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  1. Sorry mate, but can't agree. Shit happens, sometimes it affects us personally and it then seems worse. Doesn't mean its necessarily wrong. Fwiw, if the over 50s do end up being locked down, I'll follow the rules and will be totally fucked by it financially. However, there's an argument that if individuals had followed the rules in the first place (muzzies or not) we wouldn't be here. I've no intention of following the 'lead' of these cunts.
  2. Aye, but it's par for the course unfortunately.
  3. From the comments after, I'm not sure that pirelli won't make some changes to the plan for next week.
  4. Why is it lucky? I reckon all those who's tyres failed at the end were unlucky! Hamilton it could be argued illustrated his superiority by getting further on them than the others. Frankly, pirelli have some work to do, no point supplying a product that can't do what its supposed to do on the fastest cars.
  5. Have they changed the name of Newcastle brown ale yet?
  6. Our crowds now are much higher than last time we were in this sort of position. Get it right on the pitch and they'll come.
  7. pineapple on pizza is a must. Perfect balance for ham and mushroom. Or for those liking a vegetarian option. Just as it is with gammon, but should be accompanied with an egg. ALL eateries should by law, have to offer both egg AND pineapple as accompaniment to gammon, and not one or the other.
  8. Well said. Could do with strapping a number of others to her and perhaps use the top of the pyramids as a staring point.
  9. What an amazing end to the race. Never seen anything like that. Well done Lewis for keeping a cool head.
  10. Proper presenter. Sound bloke seemingly. Always enjoyed his work and will be a difficult act to follow. All the best for the future JW.
  11. He looked fucked towards the end of the season. Burned out. Probably be at another club in a week!
  12. Absolutely. Completely unhelpful. Seem to remember one officer going home from hospital after being on a ventilator and very poorly for some time. No doubt been a number with the virus, which will have reduced operational numbers, and could be a number with ongoing health problems. Another twatter article serving no purpose other than cock waving.
  13. Aye. 28th I think. Can't remember exactly, but don't think they are there every day neither. Anticipated to be doing a mixture of homeworking and schooling. Not enough resources to meet social distancing requirements. Presumably, plenty of other schools in a similar situation.
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