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  1. reebokvoice

    Mcginlay's V6

  2. reebokvoice

    10 Years Ago....

    T'was a great night....I remember a lovely Eastern European lady turning up in the PA Box about an hour before the game telling me that she was a UEFA interpreter and if I needed any help with pronunciations of the Plovdiv team she would gladly assist...(they had obviously heard that I was pretty crap at the job) Me not wanting to have a hard time with names, I sat her down next to me, gave her another microphone and I said "I'll do the Bolton Team love and you can announce the Plovdiv team along with substitutions if that's ok"....She did an excellent job and at the end of the game I asked her what part of Bulgaria did she live in.....to which she replied....."Bulgaria?.I live on the the flower estate near Townleys"...... We were both still laughing about it the morning after.....
  3. reebokvoice

    Bradshaw Beer Festival

    Bit late I know....but that is due to the fact that Micky D was recommending ales to me on Saturday night so it is his fault!!.....He also did a sterling job on the other side of the bar....serving instead of supping!! The band Radio Edit were on top form and it was a great atmosphere.....another good doo from BCC
  4. reebokvoice

    The Best Rip Off Tunes.

    What about this one that Beyoncé ripped off... http://youtu.be/hm2YjDENPPU?list=PL2F9508BCC93B42CF
  5. reebokvoice

    Would It Pass For Northern Soul Bolty ?

    This is one for Bolty.......memories... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1t823LIgpB0
  6. reebokvoice

    Facebook Buys What's App For £9.6 Billion

    Lot of money...but then again they now have a shit load of mobile phone numbers that they didn't have before....get ready for the onslaught of advertising to your phone even if you are not on faceache...
  7. reebokvoice

    Amanda Know

    They will never get her back to Italy...appeal...appeal....appeal....and the story will go on....Foxxy Knoxxy will die in Philadelphia....R.I.P.
  8. reebokvoice

    West Ham Vs Man City Tickets

    £1 for kids.....
  9. reebokvoice

    Should He Stay,or Should He Go ?

    Well said Frank..
  10. reebokvoice

    Im The D.j.

    .....that's probably why I used to play some shite at the Reebok!!.... Only because I was trying to cater for all tastes....horses for courses and all that stuff..you lot were (and still are) under the stands anyway!!....
  11. reebokvoice

    Im The D.j.

    "Love Shack" is for 40+ pissed up women who don't get out much...."Groove is in the Heart" normally appeals to folk who thought it was cool to take class B drugs and only ever remember the hook in it...and not much else. ...It is not about the music you play...it is about reading the crowd .....that's probably why I used to play some shite at the Reebok!!....
  12. reebokvoice

    Piss Pot Footballers

    Frank Worthington E.....shhhhhh.
  13. reebokvoice

    Piss Pot Footballers

    Frank Worthington.....shhhhhh.
  14. reebokvoice


    Has he got a suit?.....
  15. reebokvoice

    Int This Beltin...........

    Brilliant find Bolty "The fans would never exist without the football...and the football would never exist without the fans"..........

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