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  1. His points were answered hundreds of pages back, numerous times. He could read back if he wanted. But hey, why bother- same applies to you and many others too- folk answer and you still trip out the same moans. Same old tired shit from a large number of remain voters. Like a bunch of spoiled brats threatening to take their ball home.
  2. Agree. We had a new defence on Saturday and faired no better. Need to get stronger all over and that will take pressure off the defence. Especially once Hill's attacking ethos takes effect.
  3. A couple of cases of decent wine will sort juncker. Can wash his lunch of snails, salmon and cheese down.
  4. Archer could do a lot of damage on pacy wickets down under. Keep working on consistency, and we could have a cracker.
  5. Why do you keep coming on then? The likes of Biggish have a life beyond work, and perhaps just enjoy a bit of banter and a beer. Don't need to present in depth analyses of things, as maybe they're not that arsed. Find another place that's more in tune to your sensitivities.
  6. Wasn't there, so can't comment. We have gone from two young inexperienced centre halves to old, experienced ones, with similar results. Perhaps it's an issues further up; midfield needs to be stronger and lads up top keep hold of it for longer. We'll see soon enough.
  7. Blimey, that's one way of producing extra pork for butties.
  8. Burns has been pleasing. Not player of series, but quietly shown real promise. Long term, we may have got a new opener. Good fielder too, and shown good body language, and a cool temperament.
  9. Chewing spiggy like that was just plain bad manners. No excuse, nothing to do with the club's current plight. In fairness it's not just him, it's a bugbear of mine. The rest I'll agree with.
  10. Spooky. Thank fuck she wasn't christened Boeing.
  11. Went everywhere today. 166km, that's some bloody bike ride.
  12. Message to Mr Hill, please stop chewing gum whilst being interviewed- bad form. Other than that, bring on Tuesday.
  13. Proven to be beneficial is the utterance of the odd expletive. Twat. Feels great.😃
  14. Sedum. Recently been re classified. But still a sedum.
  15. One of my strongest memories of her was a comment "what's the point of going out with a fella, if he can't sup 8 pints" - that would have done for me😂 Loved a drink, didn't necessarily take prisoners, and spirited as owt.
  16. She did mate. Lived a right full life, all over the world, around 200 turned out. Proper pass, didn't see her too much to be honest (such is the way with families)but her fella is a right sound chap.
  17. Win this tomorrow. 1-0 or 2-1 with a late winner.
  18. Vaguely, heard something on the radio a bit back. Sri Lanka could top it easily by not really doing anything was the gist of it iirc.
  19. Wasn't for Warner either was it? Shame😀
  20. A bit of a self indulgent post, but nevertheless important. This club has been a large part of the lives of a number of my family members for many years. Today we said a final farewell to my cousin, and went back to the club afterwards. What a fantastic place, and great people; can see why it holds such a strong place in their hearts. A thank you to one and all there, top effort all round.
  21. I reckon that's roughly the position of most moderates, possibly on both sides. It's unfortunate though, that a number are quite clear in their opposition to leaving. Would have been out ages ago. As has been commonly stated, removing the option of no deal hardly helps, especially when a weak deal, increases the likelihood of it not passing etc. It's a unique situation, and one that will only satisfy a proportion of folk whatever the outcome. For me, as the vote was only in or out, whichever way of leaving is ultimately adopted, I will fully support. Flaws with both? Very probably. A complete disaster? Certainly not.
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