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  1. Happy birthdat pal hope to see you again soon from Duncan, Deb, Chelsey and Brandon

  2. I predict Nolan, will be anonymous in Midfield tomorrow. In fact some of the fans will think he is not even on the pitch (where are others will be shouting at Gardner telling "Nolan" to pass the ball)!
  3. I hope you are not "grabbing" and missing the away
  4. I am not going again whilst "Mugson" is in charge
  5. Come on Traf me and you know he's a grade 1...... Its a good job we have this private message facility!
  6. Yeah!! Come on mods get this Zozzy character banned!!
  7. I would still have had Stelios on our bench coming on if we need a goal in a game. For the wages he would have demanded, I think this was one of Megson's poorer decisions
  8. I would say Cahill is the obvious one. His fee must have increased since signing for us meaning he would fetch the most in the transfer market. A potential England International with Age on his side
  9. Apologies if this is elsewhere but I cant see anything..... Have the club announced any new Fanzone dates? Are they continuing with this? If so is it available for the Liverpool match (opening times also as its a early kickoff if you will be kind)
  10. A high tempo is what entertains me. I dont have delusions of grandeur expecting Ronaldo esk dribbles from our players, however someone chasing down pressing play either by closing down the opposition or forcing the away team to sit on the edge of there box, whilst we have men picking up the 2nd ball or knock downs is what I do want. Even if that means an occassional big boot I get my entertainment from chances, saves, shots and most importantley goals. Not from the back four and midfield fannying around with the ball for 40 odd passes to reach the half way line. I dont celebrate and enjoy a wonderful 30-40 passing move from one end of the field to end in a wonderful save from the keeper like I celebrated and enjoyed Dunne's own goal.
  11. I think its a reference to the bomfire thread and the use of LH instead of Little Hulton
  12. The three teams that were bottom of the league going into their fixtures across the weekend all won!! Spurs Us Toon Just goes to show how tight this league is and will be come the end of the season
  13. There was a number of times under Fat Sam as well, where Nolan was out and the team didnt quiet click. No one could put their finger on what he offered to the team other than the odd goal, but we were much better with him in it. I though he had a good game on Sunday, and drove the team forward when ever possible, meaning Davies wasnt isolated like Elmander has found himself so far
  14. Must have been to mark his 400th appearance then
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