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  1. Thank you for that bit of information, I will have a look into that one.
  2. I don't want to have a go at the club, but I'm a student at Lancaster University, there is a direct train from Lancaster to Middlebrook, but the club just prices us out of tickets. Theres a few of us that try to go whenever we can afford it, but the club does nothing to help us. I know people get annoyed at students complaining we can't afford anything, but other clubs such as Wigan offer deals on tickets and travel through our university travel organisation which work out at reasonable affordable prices for students.
  3. Anyone seen anything of this left back?
  4. If the Croatian FA are to be believed he'll have a broken leg by christmas
  5. If the Croatian FA are to be believed he'll have a broken leg by christmas
  6. St.Annes, near enough blackpool, to be blackpool
  7. Back of our local paper has speculation that Blackpool are in talks over a loan move for Danny Shittu till the end of the season.
  8. Absolute Legend in my eyes! I am upset by the way the club has handled this! Its obviously hit him hard as well! Is there anyway the Wanderersways website can get a letter to him signed by us?? As we will never see him back at the reebok in Bolton white.
  9. Croatia, ......we lost out to the winners! no erm Italy but i think i will enjoy the sunshine instead of watching
  10. nooooooooooooo freddy Eastwood, i believe we were linked with him last summer 1.5 mill got to worth a punt although clint would give us some publicity
  11. Then i am sorry! was it that late! Something was tickling my mind about those dates
  12. Your favourite memory of Supporting Bolton? Mines personally my second game, it was 1997 and we were at home to huddlesfield, 1-2 down and Fransen Curling a freekick in to the top left corner in the 88th minute. to draw the game 2-2 my first game we lost 1-3 at home to crew Hopefully bring back some good memories
  13. Watched the game with a close friend of mine! Hes a United fan and yes Hes GAY!!! After seeing the big Elk miss and the sheer delight on his face which was from the Scum winning and that only, only made my HATRED of them worse!!! No Bolton fan should fan should be happy with them winning!
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