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  1. Has anyone mentioned the weather? A mate of ours moved from the lower to the upper because he was fed up of getting pissed wet through on rainy days and blinded by the sun on sunny days. Both of which don't happen when you're under the roof on the upper. I'm not sure what it's like in the lower but I know the upper is frequented by lots of people who are "getting on a bit" who don't like to get rained on.
  2. It's nothing to do with cost savings, according to the email... We have already received feedback from supporters with varying opinions of whether the club should relocate supporters from the upper tiers to the lower tiers in order to create a more compact atmosphere at future fixtures.
  3. Yeah, keeping East Upper would be better, close the other 3. What is wrong with that as a solution?
  4. The only way I can see this working - the people in the upper tier (like me) prefer the good view - we'll get this in Row Z of the lower tier, but these are probably already all taken by lower tier season tickets. They would have to have a clean slate and wipe ALL season ticket allocations including lower holders. Then give people choice of seat based on how long they have been a season ticket holder. I've had one 25 years - I should be able to decide to sit on the half way line at the back of the lower, even if someone is already there and has had a season ticket 3 years. Or
  5. Yeah, checked mine and it says I "bought" a season ticket on 9th September.
  6. Auto-renewal, that's all I wanted to hear, great. Although 7 months instead of 10 so I bet the monthly payments are a couple of quid higher than they were, happy with that, I've had 5 months off paying £44.
  7. Unfortunately, I'd like to be attending the UniBol not the Stadium of Light. My Oxford tickets say this! Each ticket has a single scan barcode\QR code admitting one entry to the Stadium of Light for the game purchased. Unauthorised duplication of any ticket will prevent your entry into the stadium.
  8. Ok, so a lower tier capacity of 15,742. We got more than that 7 times last time in League One. And with cheaper season tickets potentially on the horizon, could be exceeding that a lot this year. So can't see how they could close the uppers permanently.
  9. If anyone has more time than sense, you can go to the ticket website as though you are buying and click on every block and count the number of seats. Can still click on all the upper tiers even though they're greyed out. lower tier has 20 rows of seats all around. upper tier has 23 rows at the peak but less near the corners.
  10. Does anyone know what the capacity of just the lower tier is? Looking at pictures like this, seems to be far more seats in the upper but it's difficult to tell really. Assuming a 50/50 split, would give a capacity around 14000. Last time we were in L1 we hit 22000, 23000, ... https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/bolton-wanderers/attendances/2016-2017
  11. This tweet has caused a bit of an argument on twatter. Loads of people replying saying they should shut them this season. I really can't see that happening. If it did, then it would only be fair if the people who already had STs in the lower couldn't renew the same seat, otherwise all the uppers having to relocate would find the seats with the best views already taken. Would have to be a fresh allocation for everyone. BWFC Tickets @BWFC_Tickets Replying to @KevanLees At this stage, we're plann
  12. To be honest, the DD will be spread over 6/7 months this time rather than 10, so it could likely be a very similar monthly payment to what we've had before.
  13. Guess this means the Blackpool Sky game isn't covered, as that would be 18 games. Unless I've missed something - we've had 2 so far, 2 more in September, and Bury off. Out of 23 games leaves 18. Assuming Doncaster gets replayed - do we know that will happen?
  14. The administrators report said £10,000 had already been spent printing the season tickets. Probably means the cards already produced with the side with the picture on, and your personal details get stamped onto the other.
  15. One of advantage of selling ours later means we won't have to pay for the Bury game. Season ticket holders of all other L1 teams will have paid for that.
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