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  1. chrisw99


    Twitter gone into a bit of a mini-meltdown over this line in that article "he will be available to play for the Addicks immediately." when he was supposedly out for a month for us with a knee injury. I read it as meaning there's no paperwork issues preventing him from being a Charlton player immediately.
  2. Same old story - no season tickets, lower tiers only. I read on another forum we're only opening the lower tiers due to storm damage to the roof causing a few leaks all over the upper tiers, and due to the ownership issues, not been repaired yet. Any truth in that??
  3. chrisw99

    Take Over

    Whilst waiting for any real news here's something to chew on, our esteemed administrator was mentioned in Parliament during the CCFC admin.... Part of the club was put into administration seven months ago. The owners have repeatedly claimed, through solicitors and direct statements, that the company owed rent to the stadium but had no assets. Documentation has now come to light that shows that to be untrue. Since 1 June 1995, this company, now in liquidation, has owned the club’s rights, title, and assets, all its playing staff, its good will, and the right to play in the league. Why did the administrator, Mr Paul Appleton of David Rubin & Partners, fail to discover that? He claims that he spent thousands of hours conducting his investigation. He possesses the full powers of an officer of the court. He is supposed to have ability. He charges more than £300 an hour. Despite protests from bidders, creditors and me, as MP for the local area, he sold the company that was in his charge without finding out what he was selling, thereby ensuring that the owners were the successful bidders. I ask the Minister why those who put companies into administration are able to avoid scrutiny and loss, at the expense of creditors, by choosing their own administrator. Now the appalling error has come to light—let us call it an error—can we ensure that an independent liquidator is appointed to look at the situation in Coventry? https://hansard.parliament.uk/Commons/2013-10-22/debates/13102269000002/CoventryCityFootballClub
  4. chrisw99

    Take Over

    I hope you're right. Cue the administrator statement any time now....
  5. chrisw99

    Take Over

    Relevant or not, it's intriguing how they've just put it up as a breaking headline. Considering it was JT who got in first with their breaking headline this time last week, and had it 100% correct, made me sit up and take note...
  6. chrisw99

    Take Over

    Jewish Telegraph (who were the first to announce the Bassini thing last week before anyone else) , have just put this breaking news up... BREAKING: Laurence Bassini is closing in on purchasing Bolton Wanderers after a large number of creditors wrote to him saying they were unaware he was prepared to pay 100% of the debt. The JT's seen proof West Ham co-owner David Sullivan has underwritten £25m towards a takeover.
  7. chrisw99

    Take Over

    The Otzumer/MacGennis thing has worried me a little - if we were on the brink of completion, players now being paid, new regime caring about the club - it would probably be in his best interests to stay at least a few more days to see how things pan out. Worth a punt surely. The fact that they're still fucking off on the eve of this glorious new dawn.... do they know something we don't?
  8. chrisw99

    Take Over

    Starting to agree. 7 days ago since he posted this... Despite a long and hugely complex process of negotiation, we were finally on the brink of completion this afternoon when Bassini’s order was served. Our lawyers are now in conversation with Counsel in a bid to overturn the order immediately.
  9. chrisw99

    Take Over

    But that needs all the various signatories present in the room to sign the forms and shit like that. Could take days to get them all in the same room again...
  10. chrisw99

    Take Over

    You would like to think they've had 3 working days since he put in the court order to prepare what they would do in all the various outcomes, not think about it afterwards.
  11. chrisw99

    Take Over

    Switching from refreshing twitter to refreshing official BWFC news page, that's where their statement went up first last week
  12. chrisw99

    Take Over

    May not have legally stopped it, but if you were FV when Bassini made his case last week I think you'd probably want to know what was happening..
  13. chrisw99

    Take Over

    Bassini had an injunction to stop the sale of the club. That has been overturned. The adjournment is now personal, Bassini vs Anderson. Nowt to do with BWFC anymore. (Disclaimer: at least that's what I think...)
  14. chrisw99

    Take Over

    Right, they were within an hour of completion according to Appleton last week. Plenty of time to get it done today.
  15. chrisw99

    Take Over

    It won. Good omen? Won me 60p anyway.
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