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  1. Might be a few meat pies left for the vultures, so not the worst place to feed.
  2. Doesn't mean you haven't had a dose of something a bit nasty though! Some aren't getting any symptoms from covid, whereas flu might drop them. Who knows. Still don't want it though 😕
  3. Then they'd be cunts. That isnt the situation that we are presented with though. Starmer increasingly resembling a human weather vane for me. How on earth can he launch personal and political attacks, yet complain when his offer of a joint approach is rejected. Its a dangerous game he's playing, as when this is eventually sorted, and it gets back to politics and electioneering, it could backfire. The eventual inquiry should hopefully reveal much. Time will tell.
  4. Risk management here. What happens if bars open, fans have a few, compliance drops and shortly after restrictions get increased. Must be really difficult to assess the best way to go.
  5. Under normal circumstances, I'd have no problem, politics is a hard nosed game. However, not now. Not going to talk about it on this thread any more though, as she doesn't warrant it.
  6. I've only seen a brief clip of her, and she mentioned something about financial impact. Dunno what was said fully. More interested in Kate Green's comments which reflect what seems to be unofficial policy. Cunty.
  7. Quite interesting to read that the Swedish public voluntarily took on distancing measures. Could that be representative of a major difference (culturally) between our nations? Perhaps a more pragmatic, but mutually respectful society as opposed to ours, which seems, in part at least, selfish, moaning, judgemental and dismissive amongst other descriptors.
  8. This. I had a read at the structure of sage a while back. It has its tentacles out into the scientific world to assimilate as much data as possible and come up with recommendations. If experts have something to offer, do it via these channels. Shooting off at tangents doesn't help one jot.
  9. Such premises shouldn't lose out in all reality. Just closing the unscrupulous ones clearly makes more sense, but I'm not sure how this would be imposed and monitored.
  10. I had personal experience of this recently. A wonderful bloke, from a religion/culture where folk seem to be more accepting of death, extremely honorable, generous etc. He marched up to me, virtually grabbed my hand and shook it. We conversed briefly, at a good distance it has to be said. All the time I was conscious of my hand, and determined not to touch anything. Then went immediately to the van and sanitised vigorously. Some huge barriers to overcome when trying to get some people to change approach, whatever their reason for not doing.
  11. 5-3. A win at last. Shit defending from both sides, us edging it with a dodgy penalty, and a fluky own goal from a shit shot originally going wide taking a deflection. Newport team then banned from returning home as restrictions back there are upped and someone at the hotel tests positive.
  12. I heard Trump having another dig at them yesterday. He might actually have a point, assuming his assertion was correct. He claimed they were still allowing international travel, whilst starting local restrictions within the country itself. Bit naughty if they had indeed got concerns over the emergence of a new virus.
  13. He left that field once, wonder if he'd really fancy going back now? From current experience and observations, I'd recommend he get into arboriculture. Tree surgeons everywhere, busy as buggery. Must be coining it in. Oh, and the anticipated effects of ash dieback over the next few years is startling. Peely's a big lad, should be reet wielding a large chopper.
  14. Its a funny one this; there was definitely something nasty going about a bit earlier than Covid-19 officially got here. Whether it was that, or something else- another coronavirus perhaps- who knows. I would hazard a guess at it being something else, but when you read about Swanny’s missus, you do wonder.
  15. Good luck. Anything in particular, or generally what can you do? Doesn't do any harm if we can keep our ears open.
  16. That was noticeable early on- wasn't written in a scientific manner. Also went to pains to explain their own background. Glad you got that far to qualify my initial concern.
  17. This is the problem. Let's suppose its right; back it up with data etc and present it to the sub committees and/or sage itself. Let them be the ones to make recommendations. Unsure if using such a platform does it any favours.
  18. You can't talk, the lady in your picture hasn't got her norks fully out. #slacking.
  19. Not going to read it all, but early doors it seems to miss the point. These deaths aren't instead of, but additional to. Plenty of them previously healthy people. Moreover, without intervention, how many would we have now. Add in long term issues and its clear a continued balancing act has to be followed.
  20. Unfortunately, as we've seen generally, it only takes a few non compliant establishemnts/customers to spoil it for everyone else. Ideally, they'd be shutting such places for the duration and leaving the good ones open, but i suppose there isn't the requisite infrastructure to do it.
  21. A socially distanced scrap? What set it off?
  22. I get that gate receipts are small, but if your also asking for a bigger share of their money to be past down the chain, they're going to start getting worried.
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