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Tonge moor green jacket

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  1. Tonge moor green jacket

    Sweaty Ken

    A gutsy post. You've paid your dues, seen the light, now come along and watch the whites.
  2. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    If the backstop goes, I reckon it will pass relatively comfortably. The extreme alternatives will focus some minds.
  3. Tonge moor green jacket

    Transfer Gossip

    Let's be honest, no striker is likely to profit from our levels of creativity. Be interesting to see if another is brought in, and how well he does.
  4. Tonge moor green jacket

    Sweaty Ken

  5. Tonge moor green jacket

    Sweaty Ken

    That's a big lump to fall over now.
  6. Tonge moor green jacket

    WBA home

    Strangely, I was less concerned by this, alleged remark; I've said worse in the heat of the moment. And if it was a discussion with someone who likes to thrust his meat free ways into your face, well...
  7. Tonge moor green jacket

    Transfer Gossip

    Vince said not. Possible I suppose, but presumably that would depend to some extent upon how Doidge felt.
  8. Tonge moor green jacket

    WBA home

    I agree with that, but it's not what I was getting at. Anyway, we're not going to change our opinions of him, so we'll both have to cling to the hope that we manage to get through, and gradually turn the corner.
  9. Tonge moor green jacket

    WBA home

    That's not the issue most folk have with him is it (obviously he'll never win them all), it's his methods/behaviour. Personally, I'd also like him to give us an idea (very approximate) of when he sees us starting to achieve this living within our means. Never seems to be an end to the strife.
  10. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    We'll have to agree to differ on the first part. It's the mechanism by which we leave and the foundations going forward. True enough the backstop is an issue, but if it ( arrangement)was temporary then there wouldn't be so much strife surely? Obviously trade arrangements still to be made, but as we know that can't happen until whatever deal is enshrined in law.
  11. Tonge moor green jacket

    WBA home

    We all know what happens to them though...
  12. Tonge moor green jacket

    Sweaty Ken

    True enough. Fucking madness.
  13. Tonge moor green jacket

    In Or Out Again

    May's deal isn't a transition deal. A transition period is there to facilitate the implementation of whatever deal is agreed. Once agreed, it becomes law. The only way a future government could change that is by further legislation, which it could push for if it chose. All that said, whatever deal is agreed, if it at some point started to become unfavourable, then new agreements would, potentially be easier, because we wouldn't have to leave again first.
  14. Tonge moor green jacket

    Todays Games

    Never heard of him.
  15. Tonge moor green jacket

    Annual weightloss/get fit thread

    Yep. Annual blood tests recently showed I needed to up my good cholesterol. So I have started to modify what I eat; but it doesn't entail buying a book, or some such. Just common sense.

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