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  1. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    They judged it was right to put it to a referendum. Voted for it in the HoC.
  2. Tonge moor green jacket


    Pochetino the favourite. That won't go down well in a new stadium.
  3. Tonge moor green jacket

    Todays Games

    Great idea this. Do it Ken.
  4. Tonge moor green jacket

    Recent Filums I've Watched

    Can see your point there. Not massive amounts of action, and what there was highlighted the horror of it all. Refreshing change to normalisation of killing and choreographed shooting.
  5. Tonge moor green jacket


    Certainly had his zenith.
  6. Tonge moor green jacket


    JM could afford to buy out Ken, let alone work for him!
  7. Tonge moor green jacket


    Big Sam as director of football; Phil Brown as manager/coach.
  8. Tonge moor green jacket

    Recent Filums I've Watched

    Watched eye in the sky last night. Very thought provoking; lots of moral dilemmas.
  9. Tonge moor green jacket

    Terror Attacks

    Does no one ever get nobbled when the bullets fall back down?
  10. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    None of that matters apparently. Hungary pushing back significantly, perhaps too much, and is getting heated. The EU seems oblivious or too self righteous to acknowledge major issues. More civil unrest seems inevitable, sadly.
  11. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    No one has said that. They should stop hiding and say what they really believe. Then stop agitating in the back ground and get behind achieving a suitable deal or butt out and leave the discussions to those with a genuine interest in sorting it out. I heard something recently about Blair, that if true, would render him one of the last people entitled to comment. I'm not going to divulge, as it was made with no evidence to support it. Alas that evidence won't be available until we're all dead.
  12. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    You're right birch, though I'm getting a tad pissed off with these ex MPs and indeed some current ones. Just wish they had the balls to admit they want to prevent brexit. Might have more respect for them if said they would refrain from involvement in the process as they don't believe in it, but wouldn't actively work to prevent it. This shite about following the will of constituents; despite the fact it was a free cross party vote on a non constituency basis. Utter drivel, fuck off the lot of them.
  13. Tonge moor green jacket

    SPOTY 2018

    Maybe we need an asthmatics division separate from the main group.
  14. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    Yes there are, however they're better dressed than jc so won't count.
  15. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    Sadly, too few Tories are. Otherwise the mess in parliament wouldn't exist.

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