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  1. Who made arrangements for these friendlies? With no owners, players and not really functioning, it seems a tad hopeful.
  2. That's along the lines of what was brought back to be voted on, and they kicked it out. Technical arrangement discussions were proposed to start immediately, and separate from the trade negotiations. It was a bit wishy washy and didn't fly. Something a bit more concrete I reckon would get through.
  3. Given the parlous state of the Iranian economy, they may struggle to manage in a prolonged conflict. Obviously they've got oil and fuel, but low on other things. Interesting to note some of the crew on board these two tankers grabbed by the Iranians are Russian. Might complicate things a bit.
  4. Attack! Sink a few of their shitty little speed/gun boats. They'll soon back off.
  5. That's why stronger ownership rules need to happen.
  6. It would, but it doesn't address the real issue: clubs overspending.
  7. I'm sure Paddy could move him away from the dark side.
  8. Danny Boyle was on top gear last week. Why didn't Paddy have a word with him to get a local consortium of wealthy individuals together.
  9. Nah. The game will change and cut its cloth accordingly. Possible some one goes bust, but they will change out of necessity. Maybe a change in culture to offer a broader matchday experience, to attract younger fans, but it's not fan numbers that is really the issue, it's spending beyond means to players.
  10. If some players have already walked for not being paid, are the administrators in a position to say no to these others.
  11. Who would agree it? What authority? A very murky place you're into there.
  12. Depends upon time frame. Not initially, no. Beyond that, it's up to government and people to knuckle down and take whatever opportunities arise.
  13. Find it difficult to give too much of a fuck to be honest. Can't do anything about it, apart from winning £100m+. If the worst happened, in all honesty, I wouldn't get involved in any efforts to get a new club going. Yes, I'd watch once it was up and running, but that's it. Just can't get too worked up over it.
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