. He must be doing something right though for Eddie Davies to keep him in his position and to be fair to the guy we have had a good few years. Wouldn't like to have Hargreaves or his like back though. It is a bit strange though how quiet he has been for a while.
  9. Agree we do have the players in the squad who could do well. I think that any flair has been knocked out of them. That was what the original quote meant. I would mind us losing as much if we showed some attacking flair. We have 2 quick wingers. We have a good defensive midfielder who can cover for someone to go forward. The gap yesterday between the front players and midfield was enormous.
  10. Out - Some players with skill and flair. In - Honest hard working players who will put in "a good shift".
  11. Let The Right One In is a good un. In Swedish with subtitles. I think the Yanks are remaking it, but they will only cock it up like they did with Rec.
  12. As questioned in another thread, Gardner or Chungy, well why not both. Two wingers, now that would shock other teams I was really impressed with how positive Chungy was last night when he came on. Hope we look after him and get him into the league side gradually How much is Gary Cahill worth now? Quite funny at half time in extra time, some of the crowd were telling the players not to go to Megson, just in case he told them to defend.
  13. I am a bit torn between going and not. I have been to all the cup games since the move to the Reebok and enjoyed a lot of them as there is something good about a night match. However after Sunderland and Stoke I am wondering whether it will be a waste of an evening. I have never been so bored at a football match. Watching Horwich RMI in the 70s and 80s was better than this. However part of me thinks that Megson may have nothing to lose and may actually go with two wingers and 2 up front. The other part thinks that some may be rested and Robinson may be back in the team as a defensive left wi
  14. I am a bit disappointed with the prices, although at least the club has made some effort. I thought they could have gone below the ?300 mark for all seats and not really lost out with the amount of sky money they get.
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