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  1. The point is they've already saved £20, and potentially, the regular descale and polish would help prevent further action as would repeated advice. In addition, time lost from work and apparent numbers presenting at a&e all have an effect on productivity at work and time lost by NHS a&e staff. I can certainly see the potential of it and reckon it might well be worth exploring. Should it not yield improved dental health and cost savings down the line, then it could be let go.
  2. What do folk think of labour's free dental check-up ideas? For me, one of the spending ideas that does make sense. A possible investment into prevention that may pay off later on.
  3. Great photo. Does she have big hands?
  4. I reckon they'd become extinct!
  5. Many separate aspects to all this. For the most part, not worth bothering about, folk can make their minds up based on what they've seen. I do see a bit of irony in the comments from lawyers across the pond though, they want to speak to him under oath: understandable perhaps, however if an American runs over a motorcyclist and kills him, it seems like there's nothing to answer for.
  6. She's an absolute breath of fresh air. Quiet, not looking for the limelight and undue publicity, obviously no mug and a sound business lady, but comes across as a really lovely person. Chatting to the girls in the ticket office a while back, they all said how wonderful the new folk had been since they came in. We have landed a good un this time I reckon. Long may she stay!
  7. Is the defensive improvement since Hill got him and others in indicative that he might be decent defensively? Ok the whole team has improved on that front, but as a unit the backline is, for me, the best and most consistent section.
  8. Great finishes on all 4. Magnificent composure.
  9. Tremendous finish from winks. Took it like a casual finish in a five a side game.
  10. Mr consistent. Where did you get that stat from?
  11. Quite possibly, however he proved to be exactly as we were warned. The efl should therefore have stronger procedures: if that meant Ken had to put the money up first, into a bond or something, that the efl looks after, then we could have had some confidence.
  12. Saw this the other day. Good luck to him.
  13. Agree Johnny. Been impressed. He isn't the quickest, but seems to have a decent brain and seems composed. Decent engine to, keep getting up and down.
  14. Wasn't the worst joke ever on here. Certainly raised a smile, though not a belly laugh.
  15. As casino said, was a dreadful penalty, but one that shouldn't have been awarded anyway. Dunno if anyone has a link to it, it's piss funny.
  16. A bit clinton-esque how he answers the question "did you have sex with the girl".
  17. Fast forward to just after 48 minutes and then watch the next five minutes or so. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000b8tg/mountain-vets-series-1-episode-1
  18. Just seen the goal on sky highlights. Look out for lofty when Murphy peels away!
  19. What a fantastic avatar thingy.
  20. Had a feeling we'd win it late. Thought it had gone when we missed that penalty. Keith hills moderately decent white army
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