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  1. Certainly lost plenty of its appeal for sure.
  2. No, but if anyone is going to use it as justification for a different approach then it had better be correct. Or there might just be another glut of dead folk.
  3. Absolutely. Need more information on that one. Plenty to drill down into with regard to the pcr test method, and different methods being pushed at the moment, but that figure would be remarkable.
  4. Horse dump. Of course he has to try and play the ultimate balancing game, but I believe its ingrained in him. Strangely, I reckon if TM had still been in charge, she'd have been more willing to adopt a more hard line approach where necessary. Bit like the other lady North of the border.
  5. A few of them turning out in full nbc suits and weapons to bottom bull etc might change a few attitudes!
  6. A very pertinent comment earlier from Boris about this country's liberties and the fact its not easy to take them away. Seems to go against the grain with him which might help explain why we went into initial lockdown a bit later than others.
  7. By Christmas, Brazil might be worth a look- most of them might be dead by then, so no more virus.
  8. Rather not have it thanks. Hopefully I'd come through, but plenty of people with lots of ongoing symptoms. Anything like that and my job is up the swanny, so no. Twats just follow the rules please and hopefully we can manage this thing until a vaccine is available.
  9. https://theathletic.co.uk/1729003/2020/04/08/premier-league-finances-accounts-newcastle-palace/ Plenty seem to be losing money according to this.
  10. Companies could lay off instead presumably? Obviously football might be different there. Does seem utterly ridiculous should skint clubs not be able to have some means to reduce payments in the current situation. Wheater certainly sounds a bit of a cunt whatever the situation.
  11. Exacccccleeeee. Best spelling I could manage of a scouse kid supping milk.
  12. Are you sure they all could? Some will have transfer money to pay from previous deals etc Can't see a benevolent fund suddenly appearing.
  13. That’s not happening any time soon. Would imagine with the eye watering wage bills some of the prem clubs have, giving some money away, whilst fans not in, would put the willies up em. Reckon Rishi is going to come up with something, though wouldn't imagine it to be a massive hand out.
  14. Don't understand how he could refuse furlough?
  15. Sounds like he's calmed down. Been aspartamed.
  16. The graph illustrated what is happening now, and why it needs to be addressed with new measures. Without them, their reasoning makes perfect sense. A very similar analogy exists at the Wanderers. If we continue as we are, we will get relegated. Therefore its incumbent upon the manager, and players to improve the situation by introducing more points into the system. What we don’t need is a graph to show us what will happen if the points don't materialise.
  17. Always quite liked the idea of something like Peely describes- preferably with guaranteed snow. Nowt more miserable than slate grey skies and dampness. The great escape might have more meaning this year.
  18. Copped for another this morning. Walked into a corner of a metal road sign whilst mowing. The fucker dug straight into my swede, even through my hat, which still has the skin in it. Had to go into the factory unit wear I was working to get cleaned up.
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