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  1. Right at the beginning, you may remember Chris Whitty explaining the principles of coming out of lockdown. It was about a bit here and a bit there. Bit like 'marginal gains' in cycling. As they do it, and learn from what works, that informs policy. Balance that with the economy and its a tough gig. We're no exception as a nation, but the ones with a population that respect the situation and do their bit, are the ones that will come out of it quicker. Or have a savagely authoritarian regime that cares less for its people's rights. I have a lot of sympathy for teachers as Swa
  2. Here you go https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36355564 Another set of lies that Mick no doubt chose to believe.
  3. Not one bit. Old news, as old as the hills. They all do it, always have and always will. Plenty of examples on here over the years from all persuasions. Certainly not going to lose sleep over it, and you won't be neither, in fact given your continual disdain for all things politics and personal attacks on them, I'd suggest your gripes are a bit faux. Make your judgement at the ballot box.
  4. And? Politician in telling lies shocker. He'll certainly not be taking lectures off, or being bothered by her.
  5. We saw some graphs yesterday which showed cases by age group. Can't remember for sure, but I think it was either Bolton or northwest as a whole that showed younger age groups not going up as quickly, whereas slightly older group starting to catch up. Would imagine that's the sort of thing that rings alarm bells. More potential for admissions and deaths.
  6. Aye. Cant stop them. Thats what I mean about the position it puts family in. If one cops for it, she'll still feel terrible and maybe even guilty, irrespective of whether she should or not.
  7. Some merits to this. I do sometimes wonder if they consider the impact their action could have on the poor buggers who have to treat them then hold their hand as they die. And family members. Very difficult situation though.
  8. How the hell does he know? Only had them for a few days. OK sage arent quite so sure of the effectiveness, but their recommendations are also, out of necessity, caveated as their primary focus in on the virus, as it should be. None of us know yet as to the potential effectiveness.
  9. Unfortunately, we dont know that for sure. Perhaps more effective at slowing rates initially, so long as full compliance. But longer term, no one knows. An alternate view is live with some degree of restriction but have a semblance of normality. Majority of countries are going the local route (certainly initially), and there must be a reason for it. Weirdly, I've got a slight feeling that mask wearing and requisite measures are actually starting to rise a little. Was in a place yesterday and a chap didn't have his covering his nose. Staff member firmly told him to pull it
  10. Just seen some civil disturbances in Nigeria. Arsenal shirt immediately on view. Perhaps time they just did one.
  11. In fairness, all measures do that. Until vaccine or effective cure that's what we'll have.
  12. How many months would a full lockdown need? Bolton's figures did fall when we had our strict measures, so tier 3 can work. As can tier 1 or 2 in relevant areas. Comply and come out, dont and stay in. If tier 3 isn't sufficient then maybe a full local lockdown and no leaving of the area. No need to make people elsewhere suffer, because we've got more than our fair share of twats. Wales government getting absolute daggers from low case areas. Its the choice of each nation to do what's best for themselves ultimately. However, localised systems are the preferred method g
  13. Maybe the virus is too widespread to use a local system? Thats where we were previously. If our local system isn't respected, that's where we'll end up. But it won't be the fault of folk not doing their bit of course.
  14. All deals are going to be predominantly based around what has been agreed in places like lancs and Liverpool. Not going to start bumping it up. The main premise for the tier 3 is rising cases and hospital admissions, accept and present the business case/formulae. SY wouldn't have agreed a minimal package not in-line with other areas would they. A far more amenable, professional approach by all.
  15. Not accurate though. Only the first part is based per head. £8. This is for testing, enforcement etc, ie virus tackling. The rest is for business top ups, and isnt based per head, but more on the type of business and number.
  16. You're not exactly quick at answering questions yourself though... As for AB of course he was doing the negotiation: it is his job as part of devolution for England. No issues with him trying to get what he can, but his methodology was poor, and success even less. Quite sure no local leaders like are overly enamoured with their packages, but they have done so elsewhere, in the full recognition that tier 3 is coming, achieving agreement quietly and quickly.
  17. Didn't bother following it. Think it was definitely the right move. Those that watched it- is it worth giving young Riley a go?
  18. I agree. That said, there would have been howls of derision from the same people if they'd done that. Cant blame them for trying to get cooperation, but its not worked.
  19. Yes. Some difference in belief of how many businesses and their type are around and amount needed apparently. Gets to the point of "ever decreasing circles", as they go into minutae. All a bit daft. We should have been sorted and on with it a week ago.
  20. So might 60 million? Be honest, neither of us know the fine detail of how much exactly would represent an equivalent. It seems discussions are still ongoing, so hopefully the extra money will be on its way soon.
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