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  1. A possible summer activity there to replace cricket and the Olympics. Frog pissing from bridges. Points awarded: 5 for moving the stream to hit the fucker, and a bonus 5 if the initial drops hit first time.
  2. Fucking hell, he promised nothing other than to speak to a colleague and look into it. Seems to have pissed off number 10 too. Place is going mad.
  3. Well fuck me. That's so tangential I'm glad I got whooshed. Where the fuck do such things come from- surely a hearty plastic job would be more practical as it won't absorb any fluids from the floor!
  4. Very good that. Decent sized garden with a newish fence too.
  5. Always take one or two- or rather the missus does. Usually packed with books that don't get read or some such.
  6. Bang on. Sadly, this is the one aspect that seems to have gone under the radar in all this. Not for one moment do I think he did the right thing, but you wouldn't want your kid having to see this continually whilst stuck in for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, it's now getting worse, so it's probably backfired. Dunno why he doesn't just fuck it off, go back north and write his memoirs.
  7. I'll be glad when everyone starts to piss off abroad or go to the effluent coast for a day out. Get local paths quiet again and free up summers for sporting events and quiet cottages in leafy lanes.
  8. Can't see how he can get away with it. Even if the furore dies down now, come election time, sir kier will be ramping it up. 30 or so conservative back benchers signing a letter too, in addition to a resignation. These won't forget neither, especially if they have a fairly narrow majority. Bald man walking I reckon. Don't know why he'd want to stay neither. All those non distancing, hypocritical poisonous cunts outside his house with placards etc- must come a point when he thinks, fuck that for a game of soldiers.
  9. My neighbour was telling me about him earlier; as a kid he and his mates would cycle past his house shouting super cooper. Would need grapling irons and megaphone to do that now. RIP.
  10. Most certainly not. She's rather nice. As is the actress Jo Joyner.
  11. Don't forget going for a 60 mile round trip test drive. Biggest twattism of the lot for me. Still stick by my prediction he'll be gone by the weekend.
  12. No, but I reckon our Amir might. Since I've had to start wearing specs, I have found myself on occasions, doing a number plate read like they do on your driving test.
  13. As I said- you could be correct. Did you miss that bit? However, making something up which is arguably a worse action isn't the brightest thing to do, is it? I also know the area fairly well- it's one of the finest areas of England and is quite easy to get away from crowds and find a quiet beauty spot, which he will know, so again if his aim was to go for a jolly, then why go one of the biggest places around? I reckon he probably was being truthful; but that then casts doubt on his attitude and approach to his recovery and getting back to work. Cuntish in fact. And he should still go.
  14. That's not correct. He didn't inform the pm before going. Only some time later once there. He did suggest that reporters could use phone records and CCTV to check his movements- which no doubt some will- so his tale is plausible. However, it's not justified.
  15. I believe he's a fucking idiot for going out at all. If he/she weren't convinced he was yet safe, he should have stayed home. At best, have a quick half mile down a quiet lane near the farm. For me, this is arguably worse than his initial trip. If you're fishing for angle that he was just out for a jolly, then you could be correct, who knows- though a quick mooch whilst your kid has a piss is hardly a whale of a time. Would have been better staying at the farm and having another walk in the private woods. So having considered his explanation and an alternative, then yes it may well be a case of truth being stranger than fiction.
  16. See, you reckon he was lying. I don't. He's made a bit of an issue for himself by doing so; driving whilst visually impaired for a start. Some of the detail shows him to have been a cock on more than one occasion. This will follow him about. Moreover, if it was lies, it will be found out and he'll be totally fucked. I saw it as an attempt to make his own life and that of his paymasters easier. Time will tell if it works.
  17. Not seen what his wife wrote, but it would look really suspicious if they were very closely matched.
  18. He said his lad was negative didn't he? Possible they all had some bug or other, though also highly possible he did have it and other 2 didn't.
  19. Really? I'd say he's incredibly strong minded- most folk would have fucked it off ages ago. Certainly a couple of strange bits in the whole story.
  20. Asking the same thing time and again. Tedious.
  21. Already was. He's trying to sort that out, but it might not be working. And the reporters need to learn that it's Barnard Castle, not castle Barnard. Or 'Barny' to some of the locals.
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