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  1. Had cheese on toast for lunch. Enjoy red Leicester, but she did some with cheddar. Put too much on and it goes greasy. Needs less with the top layer starting to crisp. Butty shops that do cheese on toast in the microwave wanting shoeing.
  2. Never been into any blue cheese. Tried plenty, but simply don't like it.
  3. Seems a lot as first thought, but would depend upon type of fencing, flagging and area of plastic grass required etc. If you're looking at all in one, then I'd suggest looking at a proper landscaping contractor, and maybe getting a few quotes. When t'other half comes home, I'll see if she can recommend any and get back to you.
  4. Think he said he was after a fresh van, so maybe his current one doesn't have Bluetooth functionality.
  5. Sure I heard earlier that Scots had downloaded theirs around 1m times. Around 20% of the population. What percentage of phones that equates to, who knows.
  6. Some cracking cheeses from Doddington dairy Northumberland, smarts cheese in Gloucestershire, and numerous others around and about. Some lovely goat's cheese from this part of the world too. Not sure there is a favourite. Creamy lancs is ace too.
  7. More horse dump. Not every job can be saved, whether they'd like to or not. Offering more self righteous, patronising comments doesnt make you right. Absolutely no need to be angry whatsoever.
  8. I can send over details of folk who can do stump grinding. Fencing/flagging not really my thing; I can again send over details, but be aware that such guys are snowed under at the moment, so might be a wait. Maybe as well looking at fencing contractor local to you. Must be other leythers with recommendations. Shed manufacturer should erect your shed: will just need a base making first. Can do the grass/borders, but these are last jobs once and construction/machinery has been done and gone.
  9. That's the judgement the chancellor has to make. No assistance and the economy crumbles big time and too much risks not yielding enough return.
  10. That’s how I saw it. Colchester mon seems a bit soft, but that's nowt to do with bwfc.
  11. Totally. If the rise in cases hadn't happened so severely, many would still be doing OK. Dodds saying redundancies already- but thats with 6 weeks or so still to go of furlough. As tough as it is, government cannot continuously fund jobs that effectively aren't required. Had they done so, I'd have agreed that its an unreasonable burden on future generations, but accept a degree of it.
  12. What a witless twat he is then. He should be grateful so many of us wanted to chip in. Without i follow hed have got nowt. Cunt.
  13. Of course. But what other option is there. We all wanted testing expanding etc etc. Rightly so, but in benefiting directly or indirectly from such unique investment, folk have to accept that somewhere down the line it will have to be paid for. Kids' schools will be spending shit loads on sanitizer etc, which they are benefiting from in schools staying open. Rushi has a huge balancing act on his hands, and all this bollcks about him doing stuff earlier (when no one knew where we'd be) or even more now just illustrates how difficult it is. If it all helps keep the deaths dow
  14. That's very honourable of the club.
  15. What's he said then? Must admit, without the full story, her comments seem quite warm. Has he been cunty?
  16. Or we can all accept a little increase to pay for it here and there. For a while to help out. One unnamed mp quoted as saying he's glad the budget has been cancelled as he then won't have to vote against tax rises. I'm wholly unimpressed with the opposition, but by the fuck, in these exceptional times, Steve Baker's words last night made absolute sense for me. "Its time for pragmatism not ideology "
  17. Anyway, a bit more about it here. https://www.google.com/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/most-uk-exporters-lack-the-paperwork-for-no-deal-brexit-eu-trade-11779507
  18. We should be amassing quite a number of dinghies at the moment. Can have a repeat of Dunkirk with hundreds of them loaded with goods, surging across the channel.
  19. We'll see if Rishi has sorted anything later. He's making a statement at 12.30. This one may just be for certain sectors though, so will have to see.
  20. App up and running. Bit like something from men in black- scanning for Covid victims.
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