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  1. Bit rich from the bloke with a huge chip on his shoulder.
  2. Use one of them cardboard cut outs covered in foil kids wave in the FA cup. With "Fuck eufa" on it and rainbow ribbons round the handles.
  3. Not sure he'll get in. The process means he has to get to the last two before members get involved.
  4. Then your neither not aware of, nor accepting of the reported cases of candidates in various places being affected by such individuals. Trumped up accusations, deselection threats etc. It really wasn't that simple. Politics never is. Factions within parties, backstabbing and smearing. Members will often be unaware of the level and nature of such activities, as they're too remote.
  5. I'd rather be be found and prosecuted. Won't happen. So perhaps, Mr well hard will take his chance on a younger individual next time, and will get his comeuppance.
  6. But as you know full well, momentum are the ones that bullied folk and foisted Cuntbyn upon the Labour party. Fact is, our political system operates in such a way that a new leader of the incumbent party becomes the new PM by default. At the next election, we can vote them out. Disingenuous soundbites, or snipets like this are just meaningless drivel. But it'll get him a few views and raise his profile, which will do him no harm.
  7. I do agree entirely. Bit of a heated debate on BBC a short while ago. Owen Jones spaffing his usual shit about the studio.
  8. In April last year, momentum had 40000 members. They may have chosen the winner of the next election.
  9. Won't be any, assuming, £8.21 minimum wage at 37hrs per week.
  10. Plus, if it's so difficult to accommodate any more arsenal and Chelsea fans, how are they doing it for all the dignitaries and hangers on?
  11. Uefa would be on a slippery slope banning English clubs from competition. Thin end of of a financial problems wedge. Anyway, just play it at Wembley and bollocks to whether eufa sanction it. Still a winner in the minds of supporters, which is what matters.
  12. He's also got form. How much is being banned from being a director worth?
  13. On the radio earlier that thousands weren't able to vote and were locked out.
  14. The neo nazi was locked up. Justice system doing its job. Nothing to be bothered about. Until maybe he's released to early. Mr well hard milkshake chucker, almost certainly won't face any punishment.
  15. How much would you bet? I'll match it, then when I've won, I'll donate the winnings to your missus, so she can go for an all expenses paid trip to Rotherham, or Bradford, and have all her sexual desires met.
  16. Quite right. Both teams should tell eufa to get to fuck. Quickly rearrange it for Wembley. Give the pitch a rest after the playoffs, then showpiece it.
  17. It's utter bollocks. A simple factual analysis would yield as many alternate comments. Moreover, anyone with such a narrow mind, and making judgements on the basis of perceived background of someone else, rather than studying what they might have to say, is frankly stupid. It's just a parochial attitude from a working man with a chip on his shoulder.
  18. The first 11 to complete the walk may be offered a playing contract?
  19. As will the remain vote. Labour, lib dem, change UK, green?
  20. Nah. After tonight's results I can only see him retreating to his usual platform. He will attract some votes obviously, but as its a European vote, most of those using it as a means of an 'out' protest will go with brexit party or ukip.
  21. A few spelling mistakes in it! All very familiar; let's see if he's true to his word and does take legal action. Presumably his illnesses are real, and if so, then sympathies to him.
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