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  1. 1 hour ago, gonzo said:

    Geese fucked off in their droves this week.

    The squirrels are out in force and ive even seen a couple of robins.

    In the blink of an eye winter is sight.

    Deffo getting twatted with a deep freeze this winter. 


    Where do you put your robins in summer?

    Must admit, I said a few days ago I reckon we might be on for a cold winter. Burner been on for a couple of consecutive evenings now.

  2. 1 hour ago, MickyD said:



    Cast your mind back to when we were school kids. 

    A teacher wearing a mask, for whatever reason, would get told, “Sorry sir, can’t understand what you’re saying.”

    That’s irrespective of whether or not we could hear what he’s saying. It’s all part of them being kids and you being a teacher.

    You might have done. Many wouldn't. 

    If a pandemic of this nature required us all to wear a mask and shut the fuck up whilst someone was talking then so be it.

    Quite Frankly, under the present circumstances, if a kid acts the twat, he or she should just be fucked off back home. 

    Swanny shouldn't be baby sitting covidiots.

  3. 15 minutes ago, only1swanny said:

    Kids can't understand what I'm saying with a mask or face shield. The head wouldnt have a problem with the face shields but they're not that nice to work in. 

    Has it been tried then?

    I was unsure when I first started going in shops wearing one. Not one person has struggled to understand what I was saying. Ok your room may well be larger.

    I suppose the other option then, is that the kids wear them all the time.

    Something has to give if teachers are dropping regularly with the virus. May as well all be back doing on line learning. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Spider said:

    Had a letter through the door from the ONS

    Offering everyone in our house £400 each to take part in a survey.

    Covid swab each -  once a week for 4 weeks, followed by one a month for 11 months.

    Anyone else had it?

    In laws started a week or two back. Hope father in law especially doesn't get it, because he might not finish the survey.

    52 minutes ago, only1swanny said:

    Honestly its grim atm. Its a cracking job and I only have to work 40 weeks a year, but atm it's not the job it should be.


    Typical classroom has to have a marked off teacher zone at the front, which teachers teach from.. issue is that in schools there isn't enough room for this.. so at times I'm less than 2m from students for an hour.. no masks in a closed room..

    Hearing about a lot of teachers who have tested positive having spent 6 months shielding:( 

    To he honest, in your shoes, I'd put a mask on.

    Be interesting to see if any head would try and discipline a teacher doing so.

    If everyone in shops now has to wear one, then class rooms shouldn't really be so different. 

  5. 15 minutes ago, mickbrown said:

    Dave did, you agreed with him and went off on one about woke people.

    Are you pissed? I didn't mean it earlier, but now I'm wondering. 😀

    You're right, though neither specifically referred to anyone off here wanting to defund them.

  6. 19 minutes ago, Take Hunt Off said:

    hmmm ...well some will say good riddance but ultimately Evatt would still have to get an improvement out of him .Another time maybe he would have gambled  a bit  , on the other hand the competition isn't up to much.

    I wonder how training Santos has been doing with us :)

    On a serious note, all the best to Zouma.

  7. 1 hour ago, ZicoKelly said:

    interesting that as mental health awareness has gone up over the past few years (or so it seems to me), that spending has gone down (apart from what looks like seasonal spikes in January)

    would that be because  more people are talking about and don't need tablets as much?

    Less willingness to go straight for the tablets. Rightly so.

    As all this has become more to the fore, an unfortunate side effect, has been an increase in those who claim "to have mental health". A lot is bollocks, being a bit down, stressed etc doesn't automatically mean folk have a mental health problem.

    Instances of folk being "prescribed" walks and exercise.

    That the same time, whilst all this is happening, its inevitable that there will be a rise in genuine cases- its these that must be found and properly treated.

  8. 12 hours ago, Rudy said:

    I had a blue cheese sauce with a steak now that my friends is a game changer 

    Port and Stilton sauce on a steak. Good stuff. But not too much.

    12 hours ago, MancWanderer said:

    Mrs Manc goes mental. If we see any sort of market that might have a cheese stall I’m in there. Carrier bag full. Llandudno pier, Edinburgh Castle, anywhere we have a day out.

    Love the stuff.

    Just don’t let any gayster spoil it by putting fucking fruit in the cheese. Cranberries, pineapple, raisins, etc. Just fuck off. Cheese is cheese. Fruit is an accompaniment. Nothing else

    Don't mind the odd bit of wensleydale with cranberries, but generally I agree.

    Not into it loaded with herbs etc. Or smoked, like to get the flavour of the cheese.

  9. 1 minute ago, Escobarp said:

    I can get all the info for you and comparisons and all that pal not a problem. Plus you get grants as well for electric vehicles don’t forget that 

    Aye, saw that. Maybe up to 8k (or possibly 5). Bloke at the garage that does my mot/servicing said he might be interested in my van if I was to sell it because of its very low mileage. 

    Definitely interested though. 

  10. Just now, Escobarp said:

    If you do decide to go down that route give me a ring or will catch up when I’m down at my mums for a chat as I can pull a few strings. Not my domain really but I can help you out nonetheless pal 

    Will do.

    Need to balance up fuel savings, tax etc. Not sure, but i think I heard maintenance costs can be a bit lower too. See how it looks, especially when offset as business cost.

  11. 1 hour ago, Escobarp said:

    I can but pricey mate as new to market 

    Aye. Sent an enquiry to vauxhall as their new ones seemed to potentially fit the bill. Finally rang me yesterday after a few weeks, and he said 30k plus. Long lead time too as covid has reduced production, and a major company (might have been British gas) have just ordered a thousand!

    Might revisit in the new year

  12. Used to give blood. Out of the blue they send me a letter saying I've tested positive for hep-c. 

    They do the tests in triplicate after donation to allow for false positives. Two out of three positive apparently. Banned from giving anymore, called into a medical appointment with them, and had to have repeated tests at 6 monthly intervals to check.

    Never tested positive again!

    PCR isn't perfect, but it's not worthy of dismissal either.

  13. Just now, Spider said:

    Why would you show a positive result if you didn’t have it?

    Genuine question as I know fuck all about the process. I assumed a positive test meant you had Covid-19, rather than a pretend version that gets tinfoil hatters all excited.

    You'd still be harbouring the virus, which the method looks for.

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