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  1. Oh dear. Wonder if that's the same for them all, or if Parky just ostracised him? Didn't play him after all.
  2. Or buy the club. Rebrand as Bolton Clackervalve FC. Half time mongkicks, buttered hotdogs and paper aeroplanes aplenty.
  3. Interesting statements. Appleton been talking to Parky and he's passing it on? An admission players aren't aware of the full complexity of the situation- how much would they legally be able to tell the players? Perhaps they need to have a proper pow wow/straightener session to clear the air. Not sure having a go at fv is fair, if the hotel business is delaying things. Perhaps we need to just wait for them to complete before making a full judgement. Or for then to walk away, when we can call them cunts.
  4. Yep. As stokes admitted to, doubt many players knew them, but that, ultimately, is their fault.
  5. That's wank! More like a football club sponsoring a gambling firm.
  6. Seem to remember Lancashire losing a cup game a few years back after rain washed it out. Had a bowl off at one stump indoors or something similar. That would have been an exciting experience for the crowd.
  7. Wednesday seeking legal advice apparently. Maybe more to come.
  8. Has Stuart Broad had much work on the county scene? Obviously Anderson has.
  9. Whatever the rights and wrongs, if he decides to stay, it won't do any harm. Time to move forward and make the best of it.
  10. Just wave sandpaper at him. He'll start crying and run away. Or start frothing at the mouth and run after it like rats following the pied Piper of Hamelin.
  11. What about an all in straightener on the pitch. Stumps left in for additional interest. Stokes would have won it on his own.
  12. This 6 runs instead of five debate presumes all subsequent deliveries would have been the same, with the same outcome. I think I was Ashley Giles who said the last delivery to stokes was a full toss on leg stump, which he would have belted away if we'd needed more than one to tie and two to win. Choices made according to the situation etc. Anyway, New Zealand were indeed a credit, but beyond that we won and should enjoy it.
  13. Stephen Hawking's escapades as a Bolton fan.
  14. Think it had wained a bit by the early 80s.
  15. Thanks for that. Quite fascinated by aircraft (military) myself. Used to love coming home from school during the Falklands war and listen to John Knott telling us how many sky hawks the harriers had shot down. Perhaps the full horror strikes a bit later, especially as you get older, but at the time, they and the Vulcans were the absolute dogs' bollocks.
  16. No issues with him being there. He is a New Zealander! I had a quick think before, there was a Sri Lankan, a west Indian, two Aussies, an Indian (?) who calls the captain "Ian", and maybe others I missed. I understand it's going to an international audience, but so does the big bash, and to be honest I enjoyed their predominantly Aussie commentators and the laughs they had. TMS seemed to have a bit more humour, edge and raw emotion. Not wanting to be too critical of sky though, as I think their coverage overall is outstanding, and they've done a lot for the game.
  17. Not heard the other references you posted, but the letterbox comment is something folk have used for ages. It's not a far fetched analogy, but perhaps a little course for a senior MP.
  18. Wouldn't have been a problem if someone hadn't nicked the bell out of the ball.
  19. Listened to the last bit. Two of their lads had a good thrash each, but a thumping 23 point win nonetheless.
  20. Caught the last half hour after reading boby's post. Hadn't heard it first time as was watching. A great listen, especially as it was predominantly English commentators- something which was a little frustrating with sky's final commentary team being from all over the planet. Wanted a bit more passion and humour from them, which tuffers, Aggers, and Jimmy provided. Great listen.
  21. If hunt does, Trump will just call him x,y or z. He's not arsed. Boris is going to have to deal with them and pick up the pieces if/when he gets the gig. On that basis, it's perhaps best he ducks and dives a bit. Won't need to for long, as I reckon trump is going too far, and won't succeed at re-election. Interesting report earlier, where chap in Washington was saying how quiet republicans were after the latest Twitter comments. If he carries on, I can see more deserting him for fear of having a career tarnished by association.
  22. Not seen Chernobyl- is it quite an accurate portrayal of events or a loose representation to fit in with a good story? Will watch it if it is accurate.
  23. Well I'm still buzzing. Didn't sleep much and still taking the enormity of the occasion in. The fact we won is secondary to the nature of the victory and the huge emotional rollercoaster. It was bad enough being a fan- how the players and families felt, unimaginable. Root's grandma was encountered by Aggers apparently, pushing his little un about as she couldn't watch. You often forget the human side of things. Fantastic.
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