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  1. Northy

    Old Firm

    Fenian loser..... No surrender.!!!
  2. Northy

    Old Firm

    you'll enjoy this. Norn Iron fans in Dublin sing , God save our Queen!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Dl3lPya_yE
  3. Northy

    Favourite 80's Record

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HU1vNjqpwUA As for the arsehole who said 80's music was shit, do me a favour and go wipe your arse you numb fuck.
  4. Ziggy's The Vic Vic Reform club Kings arms. Sally up steps. Arkwrights Chorley old road mafia boys.
  5. Northy

    Away Games

    Hartlepool away..freight rover trophy on a cold winters night.
  6. Northy

    70's Terrace Wars

    Not seen damper since i lent him ?20 about 6 years ago...I'll drop the money off at your dad's house he said. Surprised nobody has mentioned newcastle trip ..keegans first away match. throwing the henry's sign into the manny road north. fucking thousands of them.
  7. Northy

    Blazing Saddles

    Anymore beans mr Taggert :: :: :: The sheriff is a nigger :: classic old school film.
  8. Northy

    Away Grounds

    It was called the ''sir jack'' something stand. we was in the bottom tier, wolves mob was in the top tier.
  9. Northy

    Away Grounds

    Anyone remember our trip there in the 4th division? dirty black country bastards chucking cups of piss down on us. Sir Nat even made a complaint.
  10. Northy

    Fucking Traitors.

    This is true, many of those ''ITK mancs'' from another site say that the firm Bolton took that day is in the top 5 firms to ever visit the theater of wet dreams.
  11. Northy

    Fucking Traitors.

    Best moment for me was after the match about 20 of us were outside Mcari's chippy when about 30 manc scum came bouncing along and asked us ''where are Bolton'' we replied we are here. the fella who asked us, dropped his arse there and then and turned pale :: :: A kick up the arse and a slap around the chops soon had them on their way.
  12. Could be for any reason, a shitehole or it was moody. Oldham,always fucking freezing and situated in a complete shitehole. Vale park. always moody after a certain incident.
  13. Northy

    Play-Off Final

    Swansea for me. Had some good trips out down there in the late 80's.
  14. Northy

    Fucking Traitors.

    You still working with him?
  15. Northy

    Working On Football Grounds

    Stockport county. I used to work for ellenby construction in Horwich, the gaffer was one of the directors at county, so we got to do all the building work at the ground.

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