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  1. Booo. Let's have a few days positivity, before it goes to shit again.
  2. Considering the fact that it was commonly accepted it wouldn't be particularly quick or easy by virtually all on here, then clearly I've not been duped. As I suspected, it has been made a whole lot more difficult because too many folk were offended by the result, and can't accept it. So they make it more difficult than it needs to be. Go back and read the article that bd posted a link to ages ago. The one where the EU guy warned about playing politics. As has come to fruition, both here and across the water. As for the future trade deal, it's not started, don't know when they will, and we don't know who is going to be involved in the discussions. Hopefully they'll have learned from a hard lesson. One thing is for sure; elitist, unaccepting know alls need to keep well away, and leave it to the more open minded, pragmatists, with an eye for future opportunity, not looking over their shoulder into the past.
  3. That is, in essence the problem isn't it. Is there a deal that would command a majority? Doubt it. On that basis, sooner or later someone's deal would have to be excepted. They could delay it for a couple of years, let labour have a go, who then have to immediately change tack, then eventually come back. At that point, it would be rejected and more time wasted. If MPs really don't want no deal, then some of them will have to swallow their pride and vote for one.
  4. I'm putting a banana in the fridge. Just in case we run out.
  5. And the personnel are potentially going to be driving lorries. Not exactly 'troops on the streets' and the doomsday scenario.
  6. You'd have to check with those who were talking last week. I didn't catch it properly as I said. However such is the lack of clarity, honesty and believability from parliament, I'm inclined to listen to the only people who have a desire and a mechanism for no deal. Might be bollocks, but those who say it is are making a fucking tremendous job of ensuring that the bollocks actually come to fruition. The gloves are completely off now, and anything is possible.
  7. God knows. I'd switched off a bit by then. Maybe, but no one discredited the comments. Are you sure it's not possible, or are you choosing to disbelieve something that might not be what you want. As I've already said, I wasn't fully listening when the comments were made, so you may be right, but perhaps it may be useful to revisit them, if no deal is about to happen. Or we can all just jump off a cliff as the end is nigh.
  8. Well, I have just cleaned my windows with my tongue, and had an hors d'oeuvre of live swordTAILS.
  9. The comments from the erg etc last week were of a managed no deal, I can t remember the details, but in essence there's the ability to leave, carry on with things (trade etc) pretty much as they are and then sort a trade deal out. Not sure it would be the complete crash, especially given the preparation both sides have made so far. Guess we'll see.
  10. A British made biscuit, lavishly coated in chocolate, with strong flavours of freedom.
  11. On BBC parliament now. They're offering May 22nd. I'm confused.
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