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  1. Tonge moor green jacket

    Politics - Not Interested, Dont Look

    Two drones flew over my house the other day, and I've seen likewise on the box; police using them. Just hope they're not Chinese.
  2. Tonge moor green jacket

    Sunday Blues

    Likewise yesterday. Great Saturday, then a wank Sunday. Was hoping a Hamilton win would be a boon, but I'll have to wait now.
  3. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    By the time of the next election, brexit will have happened, and transition will be underway. JC's latest vote winner of backing a people's vote will be dust. Be interesting to see just what their manifesto is then.
  4. Tonge moor green jacket


    I'll go for 4 changes.
  5. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    The evidence I've seen is that we already import far too much shat from China. Just looked at a multi tool in Aldi. Put it back as it was Chinese. As discussed earlier, I try to avoid stuff like that as I've found it generally crap.
  6. Tonge moor green jacket

    This Weather.....

    You've done well there. My neighbour patched his a week or two back and it has done well too. Just wait for Gonzo's cold snap to ruin it!
  7. Tonge moor green jacket

    Todays Games

    Aguerro's miss? Comparable to any we've listed recently.
  8. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    Welcome pragmatism.
  9. Tonge moor green jacket

    Saudi Consulate Disappearance

    Malc, I thought the war was against Iran-backed rebels in yemen. Not against it?
  10. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    Farage acknowledged it wasn't accurate before the referendum. The more realistic figure of around £180m was then talked about. That not withstanding, the majority still voted out. Albeit that plenty of bollocks was bandied about, there was still plenty of information available for folk to make a reasonable judgement.
  11. Tonge moor green jacket

    This Weather.....

    Whatever it's going to be, the weather has been tremendous these last three days or so. Incredible sunsets, and working in a t-shirt in the second half of October. Tree pruning earlier with a right sweat on.
  12. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    Indeed, all crystal balls seem to come with a free remoaner. They interviewed a woman on the march earlier. She was born in 1982 and claimed to be more European than British in some ways. More utter bollocks flowed. It'll be on the news again later. Perhaps it was the test fracking, but it seems we've been floated away from the rest of the continent, and the end is nigh. Glad I picked a few bags full of apples earlier, it seems we're going to need them.
  13. Tonge moor green jacket

    Best and worst of the last 30 years

    Henshaw was ok for me.
  14. Tonge moor green jacket


    Great finish that.
  15. Tonge moor green jacket

    Parents Who Lie About Their Kids For Likes And Retweets Etc

    Rub it with a man size tissue.

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